Oct 4, 2015

Capsicum In Coconut Gravy

This capsicum in coconut gravy recipe is inspired by Kerala stew recipe. One fine morning I was all ready to make Idiyappam but suddenly I realize that I didn't have any vegetables like potato, carrot or even I didn't have green peas. I didn't have time to soak any dry peas or channa. I find only colored capsicum that I brought to make some fried rice for my Indo- chinese combo. Now I have to use some for this stew any how capsicum is my all time favorite vegetable. I can enjoy this wonderful vegetable in any form. Now this stew turned out so well. Every one at home this curry not even for breakfast for the whole day even with plain rice hubby enjoyed this stew. You know this stew became a favorite at home now I am using only capsicum for stew.. :)
 photo ccurry.jpg Lets check the recipe....
Green capsicum  ---  1 medium cut in to cubes
Red capsicum  --  1 medium cut in to cubes
Yellow capsicum  ---  1 medium cut in to cubes
Onion --- 1 medium sliced
Green chilies --- 2 sliced
Cloves --- 3
Cinamon --- 1 inch piece broken
Cardamom --- 3
Garlic ---- 2 cloves crushed
Thin coconut milk ---- 1 cup
Thick coconut milk --- 1/2 cup(If you are useing tin coconut milk mix 1/2 cup milk with 3/4 cup water and use it as thin coconut milk then use 1/2 cup only coconut milk for thick milk)
Salt to taste
Curry leaves a few
coconut oil --- 1 tab sp
1. Heat 3/4 tab sp coconut oil in a pan and add clove, cinamon, cardamom and let them popup.
2. Then add sliced onion, green chilies,crushed garlic and stir for 2 sec and add capsicum cubes, turmeric powder give a good stir and cover with a lid and let it cook for few minutes.
3. Now add thin coconut milk keep the flame low, add salt stir once cover and cook for 5-10 min. or gravy become little thick.
4.Then add thick coconut milk bring to a full boil and keep the flame very low and cook till the gravy become thick and creamy stir in between.
5. Now heat 1 tea sp coconut oil in a pan and add curry leaves and pour it over the stew.
Serve with Appam or Idiyappam or this goes very well with plain rice and roti specially Kerala paratha..

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Oct 3, 2015

Vegetables In Schezwan Sauce

After that month long Mega Blogging Marathon we started our monthly Blogging Marathon from today. this is as usual three days a week for four weeks Marathon with different themes. My theme for this first week is Side dishes. Side dish which is served as a accompaniment with the main dish like a curry with rice or roti or a stew served with a bread .
                                                                My first recipe for this week is a Indo- Chinese recipe which is popular in India. Vegetables in Schezwan sauce this side dish I have prepared for our Buffet On Table in the theme of combo dishes. In that combo I made vegetable fried rice with chilli paneer and vegetables in Schezwan sauce as a side dishes. Chilli paneer recipe I have posted in the Mega Blogging Marathon. Now I got a chance to post this Schezwan vegetables recipe. There are two versions for this Schezwan vegetables recipe one is stir fried one and the other one is a gavy version with sauce texture. Here I am going to post the gravy version of Schezwan vegetables..
So Let's check the recipe..... 
 photo ssv.jpg INGREDIENTS:---
Onion   ---  1 big cut in to cubes
Carrot   ---  1 big cut in to rounds
Beans   ---  10 cut in to 1 inch pieces
Cabbage --  1 cup cut in to cubes
Baby corn  ---  5 cut in to rounds
Cucumber  --  1 small cut in to cubes
Capsicum   ----  1 big cut in to cubes
Schezwan sauce  ---  1/2 cup
Corn flour  ---  1 tab sp
Water ---  1 and half cup
Salt to taste
Sesame oil  ---  2 tab sp
Spring onion   ---  1/2 cup finely chopped
1. Heat oil in a pan  bring oil to piping hot then add onion and cook till soft.
2. Now add carrots. baby corn, and beans cook for 5 minute in a high flame then add cabbage, capsicum and saute for 10 minutes.
3. Add Schezwan sauce salt to taste and give a good stir and cook for 2 minutes in a medium heat.
4. Add 1/2 cup water and keep cooking by the time dilute 1 tab sp cornflour in 1 cup water and add this to vegetables, mix well and bring to a full boil.
5. Switch off the heat and garnish with chopped spring onion green part.
Serve hot with any fried rice or noodles...

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Oct 2, 2015

Buffet On Table Roundup

Finally I finished this Mega Blogging Marathon which includes different themes on the name of Buffet On Table. I have started planing for this Mega BM few month's back and made my first list in may month I think. But that was not the final list after that I made so many changes in the list. For Some themes even I have changed the chosen recipes too. 
                                                                               First I was all done with my first week recipes but suddenly there was a change in themes and first week breakfast recipes are moved to third week. Now again my planing was started with combo recipes. Finally I finished combo recipes but this change in the themes gave me to make my combo dishes much more better. Means I made a change in the list and chosen the interesting recipes I think. Even I made many last minute changes in Indian states theme also but finally I finished. Any way Thank you so much for the Wonderful Themes and opportunity and enjoyed doing this Buffet On Table.... You know Now I am ready with my first list for April Mega BM let's see how many times it is going to be change..;)
My first week Combo Dishes...

