Dec 24, 2016

Tomato Rice

Tomato rice is one of my all time favorites. I can finish my lunch with tomato rice and a salad or raita,but hubby heats this combination. I have tried  a few varieties of tomato rice, this one is a bit different then those recipes. May be because of that red chilli and coriander powder. This is my first recipe for this week under Make a meal theme. 

In this meal I served tomato rice with
Curd rice,
Semiya payasam,
Beetroot and sprouts stir fry (will post soon)
Vankaya pachadi (will post soon)
You can serve this tomato rice with cucumber raita and simple potatao fry to make the meal even more simple. You can just enjoy tomato rice with raita that's your choice..
My other tomato rice recipe
Tomato Biriyani recipe

Let's check the recipe....
Rice  ----  1 cup (basmathi rice)
Tomatoes  --- 2 medium size
Ginger  --- 1/2 inch piece
Garlic  ---  5 cloves
Onion  --- 1 medium finely chopped
Red chillies  --- 3
Coriander seeds  --- 1 tea sp
Cumin seeds  --  1/2 tea sp
Oil  ----  1 tea sp
Butter  --- 2 tea sp
Cinnamon --- 1 inch piece
Cloves  --- 4
Bay leaf  --- 1
Star anise --- 1
Cashew nuts --- 6
Raisins  ---  6
Salt to taste

1. Add two cups of water, cardamom, cinnamon,cloves, star anise to rice,cook till done and spread on a plate to cool.
2. Chop tomatoes and sprinkle with little salt and cook till soft, set a side to cool.
3. In a pan dry roast red chillies, coriander seeds, cumin seeds till golden, remove and grind in to a coarse powder and set a side.
4. Now add ginger and garlic to the cooked tomatoes and grind in to a smooth paste.
5. Heat oil and butter in a pan add cashews and raisins fry till golden remove and set a side.
6. Now add chopped onion to the same oil, butter mixture fry till golden then add tomato paste and cook till the tomato past become thick and oil comes out from the sides.
7. Add rice to the tomato mixture, sprinkle salt to taste, red chilli coriander and cumin powder and give a good stir .
8. Add golden fried cashews and raisins to the tomato rice mix well to combine everyting
Serve hot with any raita or with curd rice and vegetable stir fry, pappad.
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vaishali sabnani said...

What a beautiful meal, looks so so tempting and the rice it is simply awesome , drooling over the yummy food.

Priya Suresh said...

Thats platter is just prefect to dig in, prefectly cooked tomato rice, mouth watering here.

Pavani said...

That's a very flavorful and delicious tomato rice. Love that color.