May 25, 2008

pesarattu-upma[green gram pan cake with stuffing]

This is one of the most popular and delicious break fast in andhra pradesh [India].we serve these pan cakes with upma and ginger chutney or coconut chutney.For this pan cakes iam useing whole green gram[mung bean][pesalu][greensoy] they are very rich in carbohydrates,calcium, fiber,and protein.We stuff these pan cakes with upma which we make with samolina[weat rava,cream ofweat,sooji,upma rava],and this is a very heavy break fast which i make on sundays like sunday brunch


1cup-whole green gram



5green chillis


1.Soak green gram and rice in water over night and grind with all other ingredients in to a smooth paste [if you have idli or dosa batter you can mix 2tebsps of idli or dosa batter to this mixture then no need to soak rawrice with green gram].

1onion chopped

2green chillis

2teasps cumin seeds

mix all the ingredienta in a bowl ,keep a side.heat a skillet[dosa pan]and grease with a little oil pour a laddle full of batter and spread with the base of laddle like pan cake and drizzle oil on it and around the pan cake sprinkle onion mixture on top of it let it cook till bottom becames brown in colour,turn the other side cook for 2sec. turn it again and add a big spoon full upma on it and fold it what ever shape you want and serve hot with ginger or coconut chutney.





1no- onion chopped

2--green chillis



afew curry leaves1teasp-chanadal

1.heat oil in a pan add mustard,cumin,chanadal,curry leaves,onion ,green chillis fry for 2mins, and add samolina fry for 1sec. add 2cups of water salt to taste mix well and cover it and let it cook till done[if you tuch upma with your hand it should not stick to your hand] add1tebsp ghee or butter to it mix wel and remove from heat and serve with pesarattu.