Dec 31, 2008


Methi leaves -- 1 bunch or 2 cups washed and finely chopped

wheat flour(atta) --- 3 cups

Garlic -- 3 cloves choppes

green chilies -- 2no. chopped

cumin seeds -- 1 tea sp(dry roast cumin and just crush with hand)

oil -- 1 tab sp

salt to taste

oil for frying


Heat 1 tab sp oil in a pan add chpped garlic and crushed cumin, green chili,menthi leaves and fry for a min.

Remove from heat and let it cool then add wheatflour, salt to taste and add enough water and make dough like chapati dough and leave a side for 5 min.

Now roll the parathas as thin as possible.

Fry this methi paratas on a hot skillet till nice gloden color aply some ghee on them (if you like) and remove from pan.

Serve hot with dahi bhendi or any gravy you like or this paratas will be a good combo with any dal.

Enjoy your meal

Nothing will beat hot paratas and dal in chilled winter.


Bhendi(bendakaya, okra)--- 250 gms top and tails removed

Onion --- 1 big chopped

Tomato --- 1 big chopped

yogurt(curd) --- 1/4 cup

Oil --- 1 tab sp

Freshly ground coriander and cumin powder -- 11/2 tea sp

Turmeric powder --- 1/2 tea sp

Red chili powder -- 1 tea sp

salt to taste

cumin seeds -- 1 tea sp

Kalonji --- 1/4 tea sp


Slit okra and heat oil in a pan and fry till it changes the color remove and leave a side.(slit okra like what we do for chili bajjis this is for check in side there should not be any errors)

In the same oil add cumin seeds and Klonji let them popup then add chopped onion and fry till onion become soft

now add chopped tomato and cook till tomato become soft then add turmeric powder,red chili powder, coriander and cumin powder mix well and cook till oil leaves the sides.

Now add yogurt, salt to taste and okra mix well and cook till okra become little soft this will take 5-7 min. remove from heat.

Garnish with chopped coriander leaves and serve hot with rice, chapatis

Enjoy your meal.

Dec 30, 2008



Corn kernels – 1 cup fresh or frozen
Green onion --- 1 tab sp chopped
Garlic --- 2 cloves chopped
Mushroom chopped --- 1/2 cup
Green bell pepper – 1 small chopped
Butter – 1 tea sp
Salt to taste
Pepper powder – 1 tea sp
Low fat milk --- 1/2 cup
Corn flour – 1 tea sp
Cook corn kernels in 2 cups of water till tender then remove 1/4 cup corn kernels cool and grind in to a paste
Heat butter in a sauce pan add chopped garlic and green onion and fry for a sec. then add chopped mushroom and green bell pepper and cook till mushroom leaves its water and absorbs
Then add cooked corn kernels with water and ground paste mix well and bring to a boil then add milk again bring to full boil stir continuously
Now dilute corn flour in 1tab sp water and add to boiling soup mix well add salt and pepper
Serve hot with vinegar chilies and dinner roll
Can add any other vegetables like very finely chopped carrot, French beans, cabbage, or shredded chicken or a beaten egg any thing you like

Dec 29, 2008



Dry red chilies --- 5

Shollots --- 5 sliced

Garlic --- 10 cloves

Galangal ---- 1 tea sp finely chopped (this is a root from ginger family)

Lemon grass --- 1 tab sp chopped

Lime rind --- 1tab sp

Fresh coriander root -- 2te sp chopped

Black pepper corns ---5

Coriander seeds --- 1 tab sp

cumin seeds --- 1 tea sp

salt --- 1 tea sp

In origenal recipe they give 1 tea sp shrimp paste but I didn't use that one, If any body want to add can add 1 tea sp shrimp paste while grinding.

first roast coriander seeds, pepper corns, cumin seeds and grind in to a fine powder and keep a side.

then soak red chilies in water for 10- 15 min.remove from water and grind with salt then add galangal.lemon grass, lime rind, coriander root, garlic, shallots and grind in to a fine paste now add coriander and cumin powder and grind till every thing well combine.This curry paste will stay for long time infridge.


Green bell pepper --- 1 no. cut in to cubes

Red bell pepper --- 1 no. cut in to cubes

mushroom --- 1 cup cut into 4 pieces

pine apple --- 3/4 cup cut in to cubes

thai red chilies -- 2 chopped

thai sweet basil leaves --- 1/4 cup

salt to taste

Palm sugar -- 1 tea sp

Thai red curry paste --- 3 tab sp

Coconut milk --- 2 cups

oil ---- 1/2 tab sp


Heat oil in a pan add green and red pepper cubes and fry for a min. then add mushroom and fry in a high flame for 2 min. remove and leave a side.

in the same pan add red curry paste and stir for a while(add 1 tad sp water it curry past is sticking to the pan) and add 1 cup coconut milk and bring to a boil.

now add vegetables and basil leaves, chopped red chilies and cook for 5 min stirring you can see oil spots on top of the curry.

now add pine apple salt to taste. palm sugar and remaining coconut milk and bring to a full boil and remove from fire.
Take it in to a serving bowl and garnish with basil leaves and serve hot with rice and omelete

