Feb 25, 2013

Blogging Marathon 25th Edition Celebrations Day 2

We started our second day by visiting the river side. Archana, my room mate and I woke up at 6 A.M. We got ready to visit the river side. Today also we had a dress color code and that was white. When first we decided this white dress code, Vaishali told me that we have to wearwhite top and blue jeens. I have never worn jeans in my life, andcan’t even think about it. Iwear only Sarees. I had mentioned this to Vaishali, so she decided that one can wear whatever, only we had to make sure that we dress up in white. She made special aprons for this
occasionWe had to wear these for photo shoot and for the whole day.
The apron looked so beautiful and we were very exicted to wear it
throughout the day.

                                                            River sude

We left for the river side at 7:30 am,when we reached  the sun was just come up, very few people were there on the roads. As soon as we reached there every body started taking pictures of the beautiful sunrise and Sabarmati river. We spend some time on the river side
enjoying the cool breeze and taking group pictures.

                                                        Delicious Gujarati breakfast

Suddenly we heard a voice saying t”let's go back we are getting late,
because we have a long day ahead .Yes, that was our Princi (Vaishali).
We did not want to leave the place , but we had another session to follow when we came back to the hotel the table was full of delicious Gujarathi breakfast. Fafda with Kadi and papita chutney, Jalabi(my mouth is watering while writing this breakfast list). The next round we have Sev Khamani, Khaman, Khandvi and Sandwich dhokla. In this list Sev Khamani has became my favorite dish, rest of them I had tasted before but this was the first time I ate this dish. Wow that was really delicious. When I first tasted that I thought it was made from upma rava (semolina). When I searched for the recipe I was
 surprised that is not rava, it is made by Chana dal!!!!! superb dish.I just fell in love with that Sev Khamani.
                                                 chocolate making workshop

                                                            The great BM Chefs!!
After this delicious breakfast Vaishali planned for a chocolate
workshop by Ruchi.That was very interesting. Ruchi is a professional
chocolate maker, she explained us how to melt chocolate in a perfectway, She explained how to melt chocolates, and taught us to make Bon Bons and chocolate cups. After this chocolate session we decided to take some group pictureswith our white dress and that beautiful apron.
                                               Cream n crunch the cake shop- cakes
Our next destinationwas Cream n Crunch ,a cake shop which is owned by Mr. Shimul Mehta.Ths is a eggless cake shop, here we saw how to make icing, frosting, how to make chocoltae fans, Cigars. He made a elephant idol with left over cake crumbs, that was wonderful..
                                                              Cake decorating workshop

After the work shop we were treated to Orange and Truffle pastries., which were really yum.
Next we went to Sarbhara, the Gujrati restaurant at Karnavati club
where Vaishali arranged a Gujarathi thali lunch for us. The thali had
Strawberry juice, Undhiyu, Kadi, chana kadi, bhendi sabji, Handvo,
bhuna mirchi(I hope I am right with the names), Gugra with hari chutney Puri and roti, pappad, chas and Shrikhand, at last they served
pan. Isn't it areally heavy lunch. I enjoyed each and every bit of
this thali, I didn't even see what the others were doing. I just took few picture of thali then attacked the thali.
Traditional Gujarati lunch
Strawberry juice
                                                          Delicius Gujarati thali
After this heavy lunch we went for shoping, I bought some beautiful
traditional sarees and one beautiful Bandhani saree. By the time we
got back to the hotel it was it was 6 pm. and we had dress up in the
evening dress code , which was formal traditional. Vaishali told us to
get ready fast as we were going for a barbeque dinner. If we would get
late then we would not get any place in the restaurant. We left for
this in two cars I was in the other car, after some time I realised
that we were out side of the city. when I ask ed Archana she told me
yes vaishali told her that this restaurant was far from the hotel.
Then driver stoped our car in one place and tstared talking to some
body on the phone!!. I asked the driver few times as to what happened.
This fellow didn't even open his mouth. With in few minutes I saw
Vaishali's car crossing our car and our driver also started the car
and drove behind Vaishali’s car and stopped in front of a big house.
we went in side the house Vaishali's full family was waiting there to
welcome us. OMG that was Vaishali's house!!! I was speechless.

                                                           Dinner at Vaishali's place.
Beautifuly decorated house with Rangolis, lamps and flowersThe
interior of the house was so classy with simple and beautiful
arrangements. In the parking they arranged a big tandoor for our
barbeque. Her husband and daughter arranged each and every thing so
wonderfully. First they served a refreshing juice made by Vaishali
with grapes and orrange with a dash of soda. then we had Tandoori paneer, Cauliflower, Aloo and lentils. We had Dal, Biryani and rotis for main course. And next desserts these were Vaishali,s famous Carrot terrine with gulab jamun, Cassata Icecream and more special ty
by Vaishali is her chocolate pan. The filling was that truffle filling which Ruchi made in the morning and some fresh fennel was used.
Vaishali arranged one more demo of rotla with her help. The lady was so excited to make that and she made it for us at night 11:45 pm.
After this demo we got back to the hotel and crashed on our beds.
That was a wonderful day and my special Thanks to each and every onein Vaishali's family.
This is my second post Under special theme of BM 25 th edition Celebrations... check the other BM members post s here


Vijayalakshmi Dharmaraj said...

very nice feast to eyes!!

Gayathri Kumar said...

Nice recollection on day 2 Padma. After reading all your posts, I feel like even I was there with you...

Priya said...

Thats really wonderful to have a dress code na, lovely idea, vaishali you rock and seriously i have to met you all once in my life.

Such a long and busy day Padma, seems you guys have a beautiful day there with loads of foods and fun.

Foodiliciousnan said...

We had such a long and exciting day. And you helped us out by looking after the sleeping kids while we shopped! Btw how did Your hubby comment on the sarees?

Archana Potdar said...

Hi Padma. Love the post.

Chef Mireille said...

another great recollection of the day

Suma Gandlur said...

It was fun reading your experiences at the meet.

Rajani S said...

I was drooling by when readign your recollection of breakfast items that day! I too like Sev khamani the best. Planning to try it sometime.

Srivalli said...

Agree, even I loved Sev Khamani..:)..lovely write up Padma..