Aug 3, 2008


1 cup – pomegranate seeds
1 cup – moong sprouts
A few cucumber slices
For honey and ginger dressing:-
1 inch piece greated ginger
2 cloves garlic crushed
1 tab sp lemon juice
1 tab sp – olive oil
1 tab sp honey
Pepper and salt to taste
Combine all dressing ingredients in a small bottle shake well to mix all ingredients together
Mix moong sprouts and pomegranate seeds in a bowl and pour the dressing over it combine well together and serve chill
You can add other fruits like orange apple and vegetables like cucumber and bell peppers


notyet100 said...

this looks delicious,..howwas frenship day...celebrated?

Shreya said...

Hi, beautiful salad:-) Love the colour and combo. Happy friendship day:-)

ST said...

Wish U a Happy Friendship Day:))
Salad looks healthy and nutritios.

Uma said...

mmm. looks so delicious and healthy!

Trupti said...

Salad looks very delicious, healthy & very easy to make Rekha.

Happy Firendship Day !!

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Deepthi Shankar said...

Hey Rekha .. happy friendship day to you too .. i love this salad .. looks yum .. it is served in functions too ..

Chef Jeena said...

This is so healthy, colourful and tasty. :-)

Sum Raj said...

adding sprouts with fruit is creative idea...good job..happy friendship day..

Illatharasi said...

Good creative recipe.... love the colour!

Belated friendship day wishes!!!

Purva Desai said...

what a healthy option.....salad looks really nutritious

Yasmeen said...

Rekha,I love pomegranate ,the salad so fresh and healthy .

Payal Shah said...

This looks so delicious. I love pomegranate and moong bean I can't wait to make this. Such a great idea