Eggs -- 2 no.
Fish sauce or soy sauce-- 1tea sp
Lime juice -- 1tea sp
Freshly ground white pepper -- 1/2 tea sp
oil(peanut oil) -- 2 tea sp
Whisk eggs, fish or soy sauce, lime juice, white pepper.
Heat oil in a nonstick skillet pour egg mixture on it stir and let it cook till fully set don't over cook fold it and serve with red curry and rice

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Dec 27, 2008




Rose - matta rice -- 1/2 cup

Water --- 5 cups
Garlic --- 4 cloves
salt to taste


Wash rice for 2-3 times
In a perssur cooker add rice and crushed garlic and 5 cups water cook in a medium heat till 4-5 whistles.(some times this rice will take more time to cook in that case open the cooker lid check if it is not done again you can cook for few more whistles)(this rice will take more time to cook then normal rice like sona masoori or any other rice)

Remove and let it cool down open the lid add salt mix well and serve with payar

FOR PAYAR...........


Payar --- 1/2 cup (green gram, hesarekalu, pesalu)
sambar onion --- 1/2 cup chopped

Garlic --- 2 cloves chopped

A few curry leaves

Salt to taste

coconut oil -- 1 tab sp

Red chili flakes --- 1 tea sp
Here I use curry leaves powder for spice in the payar for me that will give a better taste(Ihope you all like my choice) check my curry leaves powder recipe here KARIVEPAKU PODI --- CURRY LEAVES POWDER

Wash and cook green gram in apressur cooker for 2-3 whistles remove and let it cool itself,Open the cooker lid .

Heat oil in a fry pan add chopped onion and chopped garlic and fry till onion become soft add curry leaves and stir for a min.

Now add cooked green gram,(don't add water if any water left in the cooker you can store that water and make rasam with that water) and stir for 2 min.
Add salt to taste and red chili flakes or curry leaves powder and mix well and remove from thr stove
Serve with KANJI or you can have this payar as asundal also
Have a tastey and helthy meal.

Enjoy your meal.


Bendakaya (okra) ---- 1cup cut in to 1 inch cubes
Onion --- 1 big finely chopped
Green chilies – 3 cut in to small pieces
Garlic – 3 cloves chopped finely
Tomato --- 1 medium finely chopped
Curry leaves – 10 – 12 leaves
Oil – 1 tab sp
Mustard seeds – 1/2tea sp
Cumin seeds --- 1 tea sp
Fenugreek seeds – 1/4 tea sp
Chana dal --- 1 tea sp
Urad dal – 1 tea sp
Red chilies --- 2 broken in to small pieces
Tamarind – small lemon size ( or 1 tab sp tamarind pulp)
Red chili powder – 1 tea sp
Turmeric powder – 1/2 tea sp
Freshly grinded coriander and cumin powder --- 1 tea sp
Salt to taste
Soak tamarind in water for 10 – 15 min. and extract juice with 1 cup water (or if you are using tamarind pulp dilute the pulp in 1 cup water)
Heat oil in a sauce pan add mustard seeds and let them popup then add chanadal, uraddal, cumin seeds, broken red chilies, fenugreek seeds, curry leaves fry for a sec.
Now add chopped onion and garlic and fry till onion become soft then add chopped tomato, green chilies and cook till tomato become soft.
Then add okra cubes add salt, red chili powder cumin and coriander powder mix once and let it cook on a low flame till okra pieces are 3/4 cooked stir in between if required sprinkle little water.
After okra pieces are 3/4 cooked add tamarind juice mix well and cook till raw smell of the tamarind disappears and gravy becomes thick(this gravy should be in a thick sambar consistency not so watery)
If you like add 1 tab sp grated jaggery now and cook for 1 sec. and remove from heat.
Serve hot with steamed rice and Muddapappu (plain tour dal cooked with salt and turmeric) and ghee
Enjoy your meal

Dec 25, 2008


For bread dough:----

Warm water --- 1 cup

Active dry yeast --- 4 tea sp

All purpose flour ---- 3 cups

Salt --- 1/2 ea sp

sugar ---- 1 tea sp

butter --- 1 tab sp

How to make dough:---

Dissolve yeast and sugar in warm water and leave a side for 10 min. to turn foamy

In a big bowl add flour, yeast mixture,salt and butter and make asoft dough and kneand well for 10 min. and leave in a warm place 1 -2 hours.

Let it rise nicely

For Apricot spread:---

Apricot s --- 1 cup chopped (I use dry Apricots)

Apple ---- 1 chopped(peeled an dchopped I use green apple)

Raisin s -- 1/2 cup

Ginger ---freshly grated 1 tab sp

Sugar --- 1/2 cup

Netmug and cardamom powder --- 1 tea sp


Mix all fruits and ginger, sugar in a sauce pan and cook in a very low flame till it become thick stir Continuously.

After it become thick add netmug and cardamom powder mix well and remove from the heat.This should be in a spread consistency.

Now take the dough and punch back it and take it on a floured surface and roll it like a piza and spread the fruit mix ture and fold it in to roll and grease with little butter and place it in a greased loaf tin and leave it in a warm place till it become double in size.

now preheat the oven at 350F for 10 min. and glaze the roll with cold milk and bake it for 15 --20 min. check once If it is not done can keep it in the oven for some more time(mine is finished in 15 min. so thats depend on your oven)

Remove from the oven and leave it for 5 min. then cut it.

