Jul 16, 2008


This is one recipe I have been wanting to blog past few weeks,but I don't know why I did'nt do that any way to day I am going to finish that work.This recipe is from a basic chicken gravy.Very casy and simple, and here I go with the recipe


chicken--500 gms

lemon juice-1tebsp

chilli powder-1teasp

turmeric powder-1/2teasp

salt to taste

ginger garlic paste-1tesp

garam masala powder-1tesp

coconut paste-1tebsp

coriander,cumin powder-1tesp


onion--1big finely chopped


Clean and wash chicken and drain water from chicken and marinate with lemon juice,chilli powder,turmeric powder, garam masala powder, salt,ginger garlic paste mix well and leave for 1/2 hour to 1 hour

Heat oil in a deep frying pan add finelly chopped onion and fry till soft. now add marinated chicken stir well and cover with a lid and let it cook for 10 min.,stir in between

After 10-15 min, open lid and mix well and stir in to coconut paste stir in a very slow flame now don't cover with lid ,do it in a open pan ,don't add any water,let chicken cook in it's own juices so cook it in a very slow flame and fry till golden colour just before removing from fire add coriander and cumin powder mix well and remove from fire and serve

Serve hot with mint chuteny or with rice and any vegetable gravy

If you want to serve this as a starter then you can use boneless chicken cubes

Here I serve this spicy chicken fry with plain rice and mango and louki dal

For Mango &bottle gourd dal:-

1 cup-toor dal

1small-raw mango cut in to cubes

1 cup --bottle gourd cubes

1onion-cut in to small pieces

turmeric powder-1/2 tesp

chilli powder-1tesp

salt to taste

Wash dal and add 1 cup water and add all other ingredients in to a pressure pan and cook till 2 whistles remove from fire and let it cool
Heat oil in pan add 1/2tesp-mustard seeds,1tesp-cumin seeds.1tesp-urd dal.2-cloves garlic crushed fry till golden color and add to cooked dal mix well and serve hot with plain rice


Illatharasi said...

Mango & bottlegourd dal.... hmmmm .... yummy;)

Chicken fry superb!

notyet100 said...

deadly combo...looks delicious,..:-),..specially chicken fry...

Shreya said...

Chicken fry looks delicious...I'd prefer it with chapathis than rice though:-)

Purva Desai said...

hey rekha!!

Thanks for stopping by.....
even u have a yummy blog.....:)
so we are foodie friends who ahve to share lots from now on:)
these chicken looks lip smacking

Sireesha said...

The plate looks inviting......


Mango & bottlegourd dal looks very delicious

Indranee said...

I'm now going to have my dinner after seeing this mouthwatering creation:)Can't resist the temptation to try this recipe...thanks for sharing Rekha!

Suma Rajesh said...

both looks great....i luv chicken fry soo much and the way u presented is too gud..

Uj said...

Hey thanks for dropping by my blog. You have a nice blog too.. :)
Will keep coming back..