Dec 17, 2008


All purpose flour --- 1 cup
Ajwain (vamu, caromseeds) --1/2 tea sp
Salt to taste
ghee or vanaspati ---2 tab sp
Green peas -- 1 cup(fresh or frozen, I used frozen )
Oil ---1 tab sp
Cumin seeds ---1/2 tea sp
Ginger --1 inch piece choped
Green chilies -- 2-3 choped
salt to taste
sounf powder --1 teasp(sompu,little dry rost the sounf and grind in to a coarse powder)
Garam masala --- 1/2 tea sp
fried gram powder -- 1 tab sp (veyinchina senagapappu,porikadalai just grind in to a dry powder)
Oil for deep frying
Mix flour,ajwain,salt,and ghee in abowl rub with hand till it become like bread crums then add cold water and knead in to astiff dough
Grind green peas in to coarse don't add water just run the blunder for 1 sec.
Heat 1 tab sp oil in a fry pan add cumin seeds and let them change the colour then add choped ginger and green chilies and ground green peas, salt to taste keep stiring and cook for 2 min then add sounf powder,garam masala powder and fried gram powder
Remove from heat mix well and leave a side.
Now divied the dough in to equal portions and make small puris keep 11/2 tea sp stuffing in the center of the puri and cloce from all sides and again press them in to small thick puris this will be thicker then normal puris
Heat oil in a deep frying pan in amediun flame and deep fry the KACHORI S till golden colour(fry in alow flame then only this will stay crisp for long time)
serve with mitha chutney or tomato sauce

And this is my another entry for SIRI s


CurryLeaf said...

I think you are on an Awadh journey.Perfect and very good.Twist to the onion one.Lovely

Unknown said...

looks delicious..

Priya Suresh said...

Nonstop Awadh dishes Rekha...great entry again to the event..Kachori looks delicious..

Deepthi Shankar said...

nice kachoris .. i havent had it like this .. very yummy. Its snowing here, perfect for the weather

notyet100 said...

look yum,..:-)

lubnakarim06 said...

Wow nice idea. Looks gr8.

Jaishree Iyer said...

Kachori looks son likes it.But i havent tried it. will try .Thanks for sharing Rekha.

Adlak's tiny world said...

looks awesome and scrumptious.Searching for the recipe now got it. Book marked. thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

Looks so yummy.

Vanamala Hebbar said...

wow thanks for the recipe looking for the kachori recipe..

Anonymous said...

Oh dear this is my weakness. My mom used to make them at the immediate onset of winter when we would start getting fresh peas. .. with dum aloo! Its been so long that i have made this..

I will now! Thanks for the inspiration.. Looks very very tempting.

Pallavi said...

these look great. it's been really cold here, so i'd love something hot.

Unknown said...

Oh my, looks yummy. I have eaten this so many peas filing is nice idea. Very tempting...

Pavani said...

looking yummy n crispy yaar...perfect snack for this winter