May 31, 2008

ANDHRA PULIHORA[tamarind rice]


This is a tangy flavoured rice mixed with tamarind,is one of the rice varieties mostly prepare in festivals in every andhra home.and also one more prasadam[ means what we affer to god we call in telugu is prasadam] for lord venkateshwara

priests offer this rice item to lord venkatehwara every morning.There are many variations in this you can make with tamarind, rawmango ,lemon juice but a little difference in the preparation.No festive meal is complet with out this classic dish in most of andhra homes if it is sankranti or ganesh chaturthi or diwali. In south india there are many variations in this rice veriti in tamilnadu people make this with a powder called puliyodari mix, even in karnataka iyengar people make as similar to tamil people but only the name and simple different name is chitranna

hear i go with the recipe in andhra variation


sona masoori rice--11/2cup[you can cook the rice with 3cups of water]

tamarind extract---1/4cup[you can adjust the tamarind extract according to your taste]

green chillies--3 cut in to lenthwise

a few curry leaves


ground nuts--1/4cup


dry red chillies-4

mustard seeds-1/2tesp

ginger and geen chilli paste-1tesp




salt to taste


1.cook rice with turmeric powder and spread in a big plate.

2.soak tamarind an extract juice and remove pulp and keep a side

3.heat oil in a pan add mustard seeds,after 1sec. addgruond nuts, cashew nuts,channa chillies, let them fry till brown add asafoetida ginger and chilli paste , fry for 2sec. add curry leaves do it in a low flame, add tamarind juice and salt let it cook till oil come out. remove from fire add to rice and mix well

tamarind rice is ready to serve

some people like to eat this rice with curd specially myDAD and my hubby

May 27, 2008


Capsicum paneer stir fry

I am posting this recipe for poojas jfy for capsicum.
2 big- capsicums cut into big pieces
200gm- paneer cut into long cubes
2big- onions cut into big pieces
Cumin seeds -1teasp
Oil or ghee -1 teasp
Ginger garlic paste -1teasp
1 big- tomato chopped
For powder
Coriander seeds- 1teasp
Cumin seeds- 1teasp
Dry roast these two ingredients and grind into a coarse powder.
chilli powder -1 teaspoon
turmeric powder-1/2teasp
salt to taste
1.heat oil in a pan add paneer cubes and fry for some time.
2.remove paneer pieces, and add cumin seeds to the same oil then add onion fry for 2 sec. now add chopped tomato and capsicum fry for 2min, stir well. add paneer pieces ,coriander, cumin powder,chilli powder,turmeric powder, salt to taste cook in a low flame for 5min. stir for one time and remove from fire.
Serve hot with rotis or plain parathas.

SORAKAYA PALU POSIKURA[bottle gourd in milk]

this is one curry my hubby likes very much and this curry tastes little sweet.


bottle gourd[sorakaya]-1


green chillis-4







a few curry leaves



1.chopp bottle gourd ,onion green chillis heat oil in a pan add mustard ,cumin,chanadal,uarddal,curry leaves then add onion andgreen chillis fry for few sec. add chopped bottle gourd mix well and add salt, chilli powder,turmeric mix well cover and cook till bottle gourd became soft.

3. now add milk and keep in a high flame stir well for 5mins remove from fire and serve with rice.or pulka

May 25, 2008


Green chutney Roti


atta- 1 cup

green chutney -1 tbs

salt-1/2 teasp

oil for frying

For green chutyney:

1 bundle coriander leaves

1 bundle podina leaves

5 to 6 greeen chillies

1" piece ginger

2 teasp lemon juice

3/4 sp salt

1 teasp cummin seeds

grind all above ingredients with little water and keep aside.Take one cup atta in a bowl add one tbs green chutney ,salt and one teasp oil and mix atta for parathas.Divide six portions make balls with that and roll round parathas.This parathas should be thick (not like normal rotis but quite bit thicker).Heat a tawa and put potato on it sprinkle ont teasp on paratha and turn the other side and put one more teasp oil on the other side fry till golden brown colour both sides.Remove and serve with curd and salad.This is very easy to make and tasty.


ONION OMLETTE[Indian frittata]

when ever iam not in a mood to cook, eggs will help me a lot. my hubby likes very much.even for break fast egg will be a good choice.hear is a very simple recipe with eggs


1-onion chopped

2-green chillis chopped

1tebsp-coriender leaves chopped

salt to taste


1.break the eggs in to a bowl,beat lightly with a fork.

