Mar 10, 2012

Paneer - Atta Laddu With Ugadi Lunch Menu Idea - 1

In the array of my festival recipes this Paneer atta laddu is one different and quick recipe. Normally I use ghee or milk to make this type of flour laddu s. This time I want to make atta laddu in a different way so that I used mashed paneer insted of ghee.I think Paneer is better then ghee in Fat content.You can use store brought paneer also for this recipe but freshly home made paneer gives a better taste.
Photobucket With this atta laddu here is a menu Idea for Ugadi lunch Hope you all like this...
Photobucket INGREDIENTS:--
Atta --- 250 gms
Paneer ---- 150 gms
Ghee --- 50 gms
Sugar --- 200 gms (powder)
Cardamom powder --- 1 tea sp
Cashew nuts --- 25 gms ground in to coarse powder
Cashew nuts --- 20 no.
1. Mash paneer well, to make a smooth dough ( like what we do for rasgullas)
2. Heat ghee in a frying pan, fry cashew nuts till golden remove and set a side.
3. Now add wheat flour to the same ghee and fry till it gives a nice aroma.
4. Add sugar powder, cardamom powder, cashew nut powder give a quick stir and switch off the heat and set a side to cool.
5. After few minutes check the flour and sugar mixture if you can hold the mixture to make laddus then add mashed paneer, mix well to combine every thing.
6. Make small balls out of this wheat paneer mixture, keep each fried cashew on each laddu and give a nice round shape.
You can use grated jaggery in the place of sugar but sugar is the best combination with paneer (thats my choice).
This laddus will stay for 2 days out side because of paneer will stay for 1 week in the fridge

7. Beerakaya Bajjilu.
8. Salt.
9.Dosakaya chintakaya Pachadi (dosakaya mukkalapachadi).  (Dosakaya chintakaya pachadi recipe is comingup)
10. Rice.
14.Perugu (yogurt)
15. Ghee.
This is what I made for this lunch Idea you can increase or decrease the items in the menu and you can change them also that is your choice. Means you can make rava kesari in  the place of semiya kesari and you can change the curries too even you can change bendakaya pulusu to Mukkla pulusu. But when you plan for Pulusu, mudda pappu is a combination then no need to make sambar .
And can add rasam also in this menu which I for got to keep that in the thali, I made tomato rasam also for this.  This is just an Idea you can change the menu as you like. And ohh yes you can make bobbatlu also which I didn't make. Hope this is helpfull for you in this festival time.


Srivalli said...

Awesome feast padma so lovely :)

Hema said...

Nice different kind of ladoