Nov 18, 2014

Broccoli And Almond Soup

I made  broccoli and almond soup  to go with Sum dried tomato and basil loaf. This combination really very delicious with basil flavor in the bread and broccoli flavor in the soup
Almonds  ---   25 blanched and peeled
Broccoli  ---  1 medium cut in to florets
Onion  ---  1 small cut in to cubes
Milk  ----   1 an half cups
Salt to taste
Cream  ---  1/2 cup
Olive oil ---  1 tea sp
Crushed black pepper   ----  1/2 tea sp

1. Heat  olive oil in a pan add onion stir once then add broccoli, almonds and cook for five minutes.
2. Add salt cook till broccoli become soft, remove from heat and let it cool.
3. Make a coarse puree with little milk and broccoli mixture.

4. Now bring back the broccoli puree to the pan.
5. Add remaining milk and cream cook on a low heat, bring to full boil and switch off the heat.
6. Add salt and crushed black pepper mix well and serve hot top with cream and sprinkle sliced almonds.
I served with sun dried tomato and basil bread
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Srividhya said...

Simple and comfortable soup.

Varada's Kitchen said...

Soup and crusty bread go so well together. Great combo.

vaishali sabnani said...

Like the idea of roasted almonds. .will try the soup today itself. Looks fantastic.

Unknown said...

wow such an healthy and comfy soup :) perfect for the chilly weather !!

Unknown said...

that is such a hearty soup!!! very nicely done

Srivalli said...

The soup sounds very good Padma, will have to make it sometime as I don't cook broccoli as such!

Priya Suresh said...

My kind of soup, love to finish that nutty soup anytime.

kitchen queen said...

refreshing sup.

Archana said...

Delicious and comfort soup.

lavina agarwal said...

Wow such a healthy soup. .new combination of ingredients for me. Thanks for sharing

Sneha's Recipe said...

A refreshing and comforting soup.

Harini R said...

Love the cup and saucer!! The combo of broccoli and badam sounds interesting!

Usha said...

Soup is simple and flavorful. Must have tasted good with the tomato basil bread.

Unknown said...

Wow, Bread and hot soup...Yum!!

Chef Mireille said...

what an interesting soup - so nice and creamy