Aug 17, 2015

Totakura - pesala Kura (Amaranth Leaves with Whole Green Gram)

We have started third week of Blogging Marathon today. My theme for this week is Healthy family dinners. I am going to post three healthy dinners from today. We prefer our dinner light like phulka with some curry or idli, dosa or with some upma. Some times I cook broken wheat and will have it with sambar or rasam.  
                                                       In Andhra cuisine we make few dishes with amaranth leaves. Usually we make totakura pappu (amaranth leaves with tour dal or with split yellow moong dal). Few days back my mother tried this recipe. In her recipe my mother didn't add ginger garlic paste and garam masala. I gave that twist and this is a good combination with phulkas...
Lets check the recipe......
 photo tp.jpg INGREDIENTS:----
Whole green moong ---  1 cup (soak in enough water for over night)
Totakura ----   2 cups finely chopped ( Amaranth leaves clean the leaves and wash well in lot's of water for two to three times to remove the mud. Remove little stem near the root and finely chopp the leaves along with stem)Onion   ----  1 medium chopped
Tomato   ----  1 big chopped
Ginger, garlic paste   ----  1 tea sp 
Green chillies  ---  2 chopped
Turmeric powder  ---  1/4 tea sp
Red chilli powder  ---  1/2 tea sp
Garam masala powder  ---  1/2 tea sp
Oil   ----  1 tab sp
Cumin seeds  ---   1 tea sp
Chopped coriander leaves ---  1 tab sp for garnishing
Salt to taste
1. Take moong in a pressure cooker and cook for two whistles switch off the heat and leave a side to cool down.
2. Now heat oil in a pan add cumin seeds fry for a while then add chopped onion fry till onion turnin to pink.
3. Then add chopped green chillies, chopped tomato,  ginger garlic paste, turmeric powder, salt to taste, red chilli powder cook till oil comes out from the masala.
4. Add chopped amaranth leaves stir well and cook till leaves become soft(cooked) 
5. Now add cooked whole green moong dal give a good stir add half cup water cover with the lid and cook till the whole water is evaporated. 
4. Keep the flame in low add garam masala and chopped coriander mix well and switch off the heat...
Serve hot with phulkas.

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Srivalli said...

I am eyeing that ice cream seriously this is a healthy dish..very nicely presented!

Sowmya :) said...

Lovely pic! Tasty and healthy recipe.

Rajani S said...

The soft fluffy rotis in the background make this a whole, healthy meal. Delicious!

cookingwithsapana said...

Very healthy recipe.Looks so yummy .

Pavani said...

That is a yummy looking thotakura kura. Adding pesalu is a great idea. Will have to try this curry sometime.

Harini R said...

That is such a neat idea, Padma. Never combined thota koora with pesalu.

praba said...

healthy to me..great..

Priya Srinivasan - I Camp in My Kitchen said...

Simple and quick side padma, as valli said that ice-cream behind the curry is very tempting!! :)