Jul 10, 2015

Creamy Pasta And Vegetable Salad

We are starting second wee of Blogging Marathon. This week I am going to cook three Italian vegetarian dinner recipes. I usually make pasta with lots of vegetables and arrabiata  or white sauce. Apart from that this creamy salad is my all time favorite. This salad is a perfect meal when you want to take a light meal with a slice of bread. I keep on changing the vegetables for this recipe today I used broccoli, tomato and carrot. But you can add any other vegetables like capsicum green, red and yellow to make this salad more colorful. And also can add roasted mushrooms and olives.  I used vinegar and olive oil but you have balsamic vinaigrette dressing in hand can use that so let's check my version of pasta salad.... 
 photo Isalad.jpg INGREDIENTS:---
Farfalle (bow tie past) ----  400 gms 
Olive oil   ----   3 tea sp and two tea sp olive oil for cooking the pasta
vinegar   ----   1 tea sp
Mayonnaise ---  1/4 cup
Sugar   ----   1 tab sp
Freshly ground black pepper  ---  1/2 tea sp
Salt    ----   1/2 tea sp
Italian seasoning  ----   1 tea sp
Tomato   ----  2 bid cut in to cubes
Broccoli   ---  one medium size flower cut in to small flowers
Carrots  ---  2 medium cut in to bite size rounds
Salt to taste
Grated parmesan cheese
1. Boil water in a large pot with salt and a tea sp of olive oil in a medium heat, bring to a full boil then add pasta.
2. Cook pasta  for 12 minutes or according to package instructions.
3. Switch off the heat and drain all the water and sprinkle a tea sp of olive and pour cold water on top of the pasta and leave it a side. 
4. While the pasta is cooking in a big mixing bowl whisk vinegar, 3 tea sp of olive oil, sugar, ground black pepper, mayonnaise, and Italian seasoning and whisk well to combine well.
5. Now take pasta and all the vegetables in a big mixing bowl, pour the dressing over the salad add salt to taste toss well to combine every thing well.
6. Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese again toss lightly and serve.

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Kalyani said...

Wow !! U r inspiring me to make this soon Padma ! It's amazing

kitchen queen said...

yummy delicious salad.

Gayathri Kumar said...

This salad looks so colourful and filling!!

praba bubesh said...

looks so lovely padma..love mayonnaise in everything..

sneha datar said...

Cool and delicious salad.

Harini-Jaya R said...

My older one would love this.

sushma said...

Salad looks soo delicious

Sapana Behl said...

Very filling and healthy salad.

Sandhya Ramakrishnan said...

Love creamy pasta salads!

Pavani N said...

Delicious, creamy & colorful pasta salad.

Nisha Sundar said...

Creamy and delicious Pasta!

Chef Mireille said...

lovely pasta salad

Varadas Kitchen said...

Very colorful and sounds so flavorful.

Srivalli said...

Looks so yum Padma..I love such pasta dishes for dinners..