May 27, 2012

Chow Chow Bath

Chow Chow Bath I know most of you may thinking a rice recipe with spices and chayote squash. When i was in Bengaluru when ever i go out for breakfast i used to see this breakfast variety in restaurant menu. Every time i thought of ordering this breakfast variety then some how i again go back to my Mysore masala dosa. and one fine day hubby decided to order this let's see what they serve. Finely our order came every thing was placed on the table and we both searching for chow chow bath we didn't find any bath in there. And we call the person who served us and asked that where is the chow chow bath. That boy laughed and show us a platter that is with savory upma and sweet rava kesari and coconut chutney. I was shocked what is this chow chow bath? he said yes madam this is chow chow bath. After I couldn't talk any thing and hubby was laughing any thing like that. But still iam in a doubt how can this will be chow chow bath.
                                                                  After some time again i order this in a other restaurant same chow chow bath to clarify my dought again the same thing cam to my table with little difference upma with lots of vegetable and sweet rava kesari with pineapple pieces. that taste really awesome but still i didn't understand why they give a name chow chow bath for this combination of breakfast. If any body know that please let me know.
       But the combination is just perfect. After that i became a big fan of this, when ever i go to bengaluru i make sure to order this breakfast with my all time favorite Mysore masala dosa.
Any way her have a look my favorite breakfast platter with chow chow bath
Here you go with recipe of vegetable upma:-
chow chow bath INGREDIENTS:---
Upma rava  -- 1 cup ( I used fine bansi rava btu you can use normal suji/ semolina)
Green peas  -- 1/4 cup
Onion   --- 1 medium chopped
Green chillies --- 2 chopped
Ginger  --- 1/2 inch piece chipped
Carrot -- 1 small chopped (optional)
Tomato --- 1 big chopped
Curry leaves a few
Oil   - 1 tab sp
Ghee   --- 1 tab sp
Mustard seeds  -- 1/2 tea sp
Cuminseeds -- 1/4 teasp
Urad dal  --- 1 tea sp
Dry red chillies  -- 2 broken in to pieces
Cashenuts  -- 10 broken
Salt to taste
Turmeric a pinch,

1.Heat oil in a pan add mustard, cumin, uraddal, cashews dry red chillis fry till olden brown colour then add chopped onion, chopped ginger ,green chillis fry till onions become transparent now add chopped tomatoes and vegetables fry till tomatoes become soft add curry leaves
2.Now add samolina mix well add salt, turmeric and 2 cups water mix well cover and leave for 2minutes.
3.Now add 1tebsp ghee mix well cover with a lid leave for 5-7 minutes.
4.remove from fire and serve hot with coconut chuteny and rava kesari
If you like the taste of lemon you can add 1tesp lemon juice to upma
Check out my rava kesari recipe here
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Srivalli said...

OMG Padma, that's one tempting plate!..Wish I knew the meaning behind the name, I too always thought it was something as what you mentioned. Nice to know that the combo is referred like that..hoping somebody from Bangalore will answer..

The Pumpkin Farm said...

ha ha, by the name it sounds like a chinese variety...interesting anecdote...would love to try this combo some time soon

Srivalli said...

and that kesari bath looks awesome..looks very good..

radha said...

The presentation is terrific! Who would not love to have that platter?

Priya Suresh said...

LOlz,even i thought its a rice dish with chayotte squash, interesting name to upma na..Hope someone will clear this doubt.

Anonymous said...

Haha! I too had the same experience when I ordered chow chow bhat the first time in Bangalore :) lovely click too

KrithisKitchen said...

Oh how i miss chow chow bath and bangalore!!
This one is on my to do list for a long time :)

Unknown said...

Looks yummy

Jayanthi said...

LOL on your experience in the restaurant...I know sometimes they give weird names just to make people order them in the could have checked with them what will be served with it before ordering...Lovely dishes though...and love the name now.

Unknown said...

love the combination of sweet and savory...My husband who stayed in Bangalore for sometime relishes this breakfast!

Cool Lassi(e) said...

I was looking for the chow chow too.. Funny that chow chow bhath is sweet kesari + savory upma..Lovely!

Nalini's Kitchen said...

Looks tempting and loved your presentation,nice recipe....

Pavani said...

Amazing breakfast platter.. Looks delicious.

vaishali sabnani said...

oh that platter..n I am actually amused to know this name..I thought it would be some kind of South Veggie...well?...u never know..watever..the platter is smashing hit n I feel like grabbing it:))

divyagcp said...

Thats a very tempting platter. Lovely presentation..

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Chef Mireille said...

wonderful plate presentation..and enjoyed the write up also