 photo cts.jpg
                             Creamy Tomato Soup With Cheese And Chilli toast
 photo ccom.jpg                                 Vegetable fried rice With Chilli Paneer and Schezwan Vegetables photo gc.jpg
                                                 Thai Green Curry With Jasmine Rice.
Second Week Recipes from Indian States:
 photo mpf.jpg                                                            Indori Poha - Breakfast photo kmt.jpg                                                              Karnataka Mini Thali photo mth1.jpg
                                                        A Thali From  Maharashtra
Third weeks recipes are Condiments across the Countries :
 photo bp.jpg                                                        Basil Pesto photo ss.jpg                                                           Schezwan Sauce photo bbb1.jpg
                                                     BisiBele Bath Powder
Fourth Week Recipes are Breakfast Across From The Countries :

 photo pua.jpg
                                                              Pesarattu Upma from India (Andhra preadesh)
 photo kto.jpg                                                 Kaya Toast From Malaysia  photo ssp.jpg
                                                Anjero From Somali
Now Final week is a Bloggers Choice Week so my choice for this week is Travel. I have explored my trips to Kerala and Varanasi....

Sep 30, 2015


After all that Kerala trip now I am taking you all to UttarPradesh. Varanasi is one of the oldest city in and also well known as Kasi or Banaras. Varanasi is situated on the banks of the Ganga(Ganges), the city is a spiritual capital of India and it is the holiest of the seven sacred cities of Hinduism. Varanasi the name originates from the two rivers Varuna and Assi this ancient city has few more names  like ancient Vedic Sanskrit referred the city as Kasi or Kasika means the shining one. In some Ancient scripts referred the city as Avimukta means never forsaken by Siva and the other name is Rudravana means where the lord Rudra(Siva) lives. According to ancient scripts and epics Varanasi was founded by God Siva.
                                                                       Dashashwamedh Ghat
 Varanasi is known worldwide for it Ghats There are 18 ghats on the banks of the Ganga river. Embankment made in steps of stone slabs along the river banks so that pilgrims perform there rituals. On the way to Dashashwamedh Ghat you can find Kashi Vishwanath Temple.
Manikarnika Ghat
Harischandra Ghat
Some glimpse of Ganga river early morning 6 A.M

Litti - chokka and Dal pudi
Pan Banaras wala
Making of pan

Creamy Banarasi lassi 

Ganga Arthi at 7:30 P.M at Dashshwamedh Ghat
This is My final post for this Mega Blogging Marathon. Will come back in the next month with regular Blogging Marathon recipes...

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Sep 29, 2015

Vembanad Lake and HouseBoat

For the second day my trip continues in Kerala to Houseboat in Vembanad Lake. Vembanad lake is one of the longest lake in India and largest lake in Kerala. The lake is bordered by three districts, Alappuzha, Kottayam and Ernakulam. The lake is situated at sea level but separated sea by a island. Vembanad lake is connected by many canals to other lakes in the state. But the most popular location on the shores of the lake is Kumarakom a very  famous tourist destination in Kerala. the very beautiful Bird sanctuary is located on the east coast of the lake, a must visit place but early in the morning
                                                                 Vembanad lake view from Hotel
One more view of Vembanad lake
Next day morning at 7:30 A.M.  after our breakfast with delicious Kerala Appams and estue( I couldn't take pictures of the breakfast because we are already lat to reach the houseboat:(... ) a,d we headed to house boat. We stayed in the house boat for one day and one night. That was a very wonderful experience and we ( me, my sister and kids ) were so exited. So let's see the houseboat.
This is the Houseboat where we stayed for one day and one night
Inside the Houseboat
Bed room That was a double bedroom Houseboat
Living room on top of the houseboat
 Lunch in lunch they served for us Kerala style sambar, Aviyal, payaru melaguperatti, pulichery with Kerala red rice with fried fish which is freshly caught from the lake and payasam in the dessert.
one more house boat 

Sep 28, 2015

A Trip To Kerala - Kumarakom Day one

For the final week in this mega BM we have three days to post and the theme is Bloggers choice. I choose travel as my topic for this week. This week I am not going to post any recipes but I will share my some of my holiday trips. Today I am going to take you all to Kumarakom a popular destination in Kottayam district in Kerala a southern state of India. Kumarakom is famous for it's backwater tourism it is in the backdrop of the vembanad lake, one of the largest freshwater lake in Kerala. Kumarakom is well known for it's houseboats and also the world famous boat race. And one more most popular attraction is the Bird sanctuary. We were there for three day in Kumarakom. For the first day we were in the hotel, there are many activities in the hotel like cycling, boating and a open air theater where they perform cultural  programs like Kathakali and mohiniattam. All above this all activities the nature is so beautiful and very pleasent. Let's go for a pictorial tour to Kumarakom... 

Hotel lobby 

Hotel lobby from the other side
Backwaters canal this canal will go thorough all over the property 
backwaters canal in side the hotel property
 Some glimpse of backwaters and property
There is a huge spread of salads in lunch
Curries in clay pots there are Podavalanga-manga curry, Kerala style Sambar, Kaya uppukary, Pavaka toran

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