Feb 19, 2011

Cabbage and Egg Fried Rice

I am not a big fan of fried rice since it is not spicy like Biriyani or pulao.My husband is a great fan of fried rice,if it is vegetarian or with chicken.When ever I ask him for his choice for lunch(we don't eat rice for dinner) always his choice will be fried rice.Yestarday I have cabbage left in the fridge so I thought of making kuttu but hubby dear wants to eat fried rice when I said there is no other vegetables,he told me to make with only with cabbage that's it no other choice for me I have to make fried rice. Here is the recipe how I made it....


For Rice:--
Rice --- 1&1/2 cup
Water ---- 3 cups
Oil --- 1 tea sp
Salt ---- 1/2 tea sp
Wash rice and pour 3 cups water add salt,oil and soak for 20 minutes.
Now cook rice till done.
Spread rice in wide plate to cool and leave a side.
By the time cut the vegetables
Vegetables for this rice:--
Spring onion --- 1/2 cup chopped
Garlic ---- 1 tab sp chopped
Ginger --- 1/2 tab sp chopped
Cabbage --- 1 cup chopped or shreded in to thin pieces.

Other Ingredients I Used:--

Soya sauce --- 1 tab sp

Salt --- 1/2 tea sp

Pepper powder --- 1 te asp

Eggs --- 4 you can reduce the eggs as you like

Oil -- 1 tabsp


1. Break eggs in to a big bowl,add a pinch salt,a pinch pepper powder and whisk well to blend the egg white and yolk in to a homogeneous liquid.

2. Heat little oil in a pan, pour egg mixture and leave it like that till egg mixture starts setting lightly.

3.With a spoon strat to scrape the eggs from the edge of the pan to the center, forming large soft curds.

4.Continue scraping your spoon along the bottom of the pan to redistribute the eggs as they cook.


5.When the egg s look wet but are no longer liqied,gently mound the eggs in to the center of the pan and switch off the heat, leave the eggs like that.

6.Now heat oil in a frying pan add garlic,ginger and fry for a while then add spring onion, cabbage,salt fry till the cabbage become tender,don't over cook the cabbage the crispyness of the cabbage should remain this will take 5-7 minutes. in a high flame keep strring.

7.Then add srumbled eggs, rice,pepper powder,soya sauce stirr well to combine every thing remove from heat.

8. Garnish with chopped spring onion green part serve hot.

Serve with any side dish like gobi munchurian or chilli garlic sauce I served it with mixed vegetable and oats balls and chilli garlic sauce, check out my Bottle gaoud munchurian recipe.


Priya Suresh said...

Just had dinner, but am hungry now, soo tempting and inviting fried rice..

Unknown said...

Healthy and tempting rice! loved the presentation...

Padma said...

Looks very tempting.... love to have it for lunch Padma.

Unknown said...

Looking gorgeous dear....love the clicks and ur food.

Unknown said...

ur platter is too tempting!....fried rice looks wonderful, even the valls on the side...yumyum!

Indian Khana said...

The simple fried rice looks so gud with those Manchurian ...would love to have it :)

Cham said...

I love always the egg fried rice, not i love ur cabbage koftas too!

notyet100 said...

platter looks delicious

Sapthanaa Vytheswaran said...

lovely recipe.ill try them soon!!.