Aug 15, 2012

Ulunthu Kali - Urad dal Halwa

Ulunthu Kali yes this is the recipe for ICC for this month. This is a very traditional recipe from Chettinad region. Ulunthu means Urad dal , Kali means any cereals cooked in water like a thick poridge. This kali is made specially when the girls attain puberty, grand mothers make this to feed the girls for 15 days to give good health and strength to bones. Ulundu is rich in calcium, protein and jaggery is rich iron and gingely oil gives good strength to spinal cord.
                Few days back when I was talking to Valli about ICC recipes. She told me about this but she did not get the proper recipe and she told me that she likes it very much and wanted to share with all of us in ICC. That time I did not say any thing to Valli but I remember my friend Vijayalakshmi(Vijji) she is from Karaikudi. She gave me one recipe and she told me gingely oil is must in this recipe. When I tried with gingely oil I did not like the flavor but that is the original way to make this sweet and it's good for health too. Then again i spoke to valli and she told me, When she tasted this, it taste like Halwa with lot's of ghee in it. Then I spoke to my Aunt and she gave the second recipe and she told me ading sesame oil is a traditional way of making this recipe. But you can change this traditional recipe to halwa by using ghee in the place of sesame oil. In the origenal recipe they use palm sugar to give a sweet taste. This also can change with normal jaggery or sugar. You can add grated coconut and fried cashewnuts to make this dish more delicious. Thanks to Valli for chosing this healthy and delicious recipe for ICC. Because I don't know about this wonderfull recipe before that, thank you somuch valli.
And my special thanks to my friend Vijji and Priya Aunty.
uraddal halwa Raw rice  -- 1/2 cup wash and dry in the sade rice should be totally dry
Urad dhal  --- 1/2 cup dry roast lightly how we do for murukus
Grated jaggery  --- 2 cups
Water  -- 2 cups
Gingeli oil  --- 2 tab sp
Ghee  ---- 2 tab sp
Mix rice and dhal make powder in the mill
Take jaggery and water in a pan heat  till the jaggery dissolve compleetly.
Strain the jaggery add gingely oil again keep it on the heat  and bring to a full boil.
Pour the flour in the center of the jaggery water like a heap, reduce the heat completely, insert a laddle in to the pan  close with alid and cook for 7 to 10 minutes.
switch off the heat and mix quickly with out forming lumps.
Let it cool for few seconds add ghee mix well and make small balls.
This is the traditional way of making this Ulunthu Kali
Ulundu --- 1 cup
Raw rice --- 1/2 cup
Gingley oil -- 25 ml( or ghee 25 ml.)
Jaggery --- 1 cup
Cardamom --- 3 powderd
Grated fresh coconut --- 1/4 cup optional
Cashew nuts ---- 10 fried in the ghee optional
Water --- 3 cups

Dry roast rice and dal lightly and grind in to a thin rava consistency ( like puttu powder consistency) and set a side.

Take jaggery sprinkle little water and dissolve remove from heat strain and set aside.

Now heat 3 cups water in a heavy bottom pan bring to full boil add dal and rice powder add half oil mix well and cook till it become thick paste like halwa

Now  add carbamom powder mix well and remove fom heat and add remaining oil, grated coconut if using mix well garnish with fried cashew nuts and serve.
You can use palm sugar or normal sugar also but that change the taste.


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