Mar 3, 2015

Blogging Marathon # 50 Celebrations At E Hotel

Friday night none of us slept properly, I keep on asking them to sleep but no then I thought we are going to miss Saturday early morning plan. Veena sent the car at 6 o clock finely every one got ready in half an hour and we left for beach... We spent nearly a half an hour in the beach from there we left to Woodlands to finish our breakfast.After having a delicious breakfast we are on our way back to home to get ready and leave for lunch.
                                                                        First in our plan we were suppose to go for lunch first then for shopping. But there was a small change in our plan and we first decided to go for shopping  then for lunch. 
                                                        I am living in Chennai from few years but never been to Waltax road. Nandini who is an expert in shopping at waltax road, she took us to a baking materiel and prop shop. we spend an hour or so there few of our friends brought some props and baking materiel after this shopping we rush to our lunch destination.

                                                                  I think 6 months before when I was talking to Valli  since the meet is in Chennai, how to plan and where to stay, what we can do for our friends. I got this idea but that time I didn't tell about this to Valli. Because first I wanted to confirm with my husband and he is suppose to  confirm with management. Then I spoke to my husband, he told me that will let me know if it is possible or not. After a few days he said it is possible and what you want to do there. Then I spoke to Valli about this, yes I am talking about our lunch and demos with chef at E Hotle Chennai. 

                                                 Here I wanted to tell about E Hotel, E Hotel is a vegetarian boutique hotel in Chennai, which is awarded recently Best Small Hotel  in Asia Pacific Category'. All credit goes to E hotel General Manager Mr. Gaurav Gupta and team, Congratulations to all of them. My husband also works with the same group Express  infrastructure pvt.Ltd who owns E-Hotel and Express avenue Mall(The largest and luxurious mall in chennai)under the Dynamic leadership of their M.D.  Ms Kavitha Singhania who gave us permission for the B.M.#50 Meet.

                                                                             After we got the permission myself and Valli visited the hotel to meet chef and finalize the demo. We met Sous chef Mr. Hari Babu and Pastry chef Mr. Ramesh, both of them are having wonderful knowledge on the cuisine. We ask chef Mr. Hari babu to make some authentic Tamilnadu  recipes for our North Indian friends. Just before one day of our visit to hotel I got a call from chef that he choose the recipes for demo are Ragi murungai keerai adai and Uppu Kozhukattai.

                                                                       When we12 food blogers reached the E Hotel, we were welcomed by GM Mr. Gaurav Gupta, Who offered  lunch first at Entree the Global Cuisine Restaurant at E Hotel.The restaurant serves only vegetarian but cuisine is truly global as they serve Thai, Mexican, French, Italian, Indian, Middle Eastern and many more on there buffet. All three meals they serve on a elaborate buffet apart from A La Carte. Eclair is where they serve  Pastry to chocolates which really melts in mouth. Ambience and interiors are so pleasant and exotic that makes your Dinning experience splendid and to cherish the memories with your family and friends.


 We enjoyed our lunch at Entree with lot's of delicious dishes like breads, pastas, spaghetti,dal, rice, flat breads, soups, salads, pickles gravies and many more.
For desserts its a big array of  My favorite Gulab jamun, rasmalai and Mocha pastry,walnut banana bread, ice cream with various toppings, pine apple mousse, choco brownie, clusters aahhhh.... :)


 As soon as we finish our lunch executive chief Mr Balaji took us in to the Hotel kitchen there Sous chef Mr. Hari Babu gave a demo of few recipes like Ragi drumstick leaves adai and kara kozhukattai. Actually for these two recipes Ingredients like ragi flour and drumsitck leaves won't be there in the kitchen,but  Chef took extra initiative went to the market and brought all the ingredients, specially for this demo .So special Thanks for  chef for that initiative.chef explained both recipes so very well and he even gave a chance to try our hands to make ragi rotti and kara kozhukattai. Some of our friends tried and made it.At that time they were preparing   rasmalai in the kitchen and our friends asked the executive chef Mr. Balaji who explained about the dish ,So  i thank  chef Balaji for his presentation.

