Sep 26, 2014

Lemonade with Chia Seeds From Vietnam For V

To day  is the 22nd day of our Blogging Marathon wiht the 22nd letter which is V. V for Vietnam is my choice. Vietnamese cuisine is one of the healthiest cuisine. Because most of the recipes are boil or steamed or slow cooked. They use a lot of fresh ingredients and minimal use of oil.After those most popular rice paper wraps, rice noodles, meat or vegetable dishes beverages also take an important place. Like Jasmine tea, Ice coffee, sugar cane juice, this lemonade is one of them.
So lets check how they make Lemonade...
Chia seeds (sabja seeds)  ----  1 tea sp
Lemon   -----  1/2 lemon
Water   ---- 1 cup
Crushed ice  ---- 1/2 cup
Honey  ---  1 tab sp
1. Soak chia seeds in warm water about 10 minutes.
2. Take 1 cup water in along glass and squeeze lemon and honey mix well
3. Add soaked chia seeds and crushed ice mix well and enjoy.
You can add finely chopped pine apple, apple, strawberry's to this drink

Sep 24, 2014

Varenyky From Ukraine For U

Today my recipe is from Ukraine, Ukraine is an Eastern European country which is in Russia before. It has east and north east borders with Russia. So culture and cuisine is much more influenced by Russia. Ukrainian cuisine has it's own and rich history. Ukrainian cuisine contain lot's of meat recipes and a less variety of vegetables. In vegetables they use beetroot potato and cabbage a lot, they use both fresh and pickled vegetables 
                                Varenyky is a traditional Ukrainian recipe which is a dumpling stuffed with mashed potatoes, mushrooms, cabbage, cheese or meat some times hard boiled eggs too. This is a savory version. They make this dumpling sweet version too with the filling of fruits, jams and serve with sugar dusted or with cream. same time savory version is served with sour cream 
So let's check the recipe... 
Recipe source from HERE
All purpose flour   ---   1 ans half cups
Cold water   ----  1/4 cup
Salt a big pinch
Potato  ---- 1 big
Mushrooms  ---  8 chopped
Onion --- 1 small chopped
Salt and pepper to taste
1.Boil potatoes peel and set a side.
2. Add water and salt to flour and mix well to make a soft dough, knead well cover and set a side for 20 minutes.
3. Heat a 1/2 tea sp oil in a pan add onions ad saute toll they change the color.
4. Add chopped mushrooms to the onions and fry till moisture from the mushrooms evaporate
5. Then add salt, pepper, mix well and switch off the heat.
6. Now chop boiled potatoes inn to very small pieces and add them to mushroom mixture combine well.
7. Now divide the dough in to equal portions and roll them in to very thin sheets
8. Cut the sheet with a cookie cutter or with a glass in to small circles.
9. Place a 1/2 tea sp of potato mushroom filling in the center.
10 Fold the circle in to half to make half moon shape, seal the edges. set a side
11. Boil water in a big pan, bring to full boil then add the potato and mushroom stuffed dumplings slowly in to the boiling water.
12. First dumpling will go under the water with in two minutes they will come up after that cook them for five more minutes.
13 Remove from hot water and drain all the water, grease the dumpling with butter so that the won't stick together.
Serve hot with sour cream.