May 20, 2012

Minapa, Miriyala Garelu (Whole Urad and pepper vada) And A BreakFast Thali

To day I am here with a breakfast thali from Costal Andhrapradesh. Traditionally In Andhra Breakfast we don't have Idlis, Idlis we have adopted from Tamilnadu and Karnataka. Upma Pesarattu is one of most favorite and famous breakfast. We have dosas also but not masala dosa only plain dosa. coming to south part of Andhra Pradesh Pulagam (Pongal with out tadka) is one of the breakfast dish. In this region people make this pulagam as breakfast on some aspictious day s. Like bhogi festival (before the day of sankranthi), some functions like marriage function people like to have this pongal with garelu and Mukkala pulusu or onion chutney.
N thali                                                                              In this thali we have Minapa- Miryala Garelu (Whole Urad dal vada). Which is very famous in this south Andhra region. Normally we make Garelu (vada) with split urad dal. In this recipe we use whole urad dal with the skin.Which is very healthy and rich in iron. My Grand mother(nanamma- Father's mother) is from Nellor district, She used to make this Garelu (vada) with Mukkala pulusu and onion or coriander chutney . For some occasions she makes chicken kura(kurma) with this garelu, which is my grand fathers favorite. While doing some recipes I very much remember my nanamma because she is an expert, like this Minapa Garelu .... Miss you Nanamma ....:(   Any way let's check the thali..
In this Breakfast thali we have
Minapa -Miriyala Garelu
Ulli paya pulusu
Kobbari pachadi
Saggubiyyam payasam
Surya kanta (This is store brought one I didn't made it at home)
And here is the recipe for Minapa- Miriyala Garelu (Whole Urad and Pepper Vad)
Minapa wada INGREDIENTS:--
Minumulu or Pottu minapappu (Whole Urad Dal)  ---- 1 cup
Miriyalu  (Black Pepper Corns)  --- 1 tab sp
Salt to taste
Cumin seeds  --- 1 tea sp
Oil for deep frying
1. Wash Whole Urad Dal for 2 times with tap water and Soak for half an hour.
2. After half an hour remove rince dal and remove the water again. This helps you to remove any mud in the dal.
3. Now add water to cover the dal and soak for over night.
4.Remove water from dal make sure there should be no water in dal, grind dal with black pepper corns in to a coarse paste. This paste should be like masala vada batter.
5. Add salt to taste and cumin seeds mix well to combine every thing.
6. Now take a small piece of plantainleaf or a plastic sheet or you can do it on your hand, wet it with little water.
7. Take a golf bal size ball from dal mixture and press in to a circle (make thin circle then narmal vada), make a hole with your finger in the center of the dal circle.
8. I n the mean while heat oil in a deep frying pan.
9. Drop this dal circles in to hot oil keep the flame in low and fry vadas till golden.
Remove from oil and serve.
This is my fifth Thali for Blogging Marathon 16 th edition in the theme of Indian thali and lets check the Marathon page.
And this is my entry for Srivallis Thali Mela


Anonymous said...

The vadas look lovely Padma! I've never tried making them with urad dal with skin on

Reshmi Mahesh said...

Delicious thali...Loved all the recipes in it and vada looks crisp and yum..

Srivalli said...

What a feast to look forward to padma, wonderful looking thali..thanks!

vaishali sabnani said...

I loved these pepper wadas..gorgeous!..loved all the thalis!!grt job:))

Raks said...

wow, look at that spread!! not fair to tempt me like this! NIce looking vada, spicy and flavourful!

Chef Mireille said...

this looks so good with all the accompaniments and what a colorful plate

sushma said...

NIce and healthy vada

Unknown said...

Very tempting

chef and her kitchen said...

very delicious this wid simple chutney or pulusu

chef and her kitchen said...

such a delicious thali Padma..I wish u had called me for that everything in that especially those vadas...

Unknown said...

wish i was there devouring the thali! looks amazing!

Unknown said...

@ Prathibha You can come home any time dear..

Priya Suresh said...

Even am inviting myself to ur place,yummy feast..seriously love those yummy vadas.

Unknown said...

Sure Priya Most welcom..

Saritha said...

My mom's fav,pottu garalu.Lovely spread....

radha said...

Breakfast!! First hats off to preparing such a thali early in the morning. And if one has such a sumptuous meal it will be a long time before the next one. So filling!

vidhas said...

Lovely spread, whole urad shal vasa sounds yum

Jayanthi said...

Lovely spread ...very tempting. Love the healthy version of the vada. Need to try that.

Harini R said...

lovely menu! love whole urad for vada