Jul 20, 2008



This is a very easy and simple curry and very tastey too


Indian broad beans--250gms (Avarakai,phali,sem

eggplant(brinjal)---1 big or 250gms

onion---1 big chopped

For seasoning:-

1/2 tesp-mustard seeds

1tesp--cumin seeds

1tesp-uard dal

a few curry leaves


1tesp--chilli powder

1/2tesp-turmeric powder

1tesp-fresh ground coriander,cumin powder


Cut brinjal in to bite size pieces, beans in to 1 inch pieces.Choop onion very finely.

Heat oil in a fry pan and add mustard seeds,cumin seeds,uard dal, and curry leaves let them crackle then add onion fry onion till soft and add beans first add salt and turmeric powder sprinkil very little water cover with alid and let it cook for 5 min

Now open the lid and add brinjal pieces mix well and again cover with lid and cook till done stir in between

Just before you removing from fire add chilli powder,coriander and cumin powder stir well and remove from fire and serve hot with roti or rice

This is one of my fav.recipes and I like this curry with nimmakaya pappu charu(lemon rasam with moong dal) and plain rice wooh that will be a great meal for me.


notyet100 said...

new recipe forme,.thnks for sharin,.

Illatharasi said...

Good combination.... looks yummy:)

Chapathi chala softga unnathi;)

Priti said...

hey curry looks so nice...and simple to make..gud recipe

Vibaas said...

hi rekha, thanks for stopping by. This recipe is new for me. looks very interesting and yum.

Shreya said...

unusual combo of vankaya with chikkudukaya...! chapathis look grt:-)

Uma said...

vankaya-chikkudukaya combination eppudu vinaledu! Ee sari try chestanu! Thanks for sharing Rekha!

Indranee said...

Looks perfect with the crispy paratha!


thatz a nice combo .. tasty curry

Cooking Station said...

Kura chala baga undi. You have a award on my blog :) enjoy it!

Purva Desai said...

Eggplant and broad beans.....yumm.......:) it looks really delicious

easycrafts said...

New and interesting combi of veggies

Trupti said...

Good combination Rekha. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Madhavi said...

Nice recipe, looks delicious!!!

Andhra Flavors said...

abba chapatilu chala perfect gaa vachayi. nenu chala poor chapati making lo. miru roju oka post tho vastunaaru. but naku week okati kudaa post cheyaleka potuna, babu tho system mida time spend cheyalenu ekkuva:(

shaikh said...

nice iwud love to have subtitute or replace sem- indian broad beans by potato. will it work? what do u say about it. pls sugggeste me. thanks