Jun 8, 2008

AKKI ROTI[rice flour roti]

hear I have one more recipe for my break fast list,with out this recipe my break fast list is incomplete.This tasty kannada break fast dish is well known in almost every kannadiga house especially in kannada jain familys but they don't use onion, that is my version when i was in Bengaluru i got this recipe from my land lady,she makes this roties weekly one time for break fast and she makes with lot of greens and carrots and onions and that taste i can not say in words


1--cup-rice flour[soak raw rice in water for 3 hours and drain water and spread on a cloth dry in the shade and make a smooth powder this powder will give good taste to roties,you can use ready made flour also]
1tesp--cummin seeds
1--onion--finely chopped
3-4--green chillies-finely chopped
1tebsp--chopped coriander leaves
1.heat 1tesp oil in a pan add cumin seeds and add 2cups of water and salt bring to a propper boil.
2.now add rice flour dont mix cover with lid and leave for 10 minutes then add chopped onion,chopped green chillies and coriander leaves mix with spoon[dont use hands because it is hot]let it cool and mix with hands khend like roti dough
3.make lemon size balls and press like round roties using a plantain leaf or a plastic sheet,with hands
4.heat a dosa tawa grease with little oil and put akki roti and fry till golden bouth sides
remove from tawa and serve hot with any kurma I served with babby potato kurma.