Mar 24, 2017

Ugadi Thali (Karnataka) With Holige/ Obbattu Saaru

I am going to start my second week recipes for this month with the theme of Thali's. Today Iam going to showcase a Festival feast from Karnataka. Ugadi is the first day of lunar calender which is celebrated as a New year day in Kannada and Telugu communities. The main dish for this festival is Bevu - Bella(Bevu means neem flowers, Bella means jaggery) which is a paste (pachadi) made with neem flours, jaggery, raw mango pieces and tamarind juice. This is known as Ugadi Pachadi in Telugu community also. After Bevu - Bella Ugadi Habbada Oota( Festival feast) takes main part which includes many delicious dishes from Karnataka cuisine.
  Here what I have served in My Karnataka style Ugadi Thali...
Holige saru
Hurlikai Palya (beans stir fry)
Gasagase payasa ( poppy seeds payasam)
AAmbode  ---  bengal gram vada
Southekai Kosambari  (moong dal and cucumbar salad)
Kempu chetney - Fresh Red chilli chutney
Tuppa  --- Ghee

Obbattu saru or Holige saru is a important dish in Ugadi feast for Kannada families. It's a type of thick rasam made with channadal cooked water, tomatoes and masalas. This Holige saaru is served with a palya (stirfry vegetables), tove ( cooked moong dal with ridge gourd) Holige or Obbattu with ghee along with other dishes.
Holige or obbattu is a very popular sweet for almost all festivals. This obbattu is very mush similar to our bobbatlu in Andhra cuisine, Poli in Tamilnadu cuisine, Bhakshaylu in Telangana cuisine and puran poli in Maharastrain cuisine, but with a very little variations . 
Some people use half and half tour and channa dal to make holige poorna  with grated fresh coconut and jaggery and use the same poorna ball to make the obbattu saaru along with channa dal boiled water.So there are few variations in this recipe.  

Channa dal  ---  2 tab sp
Channa dal boiled water    --- 1 cup
Jaggery   ----  1 tab sp
Tamarind   ----  1 gooseberry size soaked in luke warm water or about one tab sp of tamarind paste.
Salt to taste
Fenugreek seeds  ---  1 tea sp
Coriander seeds  --- 2 tea sp
Cumin seeds  ---  1/2 tea sp
Poppy seeds  --- 1 tea sp
Grated dry coconut  -- 3 tab sp
Dry red chillies  ---  5
If you like to add onion then slice one onion and fry with a few drops of oil and fry till raw smell goes out then add to the rasam powder along with tomato and coriander leaves.
Tomato   ---  2 medium chopped
Coriander leaves ---  1/4 cup chopped
Curry leaves  ---  2 springs

Oil  ---  1 tab sp
Mustard seeds  --- 1 tea sp
Asafoetida  ----  one pinch
1. Heat a fry pan and dry roast all rasam powder ingredients one by one. Remove from pan and let it cool to room temperature  and grind in to fine powder.
2. Now heat little oil in the same pan add tomatoes, curry and coriander leaves (add onion now and fry if you using) fry till raw smell goes,set a side to cool.
3. Add tomatoes to rasam powder, boiled channadal with little water and grind in to a smooth paste.

4. Now boil one cup channa dal boiled water and one cup plain water in a sauce pan, make tamarind juice with one cup water and add it to boiling water bring to a full boil.
5. Now add rasam spice paste, salt to taste, mix well and boil for 20 to 25 minutes.
6. Add jaggery to the rasam mix well and boil for few more mintes.
7. Heat oil in a small pan add mustard seed let them splutter then add asafoetida and add this seasoning to saaru, switch off the heat, sprinkle with some more chopped coriander leaves cover with a lid and let it sit till you serve.
Serve with steamed plain rice, obbattu, tovve and palya...
Enjoy the festival meal.... 
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Mar 4, 2017

Chikkudukaya Velluli Karam Kura - Indian Broad Beans Stir Fry With Garlic Flavor

My second recipe under Stir fries for this week is a seasonal vegetable. Which is very much available in winter and very popular in Andhra cuisine. Chikkudu kaya we make a few verities of curries and stir fries with this vegetable.  Usually we make this stir fry with plain rice and dal or sambar.   
Broad beans are rich sources of vitamin A and C it helps in bone development. It helps to maintain the blood presure, and helps to control the cholesterol levels and many more health benefits. 

Chikkudu kayalu  ---  250 gms
Turmeric powder   --- 1/4 tea sp
Salt to taste
Red chilli powder  ----  1 tea sp
For seasoning:-----
Oil  --- 1 tab sp
Mustard seeds  ---  1/2 tea sp
Urad dal   ---  1 tea sp
Cumin seeds  --- 1/2 tea sp
Dry red chillies  -- 2 broken
Garlic --- 12 crushed
Curry leaves one spring
1. Wash and tare the chikkudu kayalu one in to four pieces.
2. Add salt, turmeric powder and cook till soft remove from heat,drain the water and set a side.
3. Now heat oil in a frying pan add mustard seeds let them splutter then add urad dall, broken red chillies, crushed garlic, cumin seeds, curry leaves fry for a while then add boiled chikkudukayalu stir fry for five minutes.
Serve with plain rice rasam or with rice, dal  as a side dish.

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Mar 3, 2017

Dondakaya Ullikaram Kura - Ivy Gourd Stir fry with onion and coconut

This small green lovely vegetable is all time favorite in my home. Recently I came to know that is vegetable is good for diabetic patients. It helps to normalize the blood sugar levels. It prevents kidney stones because this small vegetable is rich in Calcium.   
                       Dondakaya -- Ivy gourd or Gherkins in English, this is a popular vegetable in India. It is eaten as a side dish by stir frying or stuffed it with masala and saute or as a chutney (dipping). this small green colored vegetable is rich in beta-carotene.we make some delicious stir fry dishes with different flavours.This Ivy gourd stir fries are good combination for rice and dal.

dondakaya kura INGREDIENTS:---
Ivy gourd -- 1/2 kg(500 gms)
Oil --- 1 tab sp
Garlic cloves --- 5 crushed
Mustard seeds -- 1/2 tea sp
Urad dal --- 1 tea sp
Cumin seeds -- 1/2 teasp
Curry leaves -- 1 spring
Salt -- 1 teasp
Turmeric powder --1/4 tea sp
For Masala:--
Onion  -- 1 big cut in to cubes
Garlic   -- 5 cloves
Dry coconut  --- 1 tab sp
Red chilli powder  --- 1 tea sp
Grind all masala ingredients in to a coarse paste and set a side.
1.Wash tindora and remove the tip and tail and cut in to length wise peaces,each gourd will cut in to 6 long peaces.
2.Cook them in 1/2cup water and turmeric,salt to taste cook till tender. Strain if any extra water and set a side,
3. Heat oil in a pan add mustard seeds let them pop up then add cumin seeds,uard dal,curry leaves now add cooked tindora stir for 5 minuites
4. After 5minutes add ground masala stir for 3-4 minutes or fry till aroma comes out.