Dec 8, 2014

Muesli chocolate chip Cookies

I never make cookies with egg, but when ever I search for a cookie recipe I always find a recipe with eggs. Some how I take a step back baking cookies with egg. When I saw this recipe in Gayathri's blog bookmarked the recipe that time. Now I wanted to try that recipe and checked Gayathri's recipe she made them egg less then I checked the original recipe that is with egg. Will sure give a try to Gayathri's egg less version also. They are crisp and crunchy, not too sweet with chocolate flavor.
Let's check the recipe....  
Muesli   ----   2 cups
Whole wheat flour  ----   1 cup
Baking soda  ----  1 tea sp
Salt  ----  1/2 tea sp
Sugar   ----   3/4 cup
Chocolate chips   ----  3/4 cup
Vanilla extract  ---  1 tea sp
Egg   -----  1
Butter   ---   1/2 cup melted

1. Mix flour, salt and baking soda in a bowl and set a side.
2. In a big mixing bowl beat melted butter, sugar and vanilla and egg and mix well
3. Add flour mixture to the wet mixture and mix well to combine very thing.
4. Add choco chips, muesli mix well and make small ball s out of this dough and press a little bit to flatten it.
5. Place these cookies on a lightly greased tray and bake them in a preheated oven at 175 Degree C for 15 minutes.
6. Remove from oven and let them cool on a wire rack.
Store in a air tight container.
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Dec 5, 2014

Banana Bread (with eggs)

I always bake Banana bread with out eggs, Because I know that mashed ripe banana will act like egg re placer. So no need of adding any eggs in the recipe and I never thought of adding eggs to a fruit based recipe. I don't know some how I am not accepting to mix  a fruit pure with egg. That is my sister she always bake these banana breads with eggs. She use to tell, try that and you will find a better texture and taste. I use to ask her for the recipe every time I will get one answer I don't have any perfect recipe I just add the ingredients like that. I don't know how she makes just like that. Specially baking measurements are most important when ever I bake I just follow the recipe. Other wise the final product will come out like a stone or like a halwa or some thing else. 
                                                                            I don't like ripe bananas not even ripe if I find a black dot on them then I don't eat as a fruit, but I use them in cooking. Again I don't like ripe bananas in fruit salads and fruit custard, I don't know I really heat that smell. If it is a very ripe banana also when you mix it with cake or bread ingredients that smell will disappear!!! 
                                                                           Before I used to make Mangalore buns with ripe bananas are they are going to trash when they are over ripe. After I found this Banana bread recipe with eggs or with out eggs There is now wastage of banana...
 Let's check the recipe...
Recipe adopted from here   
All purpose flour  ---  1 3/4 cup
Baking soda  ---  1 and half tea sp
Salt   ----   3/4 tea sp
Eggs  ----  3 large
Sugar   -----   1 and half cups
Mashed ripe bananas  --  1 cup that is two large bananas (I used long yellow bananas)
Vegetable oil   ----  3/4 cup
1. Preheat the oven at 180 degree C for 10 minutes.
2. Whisk flour, baking soda,salt in a mixing bowl to combine well.
3. Whisk Eggs, mashed banana, oil in a large bowl till smooth.
4. Add dry ingredients to banana mixture and just mix till combine well (don't over mix).
5. Pour the batter in to greased tins and smooth on top.
6. Bake this banana bread tins in a preheated oven for 60 minutes or till done insert the tooth pic and check if the tooth pic comes out clean you r banana bread is ready other wise you can keep it in the oven for few more minutes.
7. Remove from the oven and cool it on a wire rack then cut in to slices
You can enjoy this banana bread as it is or serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of a banana bread slice and garnish with chopped nuts and chocolate sauce serve it as a dessert yumm right?

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Dec 4, 2014

Balekai Menaskai (Raw Banana Curry)