I enjoyed this Apricot roll for my breakfast with hot chocolate.

Ihope you all like this.

Dec 24, 2008


Warm water --- 1/2 cup
Warm milk ---- 3/4 cup
Egg ---- 1
Butter --- 2 tab sp softened
Salt --- 1/2 tea sp
All purpose flour ---- 4 cups
Active dry yeast --- 2 tea sp
sugar --- 1 tea sp
Milk for glazing

Pre-heat the oven for 10- 15 min.
In 1/2 cup warm water add yeast and 1 tea sp sugar and mix well and leave in a warm place for 10 min. to rise and become creamy and bubbly.
Now in a big bowl add butter, flour and salt and rub well then add egg, milk and make a soft dough.
Then place this dough on a floured surface and knead for 10 min. or till dough become smooth and elastic.
and place the dough again in the same big bowl grease alittle butter on top and cover and leave in a warm place for 1 - 2 hours or till it become double in size.
After 1 hour punch down the dough and take it onto a lightly floured surface divide in to 6-8 pieces and shape each in to a roll in to rounds or fun shapes or knots as you like.
now place them in a lightly greased baking sheets and again leave them to rise in a warm place

After they rise up glaze them with milk and bake them in a pre heated oven for 20 - 25 min. at 350degrees or till golden brown.
Remove to wire rack and let them cool
Serve with any soup
Enjoy your meal.

Note:--- Kneanding the dough is important here it will develop gluten and helps in riseing the dough.Kneand the dough for 10 min,on a lightly floured surface.
Fold the dough towards you and then push down away from you with the help of your heel of your hand again turn the dough to your side and repeat the same thing till dough become soft and elastic and non sticky. this will take 7-10 min.
This will give your bread or rolls a nice soft texture.
one more thing about oven s preheating is important heating time depends on your oven model mine is a gas oven that takes little long time to heat so that pre heat the oven for 10 min. before and see and then set the heat.


Potato ---- 1 large cut in to big cubes

Onion --- 1 medium sliced

green chilies --- 2 sliced

Cloves --- 3

cinamon --- 1 inch piece broken

Cardamom --- 3

Garlic ---- 2 cloves crushed

Thin coconut milk ---- 1 cup

Thick coconut milk --- 1/2 cup(If you are useing tin coconut milk mix 1/2 cup milk with 3/4 cup water and use it as thin coconut milk then use 1/2 cup only coconut milk for thick milk)

Salt to taste

curry leaves a few

coconut oil --- 1 tab sp


In a pressure cooker heat3/4 tab sp coconut oil and add clove, cinamon, cardamom and let them popup.

Then add sliced onion, green chilies,crushed garlic and stir for 2 sec and add potato cubes 1/2 cup water and close with lid and cook for 2 whistles.

Remove and let it cool and open the lid and mash 2-3 potato pieces to make the stew thick.

now add thin coconut milk keep the flame low, add salt stir once cover and cook for 5-10 min. or gravy become little thick.

Then add thick coconut milk bring to a full boil and keep the flame very low and cook till the gravy become thick and creamy stir in between.

now heat 1 tea sp coconut oil in a pan and add curry leaves and pour it over the stew.

Serve with Appam or Idiyappam

Enjoy your food.

Dec 23, 2008


When I first saw this recipe in madhuram s Eggless Butter Pecan Cookies I was very exited cookies with pudding mix! I have jell-o pudding mix 2 packs with me so I gave a try to it, wooooooow it is a hit and do you know one thing I just have one bite for taste . just with in 10 min. they are finish. Thanks to Madhuram for such a lovely idea

And here is the recipe I just add 1 tab sp milk to the dough that is the change I made from her recipe


Softend un salted butter --- 3/4 cup

Instant chocolate pudding mix(jell-o) --- 1 pack

all purpose flour ---- 11/4 cup

Pecans --- 1/2 cup chopped and tosted

milk ----1 tab sp


Pre heat the oven for 10-15 min. in 375 c

In amixing bowl add butter and pudding mix and mix till they become soft and creamy, then add flour and pecans and make dough with 1 tab sp milk

This dough will be like chapati dough

Grease your hands with little butter, make small ball s out of it and lightly press with a fork to little flatten them.

Bake the cookies for 10 min. yes it will take only 10 min.

Remove from the oven and let them cool .

Enjoy your cookies with hot tea.

Dec 22, 2008


Rice --- 2 cups

Thick coconut milk --- 1/2 cup

thin coconut milk --- 2 cups

cooking soda -- 1/2 tea sp

cream of rece --- Rice rava(fine not Idlirava)--- 2tab sp for this soak 1/2 cup rice and remove water and dry in shade and grind in to a fine rava(dry)

Water ----1/2 cup

Salt to taste.

soak 2 cups rice in enough water for 4 hours and remove the water and spread rice on a white cloth dry in the shade,then make a power

normaly I use coconut water for fermentation in 1/2 cup coconut water add 2 tea sp sugar and leave aside for 1 day then add this to the batter or can use dry yeast

Dry yeast 1/2 tea sp

Warm water ---2 tab sp

Sugar -- 2 tea sp

Dissolve sugar and yeast in warm water leave a side for 10-15 min. or till it foams.

