Jan 10, 2009



Potato --- 2 medium

onion --- 1 medium chopped

tomato --- 1 medium -- chopped

oil -- 1 tab sp

Cumin seeds -- 1/2 tea

mustard seeds --- 1/2 tea sp

Ajwain --- 1/2 tea sp

Sounf --- 1/2 teasp(If you dont like sounf then replace with methi seeds)

Kalonji --1/2 tea sp

Ginger garlic paste -- 1 tea sp

salt to taste

Red chili powder --- 1/ tea sp

Turmeric powder --- 1/2 tea sp

METHOD :----

cook potatoes in water till done remove and peel the skin and mash lightly and keep a side.

Heat oil in a pan add mustard seeds and let them popup then add cumin seebs,ajwain, sounf and kalonji and stir for few sec then add chopped onion and fry till onion become soft.

Now add chopped tomato and ginger garlic paste fry till tomato become soft then add red chili powder,turmeric powder and salt to taste mix well and let it cook till oil leaves the sides of the pan.

Now add mashed potato and 1 cup water mix well and bring to a full boil and keep the flame low and cook for 5 min. this gravy should be little watery mix well and remove from heat.

serve hot with puri and halwa


Wheat flour --- 1 cup(atta)

ghee or shortening -- 1 tab sp

Salt to taste

Hot water

grind ajwain 1 tea sp and sounf 1 tea sp in to a coarse powder and keep a side

In a bowl mix atta and salt, heat ghee and add to the atta make a soft dough with hot water like puri dough

make small balls out of this dough and make Depression in the center and make cup shape keep ajwain and sounf mixture in the center and close from all sides and press in to small puries

Heat oil in a deep frying pan and fry this puries till golden color and take them out and serve

Serve this puries with hot Aloo subji and Halwa

Enjoy your break fast


Varsha Vipins said...

Hi Rekha..1st time here..You got a yummy space..:)..This combo is my fav..loved the tasty pic.:)

Shama Nagarajan said...

great lovely combo.......yummy

veggie belly said...

this is exactly what ive been looking for - a delicious looking puri recipe for the weekend. thanks for a great recipe, ill be trying this tomorrow :)

Unknown said...

superb combo..my favourite..
I loved the aloo subji..I rarely add ajwain in my cooking..I should make it a habit to use ajwain..good for digestion..

lubnakarim06 said...

adding kalongi, sauf is new to me. Looks yummy. WILL TRY THIS VERSION SOON.

Lakshmi said...

Perfect air baloons and potato subji with kalonji and saunf ummm..I can already imagine the aroma of it..

FH said...

Please ship it to me ASAP! :)

Anonymous said...

The spices u used are kind of Panch Foron we use in Bengal, & I make this kinda alu using that... along with lots of red dry chili. This is just the perfect alu with puri..

the temp here dropped bad here, & I am staring at the pic and wishing...:-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Rekha ..
new to ur blog ..Variety of dishes ..Great job ..keep it up

Deepthi Shankar said...

wow, puri subzi look very delectable

Kannada Cuisine said...

Pooris look super crisp and super yummy

DK said...

U r right Rekha! I sure am in the festive mood! :) :)

So when can I come for this 'darling of the masses' combo! Its ages since I made poori! Guess I will just visit ur place ;) easier for me than making some myself! :)

Jaishree Iyer said...

Great lovely combo..adding kalongi, sauf is new to me. Looks yummy.

Anonymous said...

Rekha,this is ann here..first time here..just loved your place...keep the good work on.am adding you

Yasmeen said...

That's a classic break fast combo,love it:)

Vibaas said...

yummy combo. looks perfect :)

Sum Raj said...

now this is a comfort food..i lov puries too much..

Cham said...

We can never resist to this combo! Delish

Andhra Flavors said...

E sunday ma babu di b'day vundi. so dhum biryani chestunanu but vegtarians ki emita fried rice chesedamu anukunanu. but great idea mi coconut rice chuste vachindi. e madya fat ayyipotunamu ani e rice cheyadam manesenu. ippudu idi chudagane gurtochindi.

Archy said...

Hey, Nice blog with yummy dishes.. Love puri an aloo !! mouth watering !!

Meera said...

Ooh, this is all time favorite!! Thanks for visiting my blog.