Nov 25, 2010


Red cabbage rice with paruppu podi is a recipe where roughly chopped red cabbage is sauted with Indian spices and mixed with cooked rice. I tried and tasted this recipe from Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes for this months T&T by Padmaja of Seduce Your Tastebuds event by Lakshmi


About Red cabbage is a vegetable from cabbage family with red/purple leaves.On cooking normally it turns into dark purple(blue).If you want to retain the red color can add a spoon of vinegar or a piece of lemon at the cooking time. This vegetable can be used in salads or cooked as a side dish.Red cabbage is rich in fiber,'C'vitaminand beta-carotene also.


Basnati rice -- 1 cup
Onion -- 1 medium
Red cabbage -- 1 cup chopped
Red chilli powder -- 1/2 tea sp
Coriander powder -- 1/2 tea sp
Curry leaves --- a few
Mustard seeds -- 1/4 tea sp
Urad dal -- 1/4 teasp
Paruppu podi -- 2 tab sp
Salt -- 1 tea sp or according to your taste
oil -- 1 tab sp


1.Cook rice with 1&1/2 cupr water and 1/2 tea sp oil let it sit for a while and spread the rice in plate to cool (can use leftover rice also.)
2.Heat oil in pan add mustard seeds and urad dal let them splutter.
3.Then add chopped onion and curry leaves and cook till onion become transculent.
4. Add chopped red cabbage,red chilli powder,coriander powder,salt stir well and cook for few minutes or till the red cabbage changes it's color in ti blue.
5. Now add paruppu podi stir well then add cooked rice mix well to combine every thing.
serve hot..

Nov 22, 2010


Rice pudding is a dessert made with rice and milk are found neary every area of the world.With different variations it is served as a poridge, dinner or dessert. When used as a dessert it is commonly served with sweetener.Recipe is almost the same in every country.The dessert is boild like Indian Kheer or payasam or baked like Sütlaç Turkish rice pudding.In France it is a creamy rice pudding cooked in both ways(boiling abd baked ways) with chopped fresh fruits and served as a dessert. Cooking method is almost same like Indian rice pudding only thing they use egg yolks, vanilla,cinnamon. It tasted really great with choped strawberrys.


serves 6 people if you want can reduce the ingredients.
Milk --- 4 cups
Vanilla -- 1 pod (scrap the seeds) or 1 tea sp extract
Cinnamon -- a big pinch
Sugar -- 1/2 cup or according to your taste.
Arbirio rice -- 1 cup can use any other round short grain rice.
Unsalted butter -- 3 tab sp
Egg yolks - 2 egg yolks
Salt -- a pinch
1. Heat milk in a heavy bottom pan add vanilla extract (cut the vanilla pod and scrape the seeds in to milk if you are using vanilla pod),salt a pinch and let the milk boil in a very low flame.
2. Now boil 4 cups of water add rice and cook till half done.
3. Remove the rice from hear and strain the water.
4. Add this half done rice to the boiling milk.
5. Cover and let it cook for 40 minuts in a very low heat keep string in between.
6.Add butter and stir well.
7.Add egg yolks one by one and stir well,add cinnamon mixwell and switch off the heat.
Serve warm or cild with chopped fruits like raisins,cherries,straberrys or any other fruits you like.
This delicious creamy rice pudding goes to priya's AWED-FRENCH event by DK OF CHEFINYOU

Nov 20, 2010


How time flying so fast. It's already 1 month finished in Tripoli.When I came here I seriously thought that to post my recipes every day. but because of this chilled weather ..May be I became lazy.Any way comming to the recipe it's from Punjabi cuisine AMRITSARI ALOO. YOU CAN SERVE THIS AS A SIDE DISH OR A SNACK.Ihope potato is a favorite vegetable for every one so this one is a great choice for potato lovers with a nice blend of punjabi flavors(masala)


Aloo -- 250 gms (potato)
Onions -- 2 sliced
Ginger garlic paste -- 2 teasp
Ajwain -- 1/2 tea sp
Besan -- 1/2 cup (chickpea flour)
Coriander powder -- 1 tea sp
Red chilli powder - 1 tea sp
Garam masala powder -- 1/2 tea sp
Tandoori masala powder -- 1/2 teasp
Anardana powder -- 1/2 tea sp(dried pomegranate seeds powder)
Turmeric powder -- 1/4 tea sp
Salt -- 3/4 tea sp
Oil for deep frying
Corainder leaves -- 1 tab sp chopped


Cut Aloo in to long pieces.
Mix besan,salt,ginger garlic paste,turmeric.ajwain,garam masala,tandoori masala,1/2 tab sp oil and 2 tab sp of water mix well.
Add potato pieces to this mixture mix well to marinate and leave a side for 10 minutes to marinate.
After 10 minutes heat oil in a deep frying pan deep fry the marinated potato pieces till light gloden color.
Or you can grill the potato pieces in grill till crisp and golden color.
Remove the potato pieces from oil and keep a side.
Now heat 2 teasp s oil in a pan add onions, saute till light brown in color.
Then add remaining marinate paste (if you have) stir well for few seconds.
Now add fried potato pieces chilli powder,anardana powder stir well.
Check the taste and adjust salt, stir well to coat every thing garnish with coriander leaves.
Serve hot as a snack or a side dish with dal and rice or with roti.
enjoy your meal.
This aloo Amritsari is for Flavours of punjab at Pari's Foodelicious event started by Nayna
And also for cws-Anardhana at samayalarai and event by Priya