In a heavy bottom pan take rice rava and water mix well and cook in alow flame till it become soft and leave aside

In a other big bowl add (make sure that this bowl is much more enough for fermentation the batter should not over flow)in this bowl take cooked rice rava,thin coconur milk mix well and add rice flour to this and mix well to make a fine paste.(for this process you can use electric blender or eggbeater) beat for 20- 25 sec. then add yeast mixture mix well now add thick coconut milk mix once again well (don't use electric blender after adding the yeast just mix with a spoon )this should be like a ootappam consistency and leave it for fermentation for over night or for 6-8 hours

Now next day moening or after 8 hours add cooking soda mix well, heat a Appam pan in mediun flame pour 11/2 ladle batter and just turn the Appam pan with your hands(holding the both side handles) in a clock wise motion spread the batter in to a circle and bring the left over batter in to the center and cover with lid and cook 3-4 min.(don't flip the Appam)

Rmove and serve with STEW

But I like to have this with even kadalacurry yummmmm......

Enjoy your break fast.

Dec 21, 2008


Rice --- 1 cup
Eggs – 2 boiled
Soya sauce – 1 tea sp
Onion – 1 medium sliced
Green chilies – 3 slit
Tomato -- 1 medium chopped
Ginger chopped --- 1 tea sp
Garlic chopped --- 1tea sp
Mixed vegetables --- 1 cup (optional)cut in to small pieces
Curry leaves --- a few
Salt to taste
Oil – 1 tab sp
Cumin seeds 1 tea sp
Clove --- 3
Cinnamon --- 1 inch piece broken
Wash and soak rice for 1/2 hour and add 1 tea sp oil and salt to taste and cook till done and let it cool(spread in a plate and cool it)
Heat oil in a heavy bottom pan add cumin seeds, cloves, cinnamon and let them popup then add sliced onion and let it fry till light brown .
Now add curry leaves, slit green chilies, chopped garlic and ginger and chopped tomato and stir till tomato become soft.(here you can add chopped mixed vegetables and cook till vegetables become soft).
Now add Soya sauce and add eggs and salt to taste mix well and add rice on the top like a layer and cover with a lid and leave it in a very slow flame for 5 min. or you can keep it in the oven for 5-7 min.
Remove mix well and serve hot with raita.

Dec 20, 2008


Basmathi Rice --- 11/2 cup

Onion --- 1 thinly sliced

Greem chilies --- 3 slit

ginger garlic paste --- 1 tea sp

cloves -- 4

cinamon --- 1 inch stick broken

Cardamom --- 4

Milk --- 1cup

water -- 11/2 cup

ghee --- 1 tab sp

Salt to taste


wash and soak rice in 11/2 cup water for 10 min.

Add 2 cloves,2cardamoms, 2pieces cinamon to milk and leave a side.(milk should be little warm)

heat ghee in a pressure cooker add left over cloves,cardamom, cinamon let them popup and add sliced onion and green chilies and fry till onion become soft.

Now add soaked rice and milk and salt to taste mix well and cover with lid and cook in a medium flame till 2 whistles.

Remove from stove and let it cool open and mix well (don't mash the rice).

serve hot with bagara baingan or any kurma

Enjoy your meal


Potato --- 2 medium sized cut in to very small pieces
Onion --- 1 medium size finely chopped
Green chilies --- 4 chopped or according to your taste
Coriander leaves – 1 tab sp finely chopped
Red chili powder – 1 tea sp(if you feel this will be very spicy can just remove this red chili powder)
Coriander and cumin powder – 1 tea sp
Garam masala -- 1 tea sp or can use( masala mix what I used in cauliflower and brinjal curry)
Turmeric powder --- 1/2 tea sp
Salt to taste
Oil 1 tea sp
Atta – 11/2 cup
Salt to taste
Water for mixing the dough
Ghee+oil for frying paranthas
Take atta in to big bowl add salt and enough water to make a soft chapati dough and kend well for 5-10 min. cover and leave a side.(leave at least for 1/2 hour)
Heat 1 tea sp oil in fry pan and add chopped onion and fry till onion become soft then add green chilies and potato pieces, salt to taste, turmeric powder and red chili powder cover and cook till potatoes become soft (or till done) stir in between.
Now add coriander and cumin powder, masalamix or garam masala powder, chopped coriander and mix well and remove from the heat and mash the potato curry very well and you have to do this when it is hot mash well and leave a side to cool
Make egg size ball s from chapatti dough and big lemon size balls from potato mash.
Now make small puri s from chapatti dough and keep the potato mixture in the middle of the puri and close from all sides and cover the potato mixture and press in to a thick round chapatti
Heat a skillet or a flat pan and place the stuffed chapatti on it and fry bouth sides till light brown color then add 1 tea sp ghee and oil mix and fry till nice golden color
Serve with curd and pickle
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Dec 19, 2008