2.mix onion,green chillis,salt,corienderleaves mix well

3. heat a skillet grease a little oil in it pour egg mixture let it cook till bottom side golden colour.

4.turn the other side let it cook th other side also golden colour,remove from fire and serve hot with bread or rice and dal.

BENDAKAYA KURA[okhra curry]




1teasp---chilli powder




a few curry leaves

salt to taste

1.chopp onion,cut okhra in to 1/2 inch peaces

2.heat oil in a pan add mustard,cumin,curry leaves then add okhra peaces salt and turmeric cover and cook for 5-8mins.then add onion mix once.

3. let it cook for some time mix in between now add chilli powder mix well

remove from fire and serve hot with dal and rice.

if you dont like the stickeyness of the okhra add a little butter milk to it when cooking[before adding onion] one more tip for removing stickeyness from okhra cut okhra and keep it in the fridge for one hour.

May 24, 2008

UPMA[a south indian break fast item made by samolina]

Upma is one of the most camon break fast in andhra it is very simple also.You can add a lot of vegetables to it but now iam using only tomato. This will be a light and helthy break fast


1cup -upma rava[samolina,sooji,cream of weat]

2cups -water

1no- - onion chopped

4no--green chillis

1inch peace--ginger chopped

a few curry leaves

salt to taste




1tesp--chanadal[split chick peas][pachi senagapappu]


2medium sized--tomatos chopped

1tebsp--ghee or butter[optional]


1.heat oil in a pan add mustard,cumin,chanadal,cashews fry till olden brown colour then add chopped onion, chopped ginger ,green chillis fry till onions become transparent now add chopped tomatoes fry till tomatoes become soft add curry leaves add samolina mix well add salt and 2 cups water mix well cover and leave for 2minutes. add 1tebsp ghee or butter mix well cover with a lid leave for 5-7 minutes.

4.remove from fire and serve hot with coconut chuteny

If you like the taste of lemon you can add 1tesp lemon juice to upma

May 22, 2008

PANAKAM[jaggery drink]

this is a summer cooler and a festive sweet drink,with jaggery and black pepper,dry ginger.This is one of my favourate drinks.In summer this drink keeps our body cool We are using black pepper and dry ginger in this drink these two ingredients are good for stomach and throat

In andhra we prepare this drink in sriramanavami[a hindu festival]

2tabsps-jaggery grated


a pinch dry ginger

a few black pepper corns

2 crushed cardomom

mix all the ingredients in abowl mix well till jaggery dissolves and serve chilled.

MASALA MAGGIGA[salted butter milk]

This is a traditional thirst quenching,refreshing drink with high in nutritional properties like appetizing,cooling and as an excellent antidote to sun stroke in Indian summer time.If you visit any andra home during summer time and you are sure to be welcomeed with a glass of salted butter milk.Andra people use a lot of butter milk in lunch or dinner there meal wont complet with out salted butter milk which is taken towards the end of a meal which is specialy we remove butter from curd[yogurt] and that leftover butter milk in very good for helth,it enhances digestion .In my house my mom use to make this drink every day,we use to have this in the morning ofter break fast. there is no fat in this drink because we are removing butter[fat] from curd.WE can use low fat curd[yogurt].It is a very good summer drink makes you cool, and also a good calcium subsitute and a goodhome remedie for piles,diarrhoea jaundice dysfunctions of liver



salt to taste

1/2inch peace-ginger

a few curry leaves

1no.--green chilli[optional]


1. add curd and water,salt to taste and blend it in ablender in low speed for a minute.

2. pour in to a bowl add ginger ,curry leaves, green chilli chopped and serve chilled.

Another variation of spiced butter milk heat oil in a pan ,add a few mustard ,curry leaves,hing[asafoetida] let them splutter remove from heat and add immediately to the butter milk cover for few minutes and then bleend for once and chill serve chilled top with chopped cucumber.

one glass saited butter milk has-25calories

SENAGA PACHADI[chick pea flour chutiney]


This is an instant chutiney for idlis and dosas,and rich in proteins and carbohydrates and also gluten free,low in fat also.My mother-in-low use to make this chuteney when ever she fedup with coconut chuteney.It is wery easy to make no blending for this chuteney.
senaga pindi--chickpea flour-besan--kadalehittu-kadalamavu-kadalapodi.


1cup---chickpea flour

5gms-tamarind[soak in hot water and extract juice remove pulp and mix with 2cups water][small lemon sige ]

1/2teasp-chilli powder

a pinch of turmeric powder

salt to taste


6-garlic cloves crushed

1/2tesp -mustard


3-redchillis crushed

a few curry leaves


1.heat oil in a pan add mustard,cumin, red chillis,garlic crushed,curry leaves fry for 1sec.