Nov 15, 2010


Varo a Indian praline with mixed nuts.This version of Indian praline is from Sindhi cuisine.Sindhi people make this as a Diwali special sweet.This Varo is very similar to chikki The only difference is we use jaggery in chikki in Varo it is only sugar.This months Indian Cooking Challenge recipe is Varo.After a long break again I joined ICC, Thanks Valli.Valli choosen two recipes of varo among them I tried from Simply sindhi recipes. here I go....


Mixed nuts -- 1 cup chopped (I used Almonds, Pistachios and Cashew nuts)
Dry coconut slices -- 1 tab sp
Sugar --- 1 cup
Ghee (clarified butter) --- 2 tea sp
Cardamom powder -- 1/2 tea sp
Poppy seads --- 2 tea sp (Idid'nt use poppy seads due to lack of this ingredient)


Mix all nuts,dry coconut slices and poppy seads(if using) in a bowl.
In a heavy bottomed pan heat clarified butter then add sugar cook in a low flame till the sugar melt.
Let the sugar melt and reaches the caramel stage in to a light brown color(this process will take 5 min.).
Add nuts mixture, cardamom powder and stir well to coat the caramelized sugar.
Pour this mixture on to a greased plate or on a rolling bord.
Flat the surface with a rolling pin, This has to be done very fast otherwise the mixture starts harden as soon as it removed from heat.
Make marks with a grease nife when it is little warm.
Leave it a side to set for some time.
Break in to pieces and store in a air tight container.

Nov 11, 2010


Pongali and coconut chutney or coriander chutney is my favorite since I tried and taste with eggplant gostu.A good combination with dosa and I enjoyed this with roti also.Making process of this eggplant gostu is just like baingan bharta but little difference in seasoning and we don't use tamarind in baingan bhartha.No onion and garlic in this recipe but if you like can add onion and garlic in seasoning.


Recipe Source : Chef in you
Eggplant ---1 large (kathrikkai, vankaya, brinjal)
Tamarind paste -- 1 tab sp (soak gooseberry size tamarind in hot water for 10 mi and extract juice with 1 cup water.)
Salt -- 1/ teasp or accordind to your taste
Oil -- 1 tabsp
Split black gram -- 1 tea sp(urad dal, minapappu)
Split pigeon peas -- 1 tea sp(tour dal, kandipappu)
Mustard seeds -- 1/2 tea sp
Dried red chillies -- 3 broken
Asafortida -- a pinch
Curry leaves -- a spring



Wash wipe eggplant and apply little oil .
Cook whole eggplant on direct flame on a gas stove or you can broil it in a oven till tender.
Remove from flame and let it cool,peal the skin and chop.
Mix tamarind paste with 1 cup water if you are using tamarind pulp or you like to use tamarind then extract the juice with 1 cup water and keep it ready.
Heat oil in a pan add mustard seeds let them popup then add lentils, broken red chilies and fry for a minute.
Now add tamarind juice and curry leaves cook till the raw smell of the tamarind disappear. It will take 10 to 15 min in a low flame.
Add asafoetida mix well then add chopped eggplant.
Stir well to combine every thing well and let it boil for another 5 min.
Check the consistency that should be like chutney, if it is too watery then boil for some more time.
Serve with pongali

Nov 7, 2010


Hi friends Iam back after a long break.This time Ihave taken realy a long break, Many things happened in my life. Moved in to a new country . Hope you all doing great and belated Diwali wishes to all of you. This recipe I wanted to post in my Diwali sweet series but I couldn't make it.Now I am going to start posting my recipes from today,hopefuly like how I use to post recipes before my break.The recipe is Atta laddu which I made for Diwali.


Atta -- 1 cup(whole wheat flour)
Jaggery -- 3/4 cup or you can use sugar according to your taste
Ghee (clarified butter) --- 3/4 cup
Cardamom powder -- 1/2 tea sp
Cashew nuts -- 1/4 cup broken
Raisins -- 1/4 cup

  • Make sugar powder if you are using sugar or grate jaggery.
  • Heat ghee in a pan fry broken cashew and risins till golden remove and leave a side.
  • Add wheat flour to the same ghee and fry till atta turns into light pink in color by the time you can smell the nice aroma.It takes about 10 minutes.
  • Now add fried cashew and raisins,cardamom powder mix well for a minute.
  • Add grated jaggery or powdered sugar stir for 5 more minutes anf switch off the flame.
  • Make golf ball size balls out of this wheat flour mixture when the mixture is still warm
  • This mouth-watering atta laddu will stay for 1 month
You can add sliced and fried almonds to this laddu