Cauliflower ---- 1 small
Brinjal --- 250 gms
Onion ---- 1 big finely chopped
Red chili powder ---- 1 tea sp
Turmeric powder ---- 1/2 tea sp
Oil ---- 1 tab sp
Mustard seeds --- 1/2 tea sp
Cumin seeds --- 1 tea sp
Urad dal --- 1 teasp
Curry leaves a few
Salt to taste
Chopped coriander --- 1 tab sp
Cut cauliflower in to small florets and cut brinjal in to1 inch pieces
Soak cauliflower in hot water with a pinch of salt for 5min and remove and wash under tap water.
Garam masala ---- 1/2 tea sp(what I used is mix 1 tea sp garam masala,1teasp pani puri masala, 1 tea sp chana masala mix well and store in a small bottle. This will give a different aroma to the curry)
Heat oil in a fry pan add mustard let them popup then add urad dal, cumin seeds and curry leaves
Now add chopped onion and fry till soft and add cauliflower,salt and turmeric mix well and cover and cook for 5 min stir in between
Then add brinjal pieces,redchili powder mix well once again and cover and cook till vegetables are cooked.
Now sprinkle garam masala(or masalamix) add chopped coriander mix well and remove from heat and serve with rise or roti or puri
Enjoy your meal

Dec 18, 2008


Pulla attulu ----- sour dosa
Maida or all-purpose flour ----- 1 cup
Rice flour ---- 1/2 cup
Sour curd ---- 1/4 cup or you can use sour butter milk also then no need to add water when mixing the batter
Cumin seeds – 1 tea sp
Green chilies – 4 finely chopped
Oil for frying
Salt to taste
Water 11/2 cup
Whisk curd well and add flours, chopped green chilies, cunin seeds, salt to taste, and make a batter like dosa batter consistency and leave aside for 10 min.
Heat a dosa pan(flat pan or skillet ) in a medium heat keep the flame very low and pour a ladle full batter on pan and spread like a circle drizzle 1/2 tea sp oil on the sides and let it cook till golden color then flip the other side and cook for 2 sec. and remove from the pan
Serve with coconut chutney or any other spicy chutney
This dosa should be little thicker and soft then normal dosa
and you have to cook them in a medium flame only otherwise they will stick to the pan
one small tip if dosas are sticking to the pan just clean the pan with powder salt (sprinkle table salt on the pan and and clean it with a kitchen towle) and cut onion in to half and rub the pan with the half onion then spray little oiland again aply onion on it and now try to make athick dosa first and cont. with your dosas.

Dec 17, 2008


All purpose flour --- 1 cup
Ajwain (vamu, caromseeds) --1/2 tea sp
Salt to taste
ghee or vanaspati ---2 tab sp
Green peas -- 1 cup(fresh or frozen, I used frozen )
Oil ---1 tab sp
Cumin seeds ---1/2 tea sp
Ginger --1 inch piece choped
Green chilies -- 2-3 choped
salt to taste
sounf powder --1 teasp(sompu,little dry rost the sounf and grind in to a coarse powder)
Garam masala --- 1/2 tea sp
fried gram powder -- 1 tab sp (veyinchina senagapappu,porikadalai just grind in to a dry powder)
Oil for deep frying
Mix flour,ajwain,salt,and ghee in abowl rub with hand till it become like bread crums then add cold water and knead in to astiff dough
Grind green peas in to coarse don't add water just run the blunder for 1 sec.
Heat 1 tab sp oil in a fry pan add cumin seeds and let them change the colour then add choped ginger and green chilies and ground green peas, salt to taste keep stiring and cook for 2 min then add sounf powder,garam masala powder and fried gram powder
Remove from heat mix well and leave a side.
Now divied the dough in to equal portions and make small puris keep 11/2 tea sp stuffing in the center of the puri and cloce from all sides and again press them in to small thick puris this will be thicker then normal puris
Heat oil in a deep frying pan in amediun flame and deep fry the KACHORI S till golden colour(fry in alow flame then only this will stay crisp for long time)
serve with mitha chutney or tomato sauce

And this is my another entry for SIRI s

Dec 16, 2008



Urad dal --- 11/2 cup

Raw rice --- 1/4 cup

fenugreek seeds --- 1 tea sp

salt to taste

oil for frying dosas


Soak rice, dal and fenugreek seeds togather in enough water for 3-4 hours and then grind in to a very smooth paste make a dosa consistency batter with adding water while grinding and add salt just before removing from grinder

leave it for fermentation till 8 hours or over night then make dosas in the next day morning.

heat a skillet or dosa pan and pour 1 1/2 laddle batter on hot pan and spread it in to a circle drizzle a little oil along the edges and let it cook for 1 min. then flip the dosa the other side and let it cook for 1more min.

This dosas will be very very soft so be carefull when fliping .

and serve with red chutney(yerrakaram)

For Yerrakaram:----

grated coconut --- 1 cup

Red chili powder --- 11/2 tea sp

salt to taste

Cumin seeds -- 1 tea sp

Garlic --- 5 cloves

Grind all above ingredients with little water in to a corse paste and serve with 1/2 tea sp ghee on top of 2 tea sp chutney

And serve with minapaattulu

Dec 15, 2008


Cauliflower --- 1 clean and cut in to small florets

Curd (yogurt) --- 1/2 cup or 2 tab sp s

Red chili powder --- 1 tea sp

Ginger garlic paste --- 1 tea sp

Garam masala --- 1/2 tea sp

Corn flour --- 2 tab sp

rice flour -- 1 tab sp

a pinch of red food colour (if you like)

salt to taste

Oil for deep frying


Place cauliflower florets in a bowl and add hot water and a very little salt and cover and leave a side for 10- 15 min.

