Feb 24, 2013

Blogging Marathon 25 th Edition Celebrations

Blogging Marathon 25 th edition!!!! I am very proud to be in this wonderful group. when I first joind this group I didn't even think this much bonding will be there in our group members. We are just like a family we share our sarrow's, we share our happiness. Two months back I got a call from Srivalli saying that Padma how do you think about the big meet on the occation of our BM 25th edition. I said thats a wonderful Idea Valli ok where we are going to meet...?. We have many discussions phone and then on mail. Then one fine day our dear friend Vaishali invited us to her place. After few talks we finely decided to go to Ahmedabad, where Vaishali lives with her wonderful and sweet family. So sweet of Vaishali, she called up every one who are in BM group personaly and invited for this BM meet.
                                                                       at last we booked the tickets on 8th February in between there are so many mails, so much of discussions and lots of plans. The day came which we eagerly waiting for February 8th. We are five people traveling to gather Padma(me), Srivalli, Kamalika, Rajani, Nandini and we decided to meet in the ariport at 5 AM. When I reached there at 5 AM nobody was there!!. Now I got a doubt is this the same day what we decided to travel?. I think I was in a dream because I dreamt a lot about this meet.:) I pinched my self and checked the date. No that was not a dream I am realy waiting in the airport for my friends to come. Then I gave call to Valli, She said she is on the way, then I rang to Rajani She said She just enter the airport. With in few minutes I saw Rajani coming near to me. At the time we both Rajani amd me met we started chatting poor both husbands.. he

                                                               We have decided some dress code s for this three days, for the first day the color was red, orange and pink. we all five have to dressed in those shades and there in Ahmedabad Vaishali will be in the same shade.
                                                                             Finelly Hum Panch (we five people)met in the airport with one more cute little on who is Nandini's son Ikshvaku (Ikshu). Such a wonderful name no but every body was struggling to call his name but I like that name Nandini.. Ikshvaku was the first king of the Ikshvaku dynasty, which is lord Rama's dynasty. Any way our Ikshu is a very good boy he didn't even cry all through the journey Miss you Ikshu..:)

                                                                       We landed in Ahmedabad at 10:15 AM, Vaishali and archana was waiting for us to receive. we five people know each other because we met before but vaishali and archana we didn't met them before. I can recognize vaishali  because I saw her pictures but Archana for the first time I am watching her. But I don't feel that I am meeting her for the first time. What to say about Vaishali such a wonderful friend we have. When we enter the Hotel Nest, She introduced us to her husband and staff. We lit a big lamp there, Then we entered in to the hotel. The Nest is the hotel which is owned by Vaishali where we are going to enjoy our three days. 

                                                    This is the beautifuly decorated lamp                  

                                                         After all introductions of course chatting was going on in between. Vaishali asked us if we would like to visit  the hotel kitchen and the next second we jumped in to the kitchen. Because you know visiting a hotel kitchen is  big dream for food bloggers. We entered the kitchen, wow that was a clean and neatly arranged kitchen. At that time the every day work was going on. Chefs were cooking their daily gravy's and other menus and the kitchen as very busy.
                                                       He is the head chef
Vaishali introduced us to their head chef and he explained us how they prepare the basic gravies. By the time our lunch was ready, The lunch had veg- lollipops with garlic sauce, chilly paneer,tandoori salad pappad as starters then we had Friedrice, Paneer schzewan palak corn curry, Capsicum stuffed gravy, tomato stuffed gravy with assorted rotis and chas for our main course. We kept some place in our tummy's for dessert because that is little later because there was a surprise for all of you.
                          Garlic sauce, Lollipops, Chilli paneer, Tandoori salad and pappad                                                     
 By the time we finished our lunch one person joined us from Mumbai. She is the behind screen mastermind of all planning and healped Vaishali with Itinerary, Yes She is Pradnya with her cute little son Slok. As soon as Pradnya finished her lunch we started with our BM chef contest this is the surprise for all of you . All of us were arranged our dishes and the chief judge was Vaishali's son including her other family members like Vaishali's husband, daughter, and her MIL, and of course her grand children how can I forget them.

                                                              Vaishali's Pani puri                        
 Vaishali arranged her panipuri s with six different panis ohh those flavored panis specially that hing and huzam flavored panis was just awesome can not forget those flavors...

