Apr 15, 2013

Kachori and Aloo Ki Tari (Banarasi Style)

Varanasi a peaceful and holy city and one of my most favorite place in India. I have been there for few times and I just fell in love fifth the city.Don't go with the crowd that you  will see in the midday or in the evenings. If you want to see the real beauty and peace of the city then go by walk in  the old city like near Sri Vishwanath temple and on the ghats road. Take a boat trip in the holy river Ganga in the early morning (between 5:30 to 7:00 A.M). While Coming back from boat trip from Dasaswamedh ghat. You can find some Chai walas (tea wanders) which they serve tea in mutkis (a small earthenware pot). After that we can find some food joints where we can get hot Kachories with steaming aloo tari. Actually this kachories are our all time favorite puris but some times they stuffed them with urad dal filling. I had this kachories with aloo tari in a marriage breakfast menu in U.P., what this kachori wala sell for breakfast is without stuffed, they are just like our puris. But they are so flaky and just melt in mouth, so this is a traditional breakfast from U.P(specially Varanasi). In marriage breakfast menu they serve this kachoris with Aloo tari and gulabjamoon or khoye ki burfi or jelabi.
So here is the recipe for traditional breakfast from Varanasi Kachori and Aloo ki Tari..
up breakfast thali INGREDIENTS:--
Potatoes ---  4 medium (boiled and peele the skin and cut in to cubes)
Turmeric powder  ---  1/2 tea sp
Redchilli powder  ----  1 tea sp
Cumin seeds  ---  1 tea sp
Salt to taste
Oil   --- 1 tab sp
Onions  --- 2 medium cut in to cubes
Garlic   ----  4 cloves
Tomatoes  ---  2 big cut in to cubes
Ginger   ---- 1/2 inch piece peeled and cut in to small pieces.
1.  Grind all a above ingredients which has given for paste in to a smooth paste and set aside.
2. Heat oil in a pan add cumin seed, let them crackle, then add turmeric powder, red chilli powder ( keep the flame in low) stir once and add the onion and tomato puree.
3. Cook for five minutes in a low heat then add salt to taste mix well and cook for two more minutes.
4. Now add potato cubes and two cups of water mix well and check the seasoning and adjust, cover and cook in low heat for 15 minutes.
Remove from heat and serve hot with kachori (puri).

Maida ---- 1 cup (you can use wheat flour also)
A pinch of salt
Ghee --- 1tab sp
Oil for deep frying
1. Mix maida and ghee in a bowl and rub between your palms this should look like bread crumbs then add water and make a soft dough and leave it for 10-30mins.
2. Make small balls from the dough and make small puries.
3. Now heat oil in a deep frying pan and drop kachories one by one slowly in to the hot oil,Fry kachories till golden.
Serve hot with Aloo ki Tari.
This is my seventh recipe for Blogging Marathon 27th edition under Traditional recipes theme let's check other BM members recipes here



Ms.Chitchat said...

Perfect breakfast platter, loved them.

Priya Suresh said...

Cant take my eyes from ur platter, both looks highly addictive, beautiful puffy kachori and droolworth aloo ki tari.

vaishali sabnani said...

Padma I have book marked this..and have fallen in love with the aaloo sabzi..I like the way your pooris have fluffed up.I think I need to come and taste such wonderful feast..SUPER!just my kind:))

Harini R said...

That breakfast plate is irresistible!

Srivalli said...

Kachori is just the same as the bengali luchis right padma..very delicious plate..I love your puris and everything else...nice reading about banaras..never been there..

Pavani said...

Love that combo.. So yummy!!

Archana said...

Lovely combo. I love their kachoris too.

preeti garg said...

I love this platter... we can get this type food at religious place or in bhandara (food for public in large scale)

Suma Gandlur said...

Aloo subzi looks really great though it is simple to preepare and I want to poke those pooris and gobble the up. :)