To day I am going to take you all to Udupi to enjoy the flavors of One of the world famous Udupi Cuisine. One of the most popular vegetarian south Indian cuisine. This cuisine is developed by Shivalli Madhwa Brahmins who cook food for Lord Krishna of the Sri Krishna Matha, Udupi, Lord Krishna is offered different varieties of food every day. The cuisine is in satvik tradition of Indian vegetarian cusine using no onion , no garlic and of  course no meat. so the main ingredients in Udupi cuisine are vegetables, fruits, grains, beans, milk. The variety and range of dishes are wide and hallmark of the cuisine, most of the ingredients are locally available.
                                                                  There are many typical dishes in this traditional cuisin, Menaskai is one of them which is a sambar like gravy mostly made with fruits like pineapple, mango or with vegetables and grains. This is a must side dish in a full course meal  which is served on a plantainleaf on special occasions. Now here is the recipe for Balekai Menaskai (Raw Banana curry in Udupi style).
Let's check the recipe. 
Raw banana ----  3 no.
Black channa  ----  1/4 cup
Toor dal  ----   1 tab sp
Tamarind  ---  golf ball size
jaggery  --- 1 tab sp grated
Salt to taste
Turmeric powder  --- 1/2 tea sp
Coriander seeds  -- --  2 tea sp
Cumin seeds  ----  3/4 tea sp
Urad dal  ---   1/2 tea sp
Channa dal   ----  1/2 tea sp
Fenugreek seeds  ----  1/4 tea sp
dry red chilli  ----  4
Curry leaves   ----  few
Grated coconut  ---  3/4 cup
Oil ---  2 tea sp
Mustard seeds   ---- 1/2 tea sp
Urad dal   ----  1/2 tea sp
Cumin seeds  ---  1/4 tea sp
Curry leaves   ----  1 spring.
1. Peel the skin of raw banana and cut in to small cubes, Keep these raw banana pieces immersed in salted water and set a side.
2. Soak tamarind in water for 10 minutes and extract the thick juice and set a side.
3. Pressure cook black channa and toor dal till soft and set a side.
4. Heat one tea sp oil in a pan and fry coriander seeds, cumin seeds, urad dall, channa dal, fenugreek seeds, red chillis, and curry leaves one by one till golden.
5. Grind all those ingredients with grated coconut in to a semi fine paste with little water and set a side.
6. Drain the water from raw banana pieces, add fresh water, turmeric powder, jaggery and bring to full boil, reduce the heat to medium and cook till banana pieces become soft.
7. Once banana pieces are cooked add cooked black channa, toor dal, masala paste, salt to taste add little water and bring to  full boil and switch off the heat.
8. Heat remaining oil in a pan add mustard seeds, cumin seeds, urad dall fri till golden then add curry leaves and add this seasoning to Balekai Menskai (Raw banana curry).
Notes: ---  You can use pineapple, little ripe mango for making this curry.
Keep the flame low and fry the masala ingredients to prevent burning.
coconut should not grind in to fine paste keep it little coarse.
Make sure the banana pieces are well cooked before you add masala other wise it is very difficult to cook banana pieces( they take more time to cook) by the time masala flavor will go off...
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Dec 3, 2014

Avarekalu Saaru

Today we are going to start another BM for this BM my theme for the first week one state different cuisines. In India we have 29 states each state has different regions with different cultures. the cuisine of each state changes according to it's regions. Karnataka is one of the Indian states with different regions and cultures. My choice for the first recipe is from Bangaluru. Some how Iam very much attached to Bengaluru. May be because I lived in this garden city for almost 15 years!!. any way coming to the recipe.
                                                                     Avarekalu Saaru is one of the most popular dish in winter season here. Because that is the season for this Avarekalu, if you visit Bangaluru in winter you can find lot's of  fresh avarekalu every corner of the street. They make lot's of variety dishes with this beans. Kannadigas  just love to have them in every meal in the season. The dishes like Avarekalu akki tari uppitu, Avarekalu akki rotti, Avarekalu palya, avarekalu saaru, Avarekalu sambar many more like this. This Avarekalu saaru is a favorite with ragi mudde all over Karnataka specially in Bangaluru and my husband is a die hard fan of this combination. There are many variation in this saaru recipe, some may add onion, ginger, garlic. My recipe is no onion and no garlic recipe which I got from a friend of mine.
Lets check the recipe...
Avarekalu in Kannada,
In English  Lima or Hyacinth beans
In Tamil  Mochai, Surati pappdi in Gujarath Val beans in Marathi, Anapa ginjalu in Telugu

Avarekalu  ---  2 cups
Tomatoes  ---  2 big cut in to two
Grated fresh coconut ---  1/4 cup
Green chillies  ----   6 or according to your taste
Rasam powder   ----  3 tea sp
Cumin seeds  ---  1 tea sp
Turmeric powder  ---  1/2 tea sp
Fresh coriander leaves  --  1 cup
Salt to taste
Ghee  ---  1 tea sp
Mustard seeds  ---  1 tea sp

