Jun 29, 2011

Pidi Kozhukattai

This week I am paired with Vardhini for my 7 th recipe for Blogging Marathon#6 group 2. I have chosen this Pidi Kozhukattai from her space for my mini bite theme. A very healthy snack We also make this in Andhra as uppu undrallu. this is a special dish for vinayaka chaviti at my place.I made a small change to Vardhini's recipe. In her recipe she gave 3 tab sp toor dal I didn't use

that other then that I
didn't change any thing.Here I go with the recipe....

Rice ---- 1&1/2 cup
Toor dal(split pegion peas) --- 3 tab sp(optional)
Cumin seeds --- 1 tea sp
Mustard seeds --- 1/2 tea sp
Uread dal --- 1 tea sp
Channa dal --- 1 tea sp
Dry red chilli s ---3 broken
Asafoetida --- one pinch
curry leaves --- 1 spring
Salt ---- 1 tea sp
Coconut --- 1 tab sp grated
Water ---3 cups
1.Wash rice and dal(if using dal I didn't use dal) separately drain the water and dry on a cloth in the shade for 1 hour.
2.Grind rice and dal coarsely like upma rava(semolina).
If you like to use toor dal then first grind dal and cumin seeds. I didn't use dal so I added cumin seeds in the seasoning(tadka).
3.Heat oil in a thick bottom pan add mustard seed let them popup then add urad dal,channa dal,broken dry red chillis,curry leaves,asafoetida and fry for a while and add 3 cups of water.
4.Add grated coconut, salt keep the heat in high and bring to a full boil.
5.Now reduce the heat to low, slowly add rice rava and dal rava(if using)keep stirring till the mixture thickens and looks like half cooked upma.
6.Remove from the heat and let it cool till you can hold the mixture in your hands.
7.Now wet you hands, take a small portion from the mixture and shape it in to Kozhukattai or you can give a round shape like me.
8.spread this balls in a cooker vessel,cook in steem
for 15 minutes.
Serve with coconut chutney I can have them with out any side dish or chutney.
You can check beautiful step by step pictures in vardhiniskitchen
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I am sending this to Kid's delight- Mini bites event at Champa s


chef and her kitchen said...

Good to see that ur blogger problem got fixed.../nice kozukottai..looks yumm

Unknown said...

so fast Prathibha yes some how I posted this recipe.Thanks for your nice comment dear

Vardhini said...

Kozhukattais look so yummy and healthy too.

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Hari Chandana P said...

So nice Rekha garu.. delicious looking kozukattai.. Yum Yum Yummm :)
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Prema said...

Wow wat a click dear,makes me hungry...delicious kozhukkatai.

vaishali sabnani said...

grt...it looks yum...

Srivalli said...

I love this dish a lot..makes a great snack..glad to read your posts again Padma..

KrithisKitchen said...

I love this healthy snacks anytime.. yumm..

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Harini said...

thats an excellent click there!!

Unknown said...

This is my fav...looks very tempting

Nithya said...

Delicious. Just had one from Aanandhabhavan today and this is making me want more :)

Unknown said...

wow, that is a wonderful recipe and great picture :)

Lifewithspices said...

this is superb..

Unknown said...

Delicious kozhukattais looks so yummy and healthy to...

Degchi said...

kozhukattai looks yum!!

Jayanthy Kumaran said...

delicious n healthy..
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Shilpa said...

You write very well and the recipe is usually so simple and easy to cook everyday i make sure to visit this site at least once :)

You have inspired me to try my hands on cooking :)

A small attempt http://yummyfoodintummy.blogspot.com/please go through the same and lemme know how it is :)

Shilpa said...

dunno hw to pronounce "pidi kohukattai" but looks really tempting

Unknown said...

this looks SOOOOO yummy - want to have a few right now :)

Rinku Naveen said...

Kozhukkata looks super yumm..

Unknown said...

looks really yummy :)