2.then add chickpea flour fry till good smell comes,colour should not be change you have to do this in a low flame.remove from heat and keep a side.

3. mix tamarind juice chillipowder,turmeric,salt to taste heat it and bring to a proper boil and add this to chickpea mixture mix well

4.serve with idlis ,dosas.

this chutiney should be little watery

May 21, 2008

MANGO LASSI[yogurt mango drink]

MANGO.... called as King of fruits is the most beloved fruit of every one in India.This sweet and juicy fruits are high in water content making them refreshing to eat and also rich in dietary fiber and carbohydrates,antioxidants,and vitamin A and C .This vitamin and water rich fruit is native to India.

In India raw mangoes are widely used in chutneys,pickles and curries in kerala ripe mango is used as a vegetable in the preparation of a dish called mambazha kaalan and ambe upkari in konkani cuisine.Most of the people eat ripe mangoes and also use them to make juices both in ripe and unripe form.Peaces of fruit can be mashed and used in ice cream they can be used in pies or blend with milk for milk shakes and also in desserts.Powder raw mango is some times a condiment in various cuisines.



1no-ripe mango cut in to peaces

2cups-fresh curd chillid[yogurt,dahi,thair,perugu,mosaru]

1/4tesp-cardmom powder[elaichi,yalakkai]



1.peal and cut mango, put in a mixe and blend.Add all other ingredients blend it till smooth

2.chill well befor serving or add crushed ice if desired.
you can make this drink with mango nector or mango pulp

May 20, 2008

TOMATO PAPPU[pigeon pea with tomato or red gram with tomato]

pigeon peas with tomatos,or red gram with tomato or toordal with tomatos

In India this type of curries we use split pigeon peas.This pigeon peas[red gram] are rich in proteins
Toor dal -- 1 cup (pigeon peas,red gram)
Tomatoes -- 4-5
Onion -- 1 small
Green chilies ---4 or according to your taste or you can just omit green chilies if you dont like much spicy
Red chili powder -- 1 tea sp or you can use cayenne pepper also
Turmeric powder --- 1/4 tea sp
Salt --- 1 tea sp or according to your taste
For seasoning:---
Mustard seeds -- 1/4 tea sp
Cumin seeds --1/2 tea sp
Urad dal -- 1/2 tea sp(split urad bean)
Garlic --- 4 cloves crushed
Oil -- 2 tea sp
Curry leaves -- 1 spring
1.Rinse toor dal well drain water, cover rinsed toor dal with water soak for 1/2 hour.
2. After half an hour transfer dal with 3 cups water in to a large pan bring to a full boil. Reduce the flame cover and cook till the dal is half done.Means if you press the dal in between your fingers dal should split. this will take roughly 20 min.
3.While dal is cooking peal and chop onion in to small pieces,slit green chilies(if useing),chop tomatoes in to small pieces.
4.Now add this chopped vegetables, salt, turmeric powder,red chilipowder(cayenne pepper) give a nice stir, cover with alid and let it cook till vegetables and dal become soft and mashey. remove from flame, mash alittle bit with a potato masher,set a side.
5. For seasoning heat oil in a frying pan over mediun heat. When hot, add mustard seeds let them splutter then add crushed garlic,urad dal,cumin seeds and curry leaves add this seasoning to the dal and tomato mixture give a nice stir.
Serve hot with steamed rice and mango pickle, fried potato or with roti.

If you are going to make this in a pressur cooker transfer dal in to a pressur pan add 1 cup water, chopped tomatos chopped , onion, green chillis turmeric powder,chilli powder,salt and cook till 2 whistles. heat oil add seasoning items and add this to cooked dal.

May 19, 2008


Dosas and uthappams are very common in every south indian house.Uthappams are thick dosas with stuffing. usually i make uthappams with left over dosa or idli batter to just finish off the batter.If you want to make fresh batter you have to soak

1cup--uard dal

2cups--idli rice

1/2cup--raw rice

1tebsp--toor dal

1/2teasp--fenugreek seeds

soak all above ingredients in water for 3-5 hours and grind in to a smooth paste and leave it for overnight and do the uthappams next morning


2cups--idli or dosa batter

1no. - finely chopped onion

1tebsp--finelychopped green chillis

1/4cup--finely chopped coriander leaves


1.heat a tawa and coat it with a little oil, pour a laddle full of batter and spread a little

2.The uthappam should be 10-12 on dia meter and 1/4 inch thick.

