Dec 9, 2008


AWADH A HISTORICAL REGION OF NORTH INDIA.Which was known as the united provinece of AGRA and OUDH(Ithink this name was from British period).The treditionl capital of AWADH has been LUCKNOW,the capital of the modernday UTTAR PRADESH.Inthe ancient hindu kingdom it is called by Kosala with the capital of AYODHYA,under the MUGHALS it became AWADH

and it is a province of Mughal Empire.Awadh was a welthy kingdom by its won history , culture and cusine.

AWADH is a hundu kinkdom before Mughal empire so there is a mixed culture in cusine also.The Awadh region has its own distinct Nawabi style cusine. this gave birth to the dum style of cooking which has become synonymous with Lucknow to day

In Awadh (Lucknow) culture offering Sharbat is tradition,Let us see what is Sharbat.Sharbat is a thick sugar syrup with a aroma of fruits or flower or some times with herbs also.Sharbat is a word derived from Arabic word Sharbah meaning a drink. the syrup is diluted with water and served with ice, or some times with milk or evaporated milk also and also some times may be used to pourover the desserts.In this way of AWadh cusine here I am with a traditional sharbat recipe

and here I go with GULAB KI SHARBAT (ROSE PETAL syrup)


Rose petals ---- 2 cups (freshly picked red rose petals)

Cardamom --- 2

sugar --- 2 tab sp

Lemon juice --- 1 tab sp

Pomegranate juice -- 2 tabsp

Cold water --- 3 cups

Boiling water --- 6 cups

Ice --- 1/4 cup (but now in this pic Ididn't add Ice because it is winter here so i had it like that with out ice)


Crush the Rose petals and place them in a big bowl.

Add boiling water( do this process in a steel or any metal pan not in a nonstick pan) and cardamom and leave aside for over night.

Strain rose and cardamom water in to other bowland add sugar,lemon juice,pomegranate juice mix well till the sugar dissolves

serve in a glass half filled with ice

the other version.........

make sugar syrup with one string consistency add crushed rose patels,cardamom and leave for over night then strain and mix with other juices mix well and store it in abottle this will stay for 1 week and you can use this for desserts topings

Ididn't add any color or any preservative this one is with its own aroma of rose patels and cardamom.

Enjoy your SHARBAT
And this is my first entry for RCI: Awadhi Cusine hosted by SIRI at Siri's Corner


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that really looks very refreshing Rekha

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beautiful color Rekha! Nice presentation too!

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thts real nice info on awadh cuisine which is quiet famous for kababs and biiryani too,...;-)