Nov 24, 2012


Powercut now a days  it's a big Problem but in cities it's better then small towns. It is eight o clock to ten in the morning in my place. Some times when power comes back there will be a high voltage. This causes spoil the electronic goods I do not know why this happens but this is very danger.I started switch off the each switch when power goes. Switch on ten minutes after power comes any way
                            Coming to this week s BM my theme for this week is Pressure cooker recipes. Pressure cooker is an utensil which we use every day in our cooking. It's very help full in fast cooking.Todays my recipe is coconut rice Yes coconut rice in pressure cooker. I got this recipe from my friend. When I first had this rice I think she first cook the rice and then added the grated coconut and spices. But when I got the recipe I was surprised she cooked everything in the pressure cooker. I usually cook coconut rice with coconut milk but in this recipe she used grated coconut that gives a crunchy texture to the rice. No need to add mint or coriander leaves in this recipe because they dominate  the coconut flavor. I liked this coconut rice and adopted it in to my menu hope you all are also like this. Here I go with the recipe.
Rice:---  1 and half cups
Grated coconut ---  1 cup
Green chillies   ---  4 slite
Onion   ---  1 big sliced
Cashew nuts  --- 15
Raisins ---  20
Ghee (clarified butter) --- 1 tab sp
Cinamon --- 1 inch pieces 3
Cloves   ---- 4
Cardamom  --- 4
Ginger garlic paste  --- 1 tea sp
1. Wash and soak rice in three cups of water for 10 minutes.
2.Heat ghee in a pressure cooker add cinamon, cardamom, cloves let them popup then add cashewnuts after few seconds add raisins fry for 2 seconds.
3.Now add sliced onions,fry till they turn in to light pink, add green chillies fry for a while.
4. Add ginger garlic paste give a good stir.
5. In the mean while strain water from rice in to another bowl. Do not through this water  we are going to use this water to cook rice so reserve this water in a bowl.
6. Add grated coconut, rice to onion and spice mixture which is frying in the cooker give a good stir, add salt mix well.
7.Pour three cups of water mix well to combine every thing
8. Cover the pressure cooker with lid and place the whistle, cook for 2 whistles switch off the heat and let it sit for five minutes then open.
9. Immediately shift this coconut rice in to a wide bowl and spread it other wise rice will stick together, become like a lump so takecare.
Serve this coconut rice with Aloo Kurma or any other kurma.
This is my first recipe with the theme of Pressure cooker recipes for blogging marathon 22 nd edition at Vallis spice your life lets check blogging marathon page .


Jayashree said...

Power cuts are the bane of people's lives. Luckily, I live in an area where there are no scheduled cuts. That's a very hearty and satisfying meal that you've cooked.

Chef Mireille said...

I have had the Thai and Malaysian versions of coconut rice which is really just rice cooked with coconut milk - this spiced up version is one I must try!

Priya said...

Power cuts, can guess how it causes many problems.

Flavourful coconut rice.

Srivalli said...

Now that's really so different, adding grated coconut and making it pulao style..should try it sometime..

PJ said...

These power cuts are really frustrating.Wonder when the problem will get resolved..
Loved your version of pressure cooker coconut rice...

Pavani said...

Such a flavorful and delicious looking coconut rice.