1. Take tomatoes, green chillies, avarekalu in to a pressure cooker add some salt and 3 cups of water and cook for two whistles switch off the heat and let it cool.
2. Take out the tomatoes, green chillies and two tab sp of Avarekalu and allow them to cool.
Set a side the remaining boiled avarekalu along with the water.
3. Grind grated fresh coconut, cumin seeds, rasam powder, cooked tomatoes, green chillies and  avarekalu with fresh coriander leaves, turmeric powder and rasam powder. Add little water and make a smooth paste.
4. Add this masala to the avarekalu which we set a side with water taste and adjust salt. If require add little more water and bring to a full boil, turn down the heat to low and cook for 5 more minutes.
5. Heat ghee in a pan add mustard let them splutter then add this seasoning to the Avarekalu saru and switch off the heat.
Garnish with fresh coriander leaves.
Serve hot with steamed rice or Ragi mudde.
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Cumin Cookies (Sweet and Salt)

My today recipe for Bakeathon is cookie recipe, with a different taste and flavor. These cookies are with mixed taste of sweet, salt and with cumin flavor. I always bake this cookies for my father but with out cumin seeds. My father enjoys his evening tea with snacks like muruku, vampoosa, cookies like this,  but he don't eat heavy snacks like vada, bajji, bonda. My father says they make him full so it's very difficult to have dinner. So always my mother and me will keep this muruku like snacks ready. I remember my mother used to bake cookies on a tawa and she always bake her cakes in pressure cooker. Now she is not able to do so much work, poor amma she have done a lot for us.   Last time when I was baking them wanted make them little more interesting.
So lets check the recipe
All purpose flour  ---  1 cup and 2 tab sp extra
Butter   ----  1/2 cup at room temperature (I used unsalted, can use salted also in that case reduce the salt amount which I gave in the ingredients)
Salt  ---  1/4 tea sp
Sugar  ---  1/4 cup
Cumin seeds  ---- 1 tab sp 

1. Dry roast cumin seeds in a pan  till you get nice aroma from them and set a side.
2. In a mixing bowl take sugar and butter and beat till creamy.
3. Add flour, salt, cumin seeds to the sugar and butter mixture and mix till all the ingredients comes together and form in to a dough.
4. Make small balls out of the dough and press a little bit to flat the cookies. Place the cookies in a baking tray .
5. Preheat the oven 150 degree c for 10 minutes.
6. Place the cookie tray in the oven and bake at 150 degreeC for 10 to 12 minutes.
7. Remove from the oven and let them cool on a wire rack for some time.
Store this cumin flavored cookies in a air tight container.
Enjoy the sweet and salty cumin flavored cookies with a cup of tea.
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Dec 1, 2014

Vanilla Sponge Cake (Eggless)

Bake-a thon this is the other marathon started by Valli. This bakeathon is going on at her place from few years every year in December. But some how I couldn't take part in this every year, may be because I stop baking for some time. May be focusing more on bm recipes or because of my health reasons any way finally I joined this group. 
                                                                                       Now coming to my first recipe for this Bakeathon is one of the oldest recipe which I have note down from a Telugu magazine long back (before my marriage that is almost 24 years back) and I tried it for two or three times in my round oven. Yes round oven I used to have that, which I got as a first gift from my husband and I used it for long time. Those days I bake only two recipes they were simple vanilla cake with eggs and the second one is a chocolate cake. I used to mix some coco powder in the same vanilla cake recipe that was my chocolate cake. Other then these two cakes I bake this egg less cake, but comparative to that vanilla cake this egg less cake gets less marks every time because that is with eggs. I didn't find much difference but my husband says that If one is addicted to this normal cakes which are with eggs they cannot accept egg less cakes it seems, I don't know this but I can enjoy both. 
So let's check the recipe..:) 
All purpose flour (maida) ---  250 grams
Condensed milk  ----   400 grams (one tin I used milkmaid )
Baking powder  ---  2 tea sp
Baking soda  ---  1 tea sp
Milk   ---  1 cup
Butter   ---  100 grams
Vanilla essence  ---  few drops

1. Shift the flour,baking powder, baking sods for two times and set a side.
2. Mix milk, vanilla essence and set a side.
3. Grease a baking tin with little butter and dust with flour and set a side
4. Preheat the oven at 180 degree C for 20 minutes.
5. In a mixing bowl take butter and condensed milk beat for few seconds.
6. Now add half milk to the butter and condensed milk mixture and beat for one second.
7. Then add half of the flour mix well to combine well, Now add little more milk and mix well.
8. Now add remaining flour and mix well, then add remaining milk and mix well to combine every thing, Do not over beat the batter just mix well to combine every thing.
That means add milk and flour little by little alternately and mix well.
9. Pour the batter in to the greased baking tin and bake the cake at 175 degree C for 45 minutes.
This baking time depends on you oven heat mine took 45 minutes so keep an eye on your oven while baking. 
10. Remove from oven and cool it on a wire rack then cut it in to pieces.
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