Feb 24, 2016

South Indian Filter coffee

How many of you like to have good filter coffee first thing in the morning? I have seen many people with out having their cup of coffee first in the morning .Even they get a giddiness and head ache too. My grandparents and parents are like that. My mother keeps her coffee filter, milk pan for boiling the milk clean and ready in the evening itself for tomorrow morning coffee. She makes her coffee decoction every day, My mother says that leftover decoction doesn't make good flavored coffee. My mother makes best coffee, After all this effort she will have small tumbler coffee and only one time in the morning. Some times my father will have a second cup, but I never saw my mother having second time. My grandparents used to have two or three times a day, both of them are real coffee lovers. I never seen them having tea.
In my in-lows place my father in-low used to have coffee early in the morning 5 o lock. My mother in-low she never have  coffee or tea.  Me and RG both are coffee lovers but not necessary that to have coffee first in the morning. More then in the morning we both like to have a cup off coffee with our breakfast..
Here I am giving how to make filter coffee recipe in my style. Yes Making of a filter coffee is a bit different from each person. According to each persons or each family's taste. Some like's their coffee with a bitter taste with more decoction. Some people like with more milk or with a bitter and sweet taste. 
  I like medium taste, In my view few things make a best filter coffee, A good quality coffee powder and fresh full cream milk. Coffee powder quality and percentage of chicory and coffee beans plays a main roll. I like my coffee powder with 80 - 20 percentage of coffee beans and chicory. And I always use full cream milk for my coffee. There are many shops in Chennai and Vijayawada where they ground fresh coffee powder in front of us. You just ask them to make your choice of chicory and coffee beans percentage. 
So lets check how I make Filter Coffee...
 photo filter coffee.jpg
Water   ---  100 ml
Coffee powder  ----  4 tea sp
Heat water in a pan and bring to full boil.
Put 4 tea sp of coffee powder in the upper container.
Now pour the boiling water over the coffee powder very gently.
Close with the lid and let it sit for half an hour

My coffee filter

                                                 Here you can see the decoction dripping in to the glass
Full cream milk  ---  200 ml
Decoction   ----  80 ml
Sugar to taste
1. Boil the milk and bring to full boil.
Pour in to tumbler add sugar froth well with using another tumbler.
Add required coffee decoction mix well and enjoy....:)

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Nalini's Kitchen said...

Nothing beats the taste of fresh decotion coffee.Though not a coffee person like to have once in a while for a change.

Srivalli said...

I am one of those persons who can't begin work without a cup of filter coffee..:)..and yes one cup only!..love that decoction dripping...

Priya Suresh said...

Omg, how i miss this filter coffee here, nothing can beat this filter coffee,i want a super huge glass of this coffee.

cookingwithsapana said...

I ave heard about this coffee but never tried.Looks delicious.

Gayathri Kumar said...

Nothing can beat freshly made filter coffee. Very informational post for beginners..

Ms.Chitchat said...

Recalling my childhood days when I wake up to the aroma of filter coffee from my mom's kitchen.

Pavani said...

Lovely post Padma. Your filter coffee setup reminds me of my mom making it everyday during my childhood. I'm not a coffee drinker, so I don't have the coffee filter at home.

Jayanthi said...

I'm a big coffee lover...its nostalgic after reading your post...I can imagine the taste of my mom's coffee too! Awesome!

Sandhya Ramakrishnan said...

We need our morning cup of filter coffee and now after seeing your post I don't mind having a cup of coffee right now.