Oct 17, 2009


Mysore pak is one of the most well known sweets from South India usually served as a dessert and is originated from palace of Mysore(Mysore, Karnataka,India). mysore pak is made by chick peaflour,sugar and lots of ghee can say ghee is the main ingredient for this delicious sweet. there are many versions of this sweet now a days but the old and tereditional version of Mysore pak looks hard out side and a crumble texture in side. the good texture and taste of the Mysore pake comes from it's fresh ingredients. One of the ingredients of this sweet is chick pea flour this should be freshely ground. Freshely ground flour gives a perfect texture and nice aromato the sweet . And the second ingredient is ghee thia also shoule be fresh and nicely boiled then only you get the cruble texture in side the Mysore pak. and time is very importent to make Mysore pak you have to keep ready every thing like a plate greased with ghee to pour the mixture after cooking, and all the ingredients should be ready to handle then only start cooking, if you remove your concentration just for a while then your Mysore pak turns in to burfi or any other thing(BTW this is my experiance) it won't look like Mysore pak any more. Time is very importemt in making Mysore pak

chick pea flour -- 1 cup
sugar -- 1& 1/2 - 2 cups
Extra ghee - 2 tab sp
Ghee -- 1 cup(clarified butter)
1. Take 1 cup chick pea flour in a mixing bowl
2. Heat extra ghee in a pan till smoking stage and add to chick pea flour and first mix with a spoon (because ghee is very hot) then rub with your hand till chick pre flour truns in to crumbs texture.
3. And sieve thorugh a siever to get a lump less smooth powder and leave a side.
4. Take a big heavy bottom pan and 1 cup sugar and 1/2 cup water and make a 1 string consistency syrup.

5. If you drop a little sugar syrup that should form like a soft ball in the water like in the pic.
6.Then start adding chick pea flour little by little keep string
7. In the same time heat 1 cup ghee on the other side till smoking stage
8.by the time you fineshed adding chick pea flour the ghee should be ready with very hot smoking stage.
9. Now start adding ghee keep string this processes will take 15 sec. by the time you finish adding ghee. Here I want to add the pic. of the last stage of Mysore pak but if I change my attention Mysore pak may become a big disaster so I couldn't add that pic.But if you fallow the steps and that 15 sec. time I am sure you can make a delicious Mysore pak.
10.Immediately pour this mixture in to a greased plate leave it to cool for 10 min. and cut in to pieces.