Pradnya got her triangle plater with tarts filld with different Mumbai chat flsvored filling with paneer cigars.

Rajani arranged her cookie plater with seven different cookies but special attraction was those see through cookies..

Chocolate bruschetta so innovative no? this is the dish which Nandini presented.

Churma not that Rajasthani Dal bhati churma, This one is an authentic Goan dish which is presented by Archana along with her soft and delicious eggless  Danish dream cake.

Srivalli arranged her plate with treditional juicy Andhra Sweet Kaja.
                                                                 BM chef's dishes

Kamalika who just won her  Superchef Chennai title few days back she made Pala kova.

Finelly my dish Actually I do not want to take part in the contest. I always wanted to explore traditional Andhra dishes when ever I get a chance. I would like to present a traditional Andhra dish so I made  a traditional Sweet  Sunnundalu, which is made by Urad dal, sugar and ghee. I didn't even expect that this much reponse will be there for a traditional dish that too from kids.

                               After all this food session Vaishali arranged a photography session. That was relly very interesting and got many tips from this. After this photography session We exchanged our gifts. All the gifts are food related like Kamalika gave Sambar powder packets to all of us. And Pradnya  Maharastrain masalas with some sweets, Srivalli gave us silicon baking moulds and table mats, Archana brought some beautiful shell props from Goa, I packed a tupperware box with few sunnundalu in that.

                                                           All these gifts are one side and Vaishali's  gifts are one side OMG she made so many things for us and packed in a huge bag. That bag itself looks so beautiful. She packed some carrot pickle for all of us that was realy out of the world..  If I start talking about the gifts which we got from Vaishali I have to start one more post..
                                           Yummy  Tawa pulao and pav bhaji
                                                           After this gift session Vaishali took us to Law garden a shoping point where we get typical Gujarathi stuff. Then we attacked fastfood joints at that place. After a long time I had lots of panipuri s,  I am very scared about the pani because of my weak tummy surprisingly nothing happened to my tummy.I had a lot in the after noon also with those wonderful flavored water and then we had ragda pattice, pav bhaji, gujarathi pizza, Dal vadas, Masala sev puri, Tawa pulao. Wow this Tawa pulao was ultimate, I realy wanted to try one more serving but no place in the tummy :(.

               And that Gujarathi Pizza wow with that crisp crust toping with pav masala and a thick cheese toping made that heaven. After this we decided not to eat any thing. At that time Vaishali ordered some  Kulfis OMG These are the flavors of those Kulfi s  Chocolate, Kesar and regular.. No way I can't even take a step.. and it was already 11 PM Finally we decided to go back to our rooms. Because Valli and rajani has to go to the airport to pickup PJ who is one more our Good old blogger friend and BM group member. She is joining us with her little son Sidharth.

I never write such a long post  but what to do written so much as the wonderful meet made me stron and so many memories to cherish and couldn't stop writing and want to write more?but decided not to bore people with my wonderful writing skills.A special  mention About Archana My room mate, we became very good friends during this meet. Shared so many things about blogging, food, photography, and personal life.. Ohh Archana missing you dear..
I think this is really a big post now I am going to stop this here for the day one  will catch you all in the day two
This is my first post Under special theme  of BM 25 th edition Celebrations... check the other BM members post s here


Srivalli said...

Padma, that was really so good. You really took us with your POV, so nice..:)

Harini R said...

I can totally imagine the kind of friendships forged in such meets!! Love the feeling of camaraderie!!

Hamaree Rasoi said...

Excellent way how the marathon is turning out to be. Wonderful teamwork.

Chef Mireille said...

so jealous :(

Foodiliciousnan said...

Tawa pulao and vaishali' pani puris...simply irresistable! Love that pic of the head chef Padma. And did i tell u, everyone loved your laddus at home!

Suma Gandlur said...

Glad you guys got to meet and had a wonderful time there.

sushma said...

Nice post.Hope u all had fun time together.

Unknown said...

Hope you had a wonderful trip.

Pavani said...

I wish I was there with you guys.. Missed all the fun.

Priya Suresh said...

Saw many pictures in FB Rekha, seems you guys had a fabulous meet there, eventhough we missed this meet, you guys took us to A'bad through all ur beautiful post,thanks again.

Rajani S said...

Loved your narrative Padma :). I am going to read all our posts now and then, just to relive the moments!