After 15 min. drain the water and place cauliflower on a kitchen twole to remove all moisture

mix all other ingredients in a other bowl and add coliflower and marinate the flower well and leave for 1 hour to marinate in the fridge.

Heat oil in a deep frying pan and remove marinated flower from the fridge and deep fry in the hot oil in a medium flame till golde colour.

Remove from oil and serve as a starter or a side dish for sambar rice or rasam rice.

An other version Heat 1 tea sp oil in fry pan add choped garlic 1/2 tea sp and choped green onion 1 tab sp and few curry leaves and a tea sp soya sause and stir for 1 sec and add fried cauliflower an d stir for few sec. and remove in to serving dish this will give a nice aroma to the cauliflower

Enjoy your food

Dec 14, 2008


All purpose flour ---- 11/2 cup

Egg ---- 1 no.

Butter milk --- 11/2 cup

Baking powder --- 1 tea sp

Baking soda --- 1/4 tea sp

Sweet corn kernnels ---1 cup

Sugar --- 1 tab sp

clove and cinamon powder -- 1/2 teasp

Vegetable oil --- for frying

Salt ---- 1/4 tea sp


Mix all above ingredients in a bowl (flour,egg,butter milk,baking powder,baking soda,sugar,corn kernnels) and add salt mix well till all ingredients are combine well

heat a flat pan on a medium heat and spray oil on it and pour 1 ladle batter and cook till light golden color.

Then flip the other side and cook the other side also till light golden color

Remove and serve with honey and butter or any jam

Enjoy your break fast.


Carrot --- 1/2 kg (about5-6 carrots)
Khoya --- 50 gms
Full cream milk --- 1/2 cup
Sugar --- 3/4 cup
Ghee --- 1/4 cup
Cashew nuts --- 20-25
risins --- 20
Almonds --- 15 (soaked in water for over night and choped)
Cardamom powder --- 1/2 tea sp

Scrub and wash the carrots and grat .
Heat ghee in a heavy bottomed pan and fry cashew nuts till golde and keep a side, then fry risins and leave a side, then fry almonds(badam) and keep a side.
Now fry grated carrot in the same ghee till raw smellof the carrot disappears.
now add 1/2 cup full cream milk and stir till milk gets dried.
Then add sugar and stir for some time first sugar leaves water and then it become dry cook in a medium heat .
now add 3/4 cashews, risins, almonds,cardamom powdermix well then add 3/4 khoyamix well and stir for 2 sec. and remove from the fire.
Dish out in to a serving bowl and top with remaining dryfruits and khoya

Serve hot or chilled

Carrot halwa with Ice cream will be my first choice.

Dec 13, 2008



Rice --- 11/2 cup

Carrot --- 1 no. cut in to cubes

Potato --- 1 no cut in to cubes
green peas --- 1/2 cup
Cauliflower --- 1/2 flower cut in to small flowerets

Ginger garlic paste ----1 tea sp

Onions ---- 2 big very thinly sliced

Coriander leaves --- 1 bundle chopped

Mint leaves --- 1 bundle chopped

Tomato --- 1 big choped

Garam masala powder --- 1 teasp

Red chili powder --- 1 tea sp

Cinamon --- 1 inch stick

cloves --- 4-6
cardamom ---5

Saffron --- 1/4 tea sp

Curd --- 1/2 cup
milk ---- 1/2 cup

Cashew nuts ---1 cup or you can make it 1/2 cup also

Risins --- 1/2 cup

almonds (badam) --- 1/2 cup soaked in warm water for 10 min. and choped
Ghee --- 1/2 cup

Salt to taste


Mix curd,Red chili powder, salt to taste, garan masala, ginger garlic paste, and mix well and add cubed vegetables and peas to curd mix ture mix well and leave for 1 hour to marinate.

Wash rice and add 2 cups water salt to taste,and 1 tea sp ghee mix well and cook in steam.

heat ghee in a heavy bottom pan and fry sliced onion till brown and crisp,remove from ghee and keep a side. And then fry cashew nut in the same ghee remove and leave a side,now fry risins and leave a side.

Now after 1 hour in the same ghee add clove, cinamon, cardamom let them popup and add vegitable mixtureand choped tomatoes (don't add water) let them cook in a slow flame cover with a lid and cook till vegetable s are 3/4 cooked. crush 1/4 fried onion with your hans and add to vegetable mixture mix well

soak saffron in warm milk for 10 -15 min

Now mix 3/4 cashwes and risins 3/4 coriander and mint leaves with rice and spread the rice on top of the vegetable mixture, and pour saffron milk over it and spread left over cashew s and risins,mint and coriander leaves, fried onion

and cover with a foil and bake the dish for 20 min. in a preheated oven

Remove from the oven and leave for 5 min. then open the foil and serve this LUCKNOWI DUM BIRIYANI with any shahi kurma and raita

I served this with shahi paneer and onion raita

Dec 11, 2008



Besan --- 1/4 cup

water --- 1/2 cup

Red chili powder---1/2 tea sp

salt to taste

oil for frying

How to make BOONDHI.........

