Jun 11, 2008


To day my friend shweta ask me for this recipe, few days back when she came to my place i make this curry for her , she loves prawns and i think she like the curry.Specialy her son eat this with dosas.since i am a vegetarian i dont no the taste, but most of the non-vegetariens love to eat prawns so this recipe is for you shweta



oil or butter--2tebsps

onion--2 big chopped

tomato-2 big chopped

chilli powder-1teasp

coriender powder--1/2tesp

cumin powder--1tesp[jeera pow.]

garam masala powder--1/2tesp

turmeric powder-1/2tesp

milk powder-1tebsp

lemon juice--1tesp

ginger garlic paste-1tesp

salt to taste

chopped coriender leaves--1tebsp


1.remove shell and black wain from prawns wash for 2-3 times and marinade with lemon juice and turmeric powder and leave for 1/2 hour.
2.heat oil or ghee in a pan add chopped onion and fry till light brown in color then add tomatos and cook till tomatoes are soft.
3. now add chilli powder ,coriender powder,cumin powder, ginger garlic paste mix well and cook till oil comes out on the sides
4, now add prawns and salt to taste mix well and cook for 10 minutes[ cover with a lid and cook]
5. after open the lid and add mix well and add milk powder and garam masala mix well[if you want gravy you can add water now and cook till one boil]
remove from fire and garnish with chopped coriender leaves and serve hot with roties or plain rice even with dosas.
never over cook prawns, just cook till they become round that means only it will take 10 minutes.