Jun 29, 2008


Some times amma use to make this sweet for festivals.When ever she wants to replace bobattu she prepares this sweet poli[sajjappalu].Ithink people forgot this one I remember that long back means 7-8 years ago in andhra every marrage lunch this should be a sweet dish,! If I am not mistake.Idont know why people forgot this easy to make sweet roti.Some people prepares this one like puri means all the method is same but deep fry them like puri in hot oil.But Idont like that version because that takes oil alot frying like parathas is ok,useing less oil is good for helth any way the recipe is like this.........

For dough:-

maida---1cup -1/2 cup weat flour[atta]

water for making dough

A pinch of salt

1tesp ghee

Take a bowl mix weat flour, maida and salt,ghee add water and make a soft dough leave for 1/2 hour.




a pinch red food colour

1/2 tesp-cordomom powder


Heat ghee in a pan add samolina fry till golden add sugar and water mix well add food colour keep stiring add cordomom powder cook till soft or till done.

Remove from fire and let it cool after it cool down make small lemon size balls and keep a side

Take dough make small balls press in to small puris keep samolina ball in the middle cover from all sides and press in to round rotis

And fry this sweet rotis with 1teasp ghee fry till golden colour.

Serve hot with ghee and condenced milk
I am sending my favouret sajjappalu to Mythreyee' sweet series-puran poli & sweet chapathis/rotishttp://www.paajaka.com/2008/06/announcing-sweet-series.html
And also this recipe is going for RCI-ANDHRA FESTIVAL FOODS at VANI'S--BATASARI


Sagari said...

appalu looks delecious rekha

Ramya Bala said...

U know what?I had it in a party long back prepared by somebody from Andhra, and I was in search for its name...I really like the taste..Thanks for sharing

ST said...

AApalu looks yummy and delicious rekha.

Deepthi Shankar said...

My mom makes this too .. we call it sajjappa .. looks very yummy rekha

Andhra Flavors said...

yes sajjappalu a wonderful festival sweet. chala manchi shape vachindi. one by one pettaalisindi. photos lo bagaa shape telisedi (uma sweet savory laaga :))

Suma Rajesh said...

it looks delicious rekha...adding of food colour brings the dish more attractive...good entry

Madhavi said...

Looks very delicious, yummmmm!!!

vandana rajesh said...

That reaaly looks delicious.

Illatharasi said...

Whenever we are fasting, mum used to make this..... gud one:)

Mythreyee said...

Thank you so much for your lovely entry.