Mix besan,chili powder, salt to taste, and water in a bowl. This should be in pouring consistency.

Heat oil and drop the besan paste in to it through a slotted spoon to get little drops, that fall stright in to the hot oil one at a time

Fry till golden color then remove and place them on apaper towel to remove extra oil.

After that soak the boondhi in warm water


Curd --- 11/2 cup

salt to taste

Red chili powder -- 1/2 tea sp

Chat masala --- 1/2 tea sp

Milk ---- !/4 cup


Add milk, salt, chili powder, chat masala to the curd mix well

Squeeze water from boondhi and add to curd mixture and mix well.

Serve with any pulao or parantha


Mushrooms --- 1 pack (250 gms) wash and cut in to 4

Onion ---1 medium sliced very thinly

Green chilies ---3-4 slit(or according to your taste)

Ginger,garlic paste --- 1 tea sp

Mint and coriander leaves --- 1 tab sp choped

Curd --- 2 tab sp

Salt to taste

oil or ghee --- 1 tab sp

Bay leaf --- 1

cloves -- 4

Cinamon -- 1 inch stick

cardamom -- 3

Shahi jeera --- 1/2 tea sp

cumin seeds --- 1 tea sp

Basmati rice --- 2 cups


Wash and soak basmati rice in 31/2 cup water for 10 --15 min.

heat ghee or oil in a pan and add cloves, cinamon, cardamom,bay leaf, cumin, and shahi jeera and let them popup

now add sliced onion, green chilies and stir till onion become soft then add mint and coriander leaves ginger garlic paste and mix well stir till onion become light brown, add mushrooms and close with a lid and let mushrooms cook in its own water(cook in alow flame )

when mushroom are half cooked add curd and mix well(here if you like can add 1/2 tea sp Garam masala powder ) then add rice with water add salt to taste mix well and cook till done.

Serve with any curry or even with raita

Here I served with Boondhi raita

Dec 10, 2008


DAL BUKHARA (Dal Bukhari or Dal bukara all are same ) is a traditional dal dish from AWADH CUSINE.A very rich and creamy dal dish with its own aroma and creamy texture.Treditionaly the y use whole black gram(Kali dal or Kali mah ki dal or urad dal,pottuminappapu) and this dal bukhara is cooked in a gaint pot over charcol(Bhatti) mixed with fresh raw tomatoes and some spices and finish off with fresh cream and butter
Traditionaly they wash dal add dal and tomatoes and ginger,garlic in to a gain pot and leave it on a Bhatti in a low fire for over night so.........................................
Traditional Dal bukhara takes 12 hours to make so..... I cooked this dal in pressure cooker yes its taste great.

And here I go with the recipe


Whole black gram --- 1 cup (urad dal)

Water --- 4 cups

Tomato --- 1 ripe choped finely

Ginger --- 1 tab sp grated

Garlic --- 3 cloves minced

Onion --1 medium finely choped

Salt to taste

Red chilli powder -- 11/2 tea sp

Butter --- 1/4 cup

Fresh cream ---1/2 cup

Garam masala -- 1/2 tea sp (optional)


Wash and cook dal in a pressure cooker for 3 whistles let it cool itself

Now open the pressure cooker and mash the dal well

then add ginger , garlic, and half butter and cook for 15 min.

now heat the leftover butter add chopped onion stir for a few min. add tomato and cook till soft then add red chili powder and garam masala(if you like) and add this to dal add salt to taste and cream and mix well(add cream just before you serve(in original dish they add cream and cook for 10 min.)

Serve hot with naan or roti, rice

Enjoy your meal
And this is my entry for RCI: Awadhi Cusine hosted by SIRI at Siri's Corner

Dec 9, 2008


AWADH A HISTORICAL REGION OF NORTH INDIA.Which was known as the united provinece of AGRA and OUDH(Ithink this name was from British period).The treditionl capital of AWADH has been LUCKNOW,the capital of the modernday UTTAR PRADESH.Inthe ancient hindu kingdom it is called by Kosala with the capital of AYODHYA,under the MUGHALS it became AWADH

and it is a province of Mughal Empire.Awadh was a welthy kingdom by its won history , culture and cusine.

AWADH is a hundu kinkdom before Mughal empire so there is a mixed culture in cusine also.The Awadh region has its own distinct Nawabi style cusine. this gave birth to the dum style of cooking which has become synonymous with Lucknow to day

In Awadh (Lucknow) culture offering Sharbat is tradition,Let us see what is Sharbat.Sharbat is a thick sugar syrup with a aroma of fruits or flower or some times with herbs also.Sharbat is a word derived from Arabic word Sharbah meaning a drink. the syrup is diluted with water and served with ice, or some times with milk or evaporated milk also and also some times may be used to pourover the desserts.In this way of AWadh cusine here I am with a traditional sharbat recipe

and here I go with GULAB KI SHARBAT (ROSE PETAL syrup)


Rose petals ---- 2 cups (freshly picked red rose petals)

Cardamom --- 2

sugar --- 2 tab sp

Lemon juice --- 1 tab sp

Pomegranate juice -- 2 tabsp

Cold water --- 3 cups

Boiling water --- 6 cups

Ice --- 1/4 cup (but now in this pic Ididn't add Ice because it is winter here so i had it like that with out ice)


Crush the Rose petals and place them in a big bowl.