3.spread 1hand full chopped onion green chillis,coriander leaves on top of it.

4.spread a little oil on it and cover with lid do every thing in low flame

5.let it cook at the bottom side till golden brown in colour,then turn it the other side and cook till golden brown in colour

6.Remove from heat and serve hot with coconut chutney or onion chutney

May 17, 2008


Instant Egg curry

3 nos. -----eggs
2 med. ----onions
4-5---green chillies
2 med---tomatoes
A few curry leaves
Powder masalas:--
1/2teasp—red chilli powder
1/2teasp---dhaniya powder
1/4teasp—turmeric powder
1/2teasp—garam masala
Salt as per taste
Ginger garlic paste---1teasp
1. Heat oil in a non-stick pan add chopped onions and curry leaves sauté till soft.
2. Then add all powder masalas sauté for a minute
3. Now add chopped tomato and stir till it becomes pulpy, add ginger garlic paste sauté for a min.
4. Pour 1/2 cup water and when it starts boiling simmer it
5. Add egg [break the egg in a small bowl and then pour it in the gravy].
6. Pour one at a time and wait for few seconds leaving some space in between so that it wont spread.
7. Cook it for 3-5mins close it with lid.
8. Serve it with hot rice or chapattis.

May 15, 2008

SOFT DOSA{soft lentil pan cakes}

SOFT DOSA[soft lentil pan cakes]
1.cup ---uard dal[minapa pappu,split urad lentil,ulundu]
2.cups--rice[un cooked,not basmathi rice]
1teasp --salt
1/2 teasp--menthi[fenugreek,menthulu]
1.wash and soak rice and dal to gather in water for 3-5 hours
2. griend rice and dal in a mixee orwet griender in to a smooth paste, this paste should be a very fine batter once it is ground some bubbles can be found on the surface
3.keep the batter in a warm place,and leave this for over night for fermentation day morning take a small amount of batter and spreed it on a hot greased skillet[dosa pan]
5.whereit is spread out in to a thin circle and fried with a little oil
6.flipp it and cook the other side also and serve hot with coconut chutney
this dosa s will stay soft for long time my mom use to make these dosas for traveling.

DOSA--lentil pan cake--Indian pan cake

This is a traditional break fast special in south India,made with rice and dal[lentil] batter.I can say these are Indian pan cakes.If you want to eat dosas on sunday morning then you need to start the preparation process for the dosa batter on saturday morning.The regular dosa batter is made by raw rice[not cooked,not basmathi rice]and urad bean[split uard bean]soaked in water and grind in to a very fine batter once you grind the batter some bubbles can be found on the surface and that will be increase after fermentation.keep the batter in a warm place for fermentation over night
There are a lot of different verietes of dosas.The urad bean and rice can be replaced with highly refined weat flour to make maida dosas or with semolina for rava dosas and a different varieties of lentils for different varieties of dosas.
How to make dosas:-
after fermentation the batteris then ladled in a small amount on to ahot greased skillet[dosa pan] where it is spread out in to a thin circle and fried with a little oil or ghee[clearified butter] until golden brown. The dosa may then be fold into half and served or it may be flipped to cook on the other side and then serve.
Though considered abreak fast dish dosa can be eaten any time in the day.ther are many varietes of stuffed dosas like vegetables,potato,meats,sauces to creat a different meal
and these dosas are typically served with chutneys and samber[avegetable mix lentil soup] or pickle or lentil powders[kaarapu podi, milagai podi] .some places in south india like tamil nadu and andra pradesh people serve with chicken and mutton curry[gravy]
this typicall south indian food is rich in carbohydrates and proteins

May 14, 2008

DADDHOJANAM{curd rice,--yogurt rice}

DADDHOJANAM[curd rice,yogurt rice]
This is one of the traditional item.In festivel times some people do this along with pulihara[tamarind rice] and pongali[a rice item with lentels]In south India priests in the temples do this as prasadam and distribute among the devotees.One of the most famous temple in andra pradesh TIRUPATI this is one of the main prasadam for lord VENKATESVARA.And hear is the recipe,
curd--2cups[yogurt,dahi ,perugu,tair, mosaru]
salt to taste

jeera---1/2teasp[cumin seeds]
chana dal--1teasp[pachisenagapappu][split chickpeas]
raisins--10 no. afew curry leaves
green chillis--5chopped
1.cook rice very soft and add salt and mash lightly add 1/2 cup water mix and keep a side
2. heat oil in a pan add mustard,jeera green chillis, chana dal,cashew,raisins,curry leaves let them fry in golden colour and add this to the rice mix well
3. now add curd to the rice mixture mix well and serve with any pickle
when you are cooking rice you have to add 3cups water to 1cup rice or 21/2 cup water and pressure cook for 3 whistles this rice item is verry good for summer.

