Nov 3, 2013

Capsicum rice

Capsicum rice is a easy to make recipe with freshly ground spice powder. Freshly ground masala gives a wonderful flavor to this rice and capsicum pieces will give a crunchy texture. This capsicum rice will be a perfect choice for lunch box or a quick lunch.

                                                                    The main ingredient in this recipe is capsicum, Capsicum is Such a wonderful vegetable which contain lots of water and very very rich in C vitamin. When I was searching for Bell pepper recipes for this month BM. I found many interesting facts about this vegetable. Because I don't use capsicum as much in my cooking or in my salads. But when I read about this vegetable I was relay surprised. This is a perfect choice for salads, because capsicum doesn't have  much calories( 1/2 cup that is nearly 75 gms of chopped capsicum had 30 calories) only with 0.2gm of fat and rich source of iron. So if you like the flavor can use this wonderful vege in your salads instead of making malai gravy.

                              For this rice recipe masala powder is important so use freshly ground masala powder,don't over cook the capsicum. You can use Basmati rice for this recipe or can use normal rice also, and also can  make this with left over rice. Use color capsicum to make this capsicum more colorful. So lets check the recipe. 

capsicum rice

Capsicum --- 1 big cut in to one inch pieces
Rice (cooked)  ----    1 and half cup
Oil  ---  1 tab sp
Cumin seeds  ---  1/2 tea sp
Mustard seeds  ----  1/4 tea sp
Peanuts   ----   1 tab sp
Salt to taste
Dry red chilies  ---  4
Ground nuts (pea nuts)   ---  2 tab sp
Coriander seeds   ---   1 tab sp
Cumin seeds   ---  1 tea sp
Sesame seeds  ---  1 tea sp
Grated coconut  ---   1 tab sp
Dry roast all above masala ingredients one by one in a pan till golden and make a fine powder, set a side.
1. Heat oil in a pan add mustard seeds, cumin seeds let them splutter add peanuts and fry till golden then add capsicum pieces and cook for three minutes. Don't over cook the capsicum let the capsicum retain it's crunchy texture.
2. Now add cooked rice to capsicum pieces, sprinkle masala powder, salt to taste mix well to combine every thing.
Serve hot with raita or any gravy curry of your choice
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Srivalli said...

Seems to have turned out really very well Padma..Mine will be almost similar!.:)

Padmajha said...

Nice recipe Padma and this is one of my fav veggie...

Unknown said...

very very flavorful and delicious rice :) looks super inviting !!

Chef Mireille said...

simple and flavorful rice dish...yum

Priya Suresh said...

Highly inviting and extremely flavourful rice, makes me hungry.

Harini R said...

Good one..Perfect for lunch box :)

Torviewtoronto said...

rice is deliciously done

Hamaree Rasoi said...

Lovely and delicious to look at capsicum rice. Must have tasted wonderful.

Gayathri Kumar said...

The rice is making me hungry Padma. Looks very inviting...

cookingwithsapana said...

Wonderful capsicum rice !! Yum...

Pavani said...

That is a yummy looking capsicum rice. Love the spice masala. Will try this one soon.

Sandhya Ramakrishnan said...

Delicious capsicum rice..