Add boiling water( do this process in a steel or any metal pan not in a nonstick pan) and cardamom and leave aside for over night.

Strain rose and cardamom water in to other bowland add sugar,lemon juice,pomegranate juice mix well till the sugar dissolves

serve in a glass half filled with ice

the other version.........

make sugar syrup with one string consistency add crushed rose patels,cardamom and leave for over night then strain and mix with other juices mix well and store it in abottle this will stay for 1 week and you can use this for desserts topings

Ididn't add any color or any preservative this one is with its own aroma of rose patels and cardamom.

Enjoy your SHARBAT
And this is my first entry for RCI: Awadhi Cusine hosted by SIRI at Siri's Corner

Dec 7, 2008


Palak Parantha is a very tasty way of eating your greens. This recipe is a healthy varietion of parantha. It is made with fresh Spinach leaves and whole wheat flour and served with curry and pickle and a cup of curd (yogurt).It can be eaten at break fast,lunch or dinner,and it is perfect food to take for lunch box or picnic.It is good to eat even after a few hours.You can make the dough and keep it in the fridge for 2-3 days and make paranthas when you want.
And here Igo with the recipe of Palak parantha (my variation).
Spinach leaves --- 1 bunch very finely choped(or 11/2 cup very finely choped
Wheat flour --- 1 cup
Jawar flour --- 1 cup(insted of jawar you can use 1/2 cup besan and 1/2 cup more wheat flour,this Iused for a change)
Garlic --- 3-4 very finely chopped
Green chilies ---3 finely choped
Onion --- 1 small very finely choped
Cumin seeds --- 1 tea sp fry in a dry pan and crush with hand
salt to taste
Chat masala --- 1/2 tea sp
Oil for frying
Butter --- 1 tea sp
Heat butter in a pan add garlic,green chilies, onion and cumin seeds stir for few sec. then add choped spinach and stir till raw smell of spinach goes.
Take flour s in abig bowl add spinach mixture, salt to masala and make adough and leave for 5 min.
Make 7-8 balls from the dough and roll them in to curcles and make a small hole in the center of the parantha so that it can cook well.
Heat a griddle(parantha pan ) put the parantha let it cook for 1 sec and flip the other side and cook 1 sec. this side also then aply oil both sides and fry till light golden color and remove from griddle.
Serve with any pickle and curd(yogurt)
Ilike to have this with sweet dahi and pickle
For sweet dahi..... for 1 cup well beaten dahi add 1 tab sp grated jaggery(gud, bellam, can use 1 tab sp sugar also)
but here I served with paneer bhurji (paneer bhurji recipe coming up)

Dec 4, 2008


Frittata s and Strata s are much more than Italian omalattes. there are many more variations in this strata recipe .This is a full meal with eggs,milk,cheese Bread and vegetables(also can use meat in this).

I was inspired by sweatha of curryleaf for this recipe,when i saw her Spinach Strata .But she made it in a vegetarian way,she replaced eggs with tofu,and heavy cream for wet mix there I use full cream milk and eggs any way thanks for the inspiration sweatha
here i go with the recipe...........

Crusty Italian Bread --- 1 loaf -- cut in to 1 inch cubes(Iuseed whole grain bread)

Spinach --- 2 cups chopped
Onion -- 1 medium chopped

green bell pepper--- 1/2 cup chopped

corn kernels --- 1/2 cup
Cheddar cheese -- 1/2 cup shredded(Ihave some cheddarjack with jalapenopepper so iused it and it tastes great)

Mozzarella cheese -- 1/2 cup shredded

Red chili flakes -- as per taste

oregano -- 1/2 tea sp

nutmeg powder ---1/4 tea sp or a pinch
salt to taste

For wet mix:--

Eggs -- 6no.

butter --2 teasp

milk -- 11/4 cup

Dijon mustard -- 2 tab sp


Heat butter in a pan and add chopped onion and cook till onion become soft and add chopped spinach little salt, bell peppers,corn kernels and netmeg,red chili flakes,dried oregano and stir for 3-5 min. and remove from heat.

Spread one third of bread cubes in a greased gratin dish or other ceramic baking dish( Iused 9innc round cake dish) and top evenly with one third of spinach mixture and sprinkle with one third of each cheese.

Repeate the layering twice ending with cheese.

Whisk together milk,eggs, mustard,salt to taste,whisk well and pour over strata. chill strata, cover with plastic wrap at least 8 hours or over night(for bread to absorb the wet mixture)

Preheat oven at 350F. Let strata stand for room temperature for 30 min.

Bake strata uncovered, in middle of the oven till puffed,golden brown,bake till 45 - 55 min. cool for 5 min. before serving.