Dec 3, 2012


Yet another month of Blogging Marathon, It's already 23rd edition. I feel like just now I joined, days are flying very fast. In this 23 months I missed few months of marathon but I enjoyed doing BM each month I have done with different themes. And got some good friends for this we must thankful to our leader Srivalli.
                                                                Coming to my first theme in this edition is Traditional Dishes. Valli has chosen some traditional dishes from Indian cuisine from that  list we have to chose three recipes for this week. In that three recipes my first recipe is Ghatia a traditional Gujarati snack. I wanted to try this recipe from long time and tried few times but I didn't get the texture what we see in the sweet shops. Whenever I try this recipe they turn in to normal muruku and they will be little hard too. We have a Gujarati family in our flats, they are good friends of mine. I ask aunty what is the mistake I am doing in this recipe and she gave me some tips. And they work so very well but only thing is pappad khar, this gives a crisp texture to ghatia. I tried but did not get that here. Insted of pappad khar you can use soda-bi-carbnate but hummmm not satisfied did not get that soft, crisp texture. So if possible better use pappadkhar. Ok here are the ingredients.......
ghatiya INGREDIENTS:---
Gram flour (besan) -- 3 cups
Hot oil  --- 2 tab sp
Oil for deep frying
Salt to taste
Black pepper  -- 1 tab sp crushed
Carom seeds(ajwain, vamu) -- 1 tab sp
Lemon juice --- 2 tab sp
Soda-bi-carbnate --  1/2 tea sp or
Pappad khar ---  3/4 tea sp if you are using pappad khar then boil 1/2 cup water with salt and pappadkhar till salt and khar dissolve and use this water to make the dough. Add crushed pepper, carom seeds, lemon juice, hot oil and beat well till it turns frothy. Then add flour and make a soft dough.
1. Now take 1/2 cup water, two tab.sp hot oil, crushed black pepper, carom seeds, soda-bi-carbnate, lemon juice salt to taste in a mixing bowl beat well with a egg beater till the liquid turns in to light wight color and frothy.
2. Now add flour to this mixture and make a soft dough.
3. Now the main step rub this dough with hand till it turns flufy and to give air in to dough this will take 15 minutes.
4. By the time the dough will turn so soft and light. One importent thing is do not rub the dough very hardly do the rubing job very lightly  this is the trick in making ghatia dough.
 5.Heat oil in a deep frying pan
 6.Normaly they use a stand with holes or a laddle with holes to make ghatia. Hold the ghatia stand or laddle on top of the hot oil in the frying pan.
7. Take small portions of the dough with a spoon and place the dough on the ghatia laddle rub gently with the spoon so that ghatias will fall stright in to the hot oil.
8. Otherwise use muruku press with medium round holes and press the ghatias in to hot oil.
9. Deep fry ghatiyas in hot oil, in a medium heat for 2 minutes. If you are using muruku press press the dough like a big circle and fry both sides till you get a nice golden color.
10. Remove from oil, drain oil, cool and broke in to small pieces and store in a air tight container.
Serve with tea or coffee.

This is my first recipe with the theme of Traditional dishes for blogging marathon 23 rd edition at Vallis spice your life lets check blogging marathon page . 


subhashini said...

I have seen this in all north indian mixture. I love this any time.looks perfect.

Priya Suresh said...

Ghathia looks simply awesome and quite addictive, wish i get a plate of this crunchy munchy crispies rite now.

sushma said...

Yummy snack. Looks good

Subhie Arun said...

Yummy n perfect for raining days

chef and her kitchen said...

Ghatia looks very nice and came out perfect

Chef Mireille said...

look great

Unknown said... really made gathia at home :D Bow

Rajani S said...

Looks good!

Unknown said...

@Pallavi yes I made it at home..

Vanamala Hebbar said...

I love ghathia .... nice snack

Kalyani said...

these and a cup of tea... perfect combo ! Made wonderfully well !

Sizzling Tastebuds

Suma Gandlur said...

Looks very crunchy and yummy.

Anonymous said...

its simply superb same like we get from much is 2tab spoons...thanks for recipe..

Unknown said...

@Anonymous 2 tab sp is aprox. 20 ml