 After this chef Balaji took us to bakery section the aromas of baking breads ohhh.. that was amazing. Here pastry chef Mr. Ramesh demonstrated us Tiramisu OMG my all time favorite that too eggless fantastic... every body is full after a huge lunch when chef offered tiramisu to us every body is on sharing mode but i had two, some how I had always some space in my stomach for tiramisu wow that was awesome. and second recipe is a chocolate mousse and some stuffed chocolates. That was too good thank you so much Chef Ramesh
                                                                        By the time we finished all demos that was almost 6 in the evening. when we came out GM Mr. Gaurav gupta offered some tea to us but by the time we all are full with lunch and demo recipes so couldn't have. We thank Mr. Gaurav Gupta GM of the E Hotel, Executive chef Mr. Balaji, Sou's chef Mr. Hari Babu, pastry chef Mr. Ramesh and left the hotel.
                                         Here I am going to stop for this post but our second day celebrations are still there with evening program will come back with that in my next post so please bare with me...........................
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Feb 27, 2015

Blogging Marathon 50 Celebrations

After having a big meet at Ahmadabad for our 25 edition of Blogging Marathon. We started thinking about 50 th edition celebrations. After all discussions of date we decided to meet in February on 20th 21st 22nd  this time in Chennai. One fine day Valli gave me call to ask that I may know any service apartment that we can use as a guest stay. I asked some of my friends they suggested also but some how I didn't like them. Then I ask my husband he also tried a few but finely he said way didn't you all stay at home. I gave a call to valli and said that way didn't we stay at my place, she agreed then decided we all are going to stay in my home. Sounds more fun right all twelve same like minded people going to stay for three days under one roof interesting right ?.. 

Here is the member's list who joined for Blogging Marathon celebrations...
Sri Valli -- The leader
                                                                               After we decided where to stay lot's of plans were going on for long time trough mails and whatsapp. In between this, one day Vaishali gave me a call and told that she is planing a trip to pondicherry if you like to join can join, I said i will join, but I never been there before. I just wanted to spend a day with them.
    Five of us decided to go pondicherry a day before our Blogging marathon meet. Vaishali, Archana,Usha, Pradnya came to Chennai on 18 February so that we can leave for Pondicherry on 19th 
18th evening first Vaishali, Archana arrived at my place,we enjoyed dinner with two other our blogger friends Pari and Sanjeeta. Around 9 o clock Valli came home to  receive Vaishali and Archana, She is there for some time and left. Then Usha and Pradnya joined us..

19th early morning 6 o clock we started for pondicherry, we spent whole day in pondicherry came back in the evening.
20th Friday officially the first day of our BM 50 celebrations already five of us were there at home by 7:30 Kamalika joined us. Then 8:30 Gayathri joined us
We had our breakfast with Idli, dosa, sambar and karivepaku karam podi 
Then Kalyani, Veena and PJ joined us
Valli gave a dress code for all the three days for first day we should be in green so we have a photo session in green dress code.

For the first day lunch we made our lunch at home, Vaishali made rice with fresh garlic and green peas, and cucumber raita, pradnya made Bakhri and zunka, aloo kurma and curd rice made by me, Archana made ginnu, Pj brought mysurpa from Koyambattur and gudpoli from Archana.

After having this heavy lunch what any one can do will go for a good sleep but we 12 crazy ladies had a photography session with Usha and after that a official photo shoot in white dress.

In between this we celebrated our teem leader Valli and one of our friend Kalyani's birthday
After this photo shoot we all are getting ready for dinner in between this Gayathri made a wonderful coffee.

By evening 6 o clock we all got ready with our traditional dress then vaishali arranged her pani puri shots  
For dinner we reached Annalakshmi restaurent ther we had Mahalakshmi preeti bhjan which is  a thali mix of North and South Indian dishes after this I didn;t have strength move a bit. It was so full and very hard to walk.
When we came back home every on was very tried but we didn't sleep for a while that night we keep on laughing and chating  for whole night
That's all for Day one will come back with day two..............
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