Jun 5, 2013

Koora Podi

I like my spice powders freshly ground, like sambar powder, rasam powder and some other spices powder like this koora podi. when you add this freshly ground spice powder to your curry that gives a special aroma to your curry. When you make them in large quantity, they will stay for long time but the flavor will disappear. Yes when make and store it for long it helps to cook your food fast but freshly ground masala s makes a Lot's of difference. This koorapodi is one among them.
                                                            This koora podi you can use for Vankaya pulusu and vankaya podi koora, and raw plantain stir fry, cluster beans pulusu and also for some kootus. If you like to add this podi to kootus the add a piece of dry coconut when grinding. So let's check the recipe.
pappulapodi 2 INGREDIENTS:---
Chana dal ---   1/2 cup
Urad dal ---  1/4 cup
Cumin seeds --- 1 tab sp
Coriander seeds   --- 1 tab sp
fenugreek seeds  --- 10 seeds
Garlic cloves ---   6

METHOD :----
1. In a frying pan dry roast channa dal in a low heat till it turns in to nice golden color, Remove from heat and set a side.
2. Now add urad dal and fry til golden in a low heat and add this  to channa dal
3. Add coriander seed to the same pan and fry till nice aroma comes out.
Then add cumin seed to coriander seed and fry for a while, remove both the seeds from pan and add to channa dal and urad dal.
4. Now add dry red chillies to the same pan and fry for few seconds remove and add to dal and coriander seeds mixture. Set a side to cool.
5. Grind all this fried ingredients in to a coarse powder.
6. Add garlic cloves to this spice powder and run the blender for a second.
Remove from the blender jar and store it in a airtight container.
This spice powder you can use for Vankaya pulusu (brinjal tamarind curry) or cluster beans tamarind gravy, ( Goruchikkudu kaya pulusu) even for brinjal stir fry.
This is my Third post for Blogging Marathon 29th edition under  Spice Powders theme let's check other BM members recipes here.



Suma Gandlur said...

Love this podi. We add coconut instead of garlic and prepare rice dishes too using this powder.

Priya Suresh said...

How flavourful this podi will be na, definitely this koora podi will makes difference.

ashsdelicacies.blogspot.ca said...

Interesting a must know recipe

Pavani said...

Such a flavorful podi. Addition of garlic sounds delicious. We usually add dry red chilies too for koora podi.

Hari Chandana said...

very useful podi.. thanks for sharing !!

Jayashree said...

The first click is beautiful.

Akila said...

Can feel the aroma here...

dsdsds said...

Very true.. there is no substitute to a fresh ground masala.. your whole house must have smelled heavenly

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Srivalli said...

Yet another delicious podi Padma, I am hoping you will post those curries as well..:)

Harini R said...

This is a staple in my mom's kitchen (minus the garlic)

Sandhya Ramakrishnan said...

Love your presentation! We always omit garlic in our powders, but my family loves garlic, so I am going to try it your way!

Unknown said...

you are right... freshly ground podi adds so much more aroma and flavor to the dishes!!! this one is a must have!!
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cookingwithsapana said...

Once again very useful post..

Saras said...

I second with you dear..Homemade powder is always best!!

Chef Mireille said...

another delicious podi to make curry taste yummy