Jul 12, 2012

How To Melt Jaggery And How To Make Syrup(Indian Basic s)

Making Jaggery syrup is a main thing in some Indian sweet reipes. Some Indian sweets like Chakkera pongali, Ariselu, Kobbari boorelu, Manoharam are taste great only with jaggery. For this sweets first we have to melt jaggery and remove the impurities. When I first try to make a recipe with jaggery, for that I have to melt jaggery . That time I don't know how to melt means what amount of water i can add to jaggery to melt that. I added two cups of water to 1/2 cup jaggery. By the time jaggery melted the liquid became so thin and it took too long to become one string consistency. After that I slowely learn how to make jaggery syrup.In this post I show you that how to melt jaggery and also how to make string consistency. Which is very basic for Indian sweets.

Great jageryy with a knife or you can break it with heavy thing to make  powder. I usualy do this job with my knife.

Measure that jaggery with a cup and you can store rest of the jaggery powder in a air tight container and keep it in the fridge. So that jaggery will stay for long other wise some times jaggery taste will turn in to sour.

                                       Take this jaggery powder in a heavy bottom pan.

Take 1/2 cup water with the same cup what you measur the powdered jaggery.

                                            Add 1/2 cup water to 1 cup jaggery.

                                                           Melt it on a low heat


If you find any big pieces of jaggery then mash them with a spoon so that they melt easyly.

                          Bring to a full boil and make sure there are no big pieces left 

                              Strain trough a kitchen strainer to remove the impurities

                                      You can see the impurities in the above picture.

After that you can get a syrup like this. But this is only melted jaggery so you can use this immediately but can not store for more then one day.
For a syrup consistency start boiling the strained jaggery juice . Bring to a full boil in a high heat then reduce the heat and keep string.

In the mean while take a bowl with cold water keep ready to  check the  syrup.
After 5 minutes drop  few drops of syrup in to the water mix with your finger and see if the syrup in diluted in the water then your syrup is not ready the cook for few more minutes.
If it is half diluted and little syrup is left in the bottom of the bowl like in the above picture then the syrup is ready to you for use.
This consistency of syrup you can use for payasams and chekkara pongal.

Now coming to the next step one string consistency keep boiling and string the syrup for five more minutes.
After five minutes lift the spoon from syrup the flow of the syrup from spoon goes slowly and make thin string like what i shown in the picture means your one string consistency is ready

Here one more tip to check one string consistency take a small drop syrup in between your fingers. When you move your both finger a string should form in between two fingers. But beginers please take care of your fingers when you do this, because the syrup will be very hot.

Check one more picture of one string consistency syrup this syrup is ready for your recipes like Kobbari boorelu, poornalu and many more.

 After one string when you drop syrup in water the syrup won't dilute and it will be in golden color.

Now for the next step to get two thread consistency keep boiling in very low heat keep string.
After five minutes when you lift the spoon the syrup will drop very slowly and will drop in to two strings with a thick string.
And one more thing you can see in the above picture the syrup will coat a thin layer on the spoon this is one more tip to check the two string consistency.
In this stage if you drop the syrup in water that won't melt and it will sit in the bottom of the water bowl.
In this stage you can use this syrup for pakundalu, Manoharam, cheedai like recipes.

                                                          Now coming to the next step that is three thread or hard ball consistency. Boil the syrup for few more minutes After few minutes when you lift the spoon the syrup should not drop from the spoon. That should stop like a peek with the spoon.
Now drop few drops in to the water that will form like a ball.

This is the finel stage of the syrup after this stage the syrup will burn so switch off the heat immediately.

In this stage the color of the syrup also change in to dark brown color.
This syrup you can use for Brittle like recipes.
Make sure that you add right amount of water,if you add little more water also don't get scared. Nothing will spoil that will take more time to get the required consistency.
You can not store this syrup for long time because with in few seconds it will become hard.
Hope this post will helpfull for some of you.
This is my third recipe with the theme of Indian Basic s for blogging marathon 18 th edition at Vallis spice your life lets check blogging marathon page .


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