Apr 1, 2013

Boondi Laddu

I am starting this month BM with a special sweet recipe which is very popular all over South India. Specially in Andhra Pradesh with out Boondi laddu no marriage function will be complete. Not only marriage function in all other special occasions Boondi laddu is a must in sweet s list. When I was a kid one cook use to come our home to make these delicious laddu for special occasions. She use to arrange a firewood stove in the open air in our backyard and she makes hundreds of laddus for our family. Those fresh hot laddus taste relay heaven with that cooking camphor flavor. After my marriage I tried this ladddus for the first time that was a disaster. That time I made the syrup little thick but after two three trils now I can make laddus, still can not say I can make perfect laddus.  Here is the recipe for this special sweet BOONDI LADDU..
Gram flour (besan) ---  2 cups
Water  ----    1 cup water
Cardamom powder   ---- 1/2 tea sp (or) cooking camphor a pinch
Ghee   ---- 2 tab sp
Cashew nuts  ---  1/4 cup broken in to half
Raisins   ---- 1/4 cup
Baking soda  ---  1/2 tea sp
Oil for deep frying
Sugar   --  2 cups
Water  --- 1 cup
Lets check hot to make syrup for Laddu s
Take sugar in a thick bottom pan add 1 cup water and boil in a medium heat till just before you get one string consistency. do not wait till you get string consistency switch off the heat 2 minutes before that.
And set aside.

Now start making Boondi:
Shift the flour in to a mixing bowl, add one cup water and make a batter. This batter should be like dosa batter consistency.
Heat oil in a deep frying pan, first heat oil in a high heat for5 minutes then reduce the heat means this oil should be hot enough.
When you drop of batter in to the oil that should come up immediately. So heat of the oil is most important, if the oil is hot enough then you get perfect bubbles of boondi.
And one more thing if the oil is hot enough when you drop batter in to the oil  the boondis will come up immediately other Wise the batter will sit in the bottom of the oil and the stick together and you do not get perfect boondi. So heating of the oil is most important.
The second point is if you over heat the oil them your boondi will come up very fast and they turn red very fast and do not cook properly .
Hold a skimming ladle (one with holes normally we use to remove deep frying) above the hot oil and pour a soup ladle full batter  so that the batter will drop in to the hot oil trough the holes.
With in few seconds you can see the boondi coming up in the hot oil.
Fry Boondi for 7 to 8 seconds, remove from oil and place them on a paper towel, if you break one boondi in between your fingers that should break in to pieces.
Transfer this fried Boondis to the sugar syrup let it be like that and do the next batch of boondis.
Do this process till you finish the batter. And add all the Boondis to sugar syrup.
Now heat ghee in a pan fry cashew nuts and raisins till golden add them to sugar and boondi mixture.
Add cardamom powder or cooking camphor mix well cover and leave it like that for half an hour by that time Boondis should completely drink the syrup.
Now start preparing Laddus, apply some ghee to your hands take some Boondi mixture in to your hands and hold them real tight to make a ball if you hold the boondi mixture real tight then Boondis will stick together and form like a ball. you need some practice for this so keep on trying.
This is my first recipe for Blogging Marathon 27th edition under occasional recipes theme let's check other BM members recipes here



Priya Suresh said...

Love to have a laddoo rite now,my fav, definitely i cant imagine a marriage without this laddoos.

Srivalli said...

Looks so good Padma,...I am yet to make Boondi Laddu by myself..should make it sometime..

vaishali sabnani said...

Wow..ladoos...love them , they look so good, this is one sweet that is very popular in North also..apt for any celebration...Padma I can well imagine the flavor...mouth watering recipe.

Sandhya Ramakrishnan said...

This is one of my favorite sweet too. Having grown up in South India, this laddoo made its way in every special occasion.

Manju said...

As you said will be one of the common sweet in most of the houses for occasions and festivals. your tempting me.

veena said...

Ladoos looks very nice Padma and as you say no wedding celebration is complete without these delicious laddus!

Corporate to Kitchen said...

The laddus look so good & made perfectly.

AJ said...

Beautifully made!! Wish I old have one for dessert!

Rajani S said...

The laddoos look fantabulous! I can imagine them tasting so good and fresh right out of the pan...slurp!

Kalyani said...

my fav ! yummy ladoos n wonderfully made.... such a treat in any occassion...

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Vanamala Hebbar said...

Looks good...i too made last month for my blognniversay..

Unknown said...

This is certainly labor of love. :)

preeti garg said...

Boondi ka ladoo comes out well.. very nice festival sweet or for pooja ceremony too

Harini R said...

I made laddus a few years back. I thought that the toughest part was to get the batter consistency right. Amazing how simple gram flour , sugar syrup and a touch of camphor can turn out to be such a delightful sweet!! I agree - no wedding is complete without laddus!

Archana said...

Wow Pasdma these look so deliciously inviting. i can grab a few right now.

Nalini's Kitchen said...

delicious looking ladoos...perfectly shaped and gorgeous presentation..

Suma Gandlur said...

They look perfect, Padma. I haven't tried making laddus but recently I learnt how to make perfect boondi. :)

Nisha said...

Wow. Perfect and they look fantastic. :) :)

Gayathri Kumar said...

Laddus have come out perfect Padma. The texture is so nice and love to have one now...

Saras said...

Tempting.....as usual, Perfectly made.

Padmajha said...

Looks perfect Padma and as you said this is one of the common sweets here. Love the first click :)

Pavani said...

Boondi laddoos have come out perfect. Yummy.

A Kamalika Krishmy said...

You are a laddu expert Padma, be it ur urad dal laddu or this.. just love them..

Foodiliciousnan said...

You really need lot of patience to do this at home! I love boondi laddus. Esp the Prasad ones from Thirupati. As Kamalika says, you're the laddu expert!

Unknown said...

love the boondi laddus... so perfect for festivals and marriages.. love your Gas stove - looks super clean!!!

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