Dec 29, 2010


Muruku,chakralu or chakli what ever name it was, a popular savoury snack in South India.Muruku's are typically made with rice flour and urad dal powder,salt, chillipowder, asafoetida,ajwain or cumin seeds.Murukus are made with various combinations of flours and flavours. Let's try some coconut flavoured muruku s for this festival season....


Rice flour --- 4 cups
Roasted urad dal flour -- 1 cup
Salt -- 2 tea sp
Butter --- 1 tab sp
Coconut extract -- To mix the dough
Oil for deep frying (if you like can fry in coconut oil )
Coarsely crushed cumin and pepper powder -- 1 tea sp.
1.Sieve both flours and take in to a broad bowl.
2.Add salt,cumin,pepper powder and mix well to combine.
3. Now add butter and mix well with your hand to bring a bread crumbs stage.
4. Divide the flour in to 5-6 portions. Sprinkle coconut extract to each portion to make a thick dough (separately) just before you make murukus.
5. Make a thick dough, Keep the three eyed star disc in to the muruku maker,grease the muruku maker with little oil and place the dough in to the muruku press.
6. Make small murukus on a wet cloth or a polythene sheet.
7. Heat oil in deep frying pan to fry the muruku's
8. Take murukus carefully from wet cloth or sheet and slowly drop them in to hot oil.
9. fry the murukus in a medium heat till they turn in to nice golden color, remove from oil and place them on a absorbent paper for few minutes to remove if any excess oil.
10. When they cool to roomtemperature, store them in a ari-tight container.
Enjoy the coconut flavour murukus in this festival season..
For coconut extract grind coconut scrapings with little water and strain through a fine sieve to get a thick extract.
For fried urad dal flour dry roast urad dal in a pan and grind in to a fine powder in a coffee grinder or in a mixee.
after making the dough make murukus immediately other wise they may become hard.
take care when u add butter to make dough don't add more just fallow the measure what I have given.
Murukus retain it's color when u mix the powder with water or any other liquid just before u start frying if you mix all the dough at a time last portion of the muruku will become dark in color when you fry them in the hot oil.


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