May 13, 2008

veg fried rice with mushrooms inmanchurian sauce

veg fried rice with mushrooms inmanchurian sauce
FORmushrooms in manchurin sauce:-
1no.-----onion sliced
1"peace--ginger sliced
1teasp--soya sauce
1/2teasp--pepper powder
salt to taste
1tebsp-- tomato ketchup
1tebsp---corn flour
1/4cup --- spring onion chopped
1.heat oil in a pan add ginger and onion slices fry till crispy andbrown add mushrooms fry till mushrooms are cooked[my be for 7-8mins] add tomato ketchup,soya sauce,pepper,salt to taste fry for 4mins.
4.add1/2--1cup water and bring to a boil
5. add corn flour to 1/4cup water and dissolve well gradually add to the gravy stir and let it cook till gravy becomes transparent
6. add spring onion and remove from heat and serve with rice or noodles
cabbage--1/2 cup chopped
ginger--1"peace chopped
salt to taste
spring onion--1bundle chopped
soya sauce--1teasp
1.heat oil in apan add ginger and vegetables one by one stir continuously
2. now add rice,pepper powder,salt,soya sauce,green onion remove from heat and mix well and serve hot with manchurian..

this is not a original recipe i made some changes in this

Beerakaya--kothimera pachhadi

BEERAKAYA---RIDGE GOURD,TORI,heerekayi,peerukangai
1/2kg--beerakaya cut in to cubes
1bundle--kothimera chopped
10no---green chillis
1smal marble sige-tamarind
1teasp--uard dall[minna pappu]
salt to taste
1.heat oil in a pan add uard dall,jeera and fry till golden colour
2.then add beerakaya green chillis and fry till vegetable become soft,remove from heat and let it cool.
3.add coriander, garlic,and tamarind, salt to taste and griend all above ingredients in to coarse paste.thats it
pachhadi reddy serve with dosas,idlis,pongali or even plain rice with little ghee.

May 7, 2008

saggubiyyam payasam

1teasp--elaichi powder
1.boil saggubiyyam in water till it become soft and spongy,
2Then add sugar and bring 1 proper boil add elaichi powder
3 in a other pan boil milk remove from heat bouth sagubiyyam and milk mix togather mix well.
4.heat little ghee in a pan fry 10 cashews and raisins add to payasam
note:--some times if you cook saggubiyyam in milk there are chances milk will break so how i prepare saggubiyyam payasam is the above method this is avery good food to have insummer

May 5, 2008

sago---saggu biyyam payasam

this is my first post and I want to share what I know with everyone .this post is about sago In India people use a lot there are maney names for this sago,In hindi it is sabu dana,in telugu-saggu biyyam,inTamil javvu arisi,in kannda-sabbakki,some marathi and oriya people called them sagu dana and some places in up and Biharit is senga dana.Sago is made by tapioca a root most of the people use tapioca also a vegetable.sago is used for sweets and snacks.most of the people in india use this small white pearls as avrath food,after there fasting or infasting time they will have this as a sweet mostly.yesthis is a good food to eat after fasting it gives a lot of energy and it makes your body cool
about sabu dana this is a 2mm diameter,dry white balls when they cooked they become soft and spongy and transparant.InIndonesia people use sago a lot they also make like payasam. sago is used in making of some type noodels as a starch some sweet dishes they use sago as thickening agent.In Brezil they cook sago in wine and they call this sagu.
In 100 gms sabu dana has 358 calories
ther is no fat in saggu biyyam
there is no cholestrol in sago
no sodim in this but carbohiderates are 29%
Hear some Indian recipes with saggu biyyam [sago]
1. saggu biyyam payasam
2. sabu dana kheer
3. sabu dana halva
4. saggu biyyam uppuma
5. sabu dana vada
6. saggu biyyam dosa
7. saggu biyyam pulihora
8. sabu dana kichidi
9. sabu dana -aloo tikki
10 .saggu biyyam punugulu[bonda]
I will post recipes from tomorrow,what I have posted about saggu biyyam if there are any mistakes please post your comments please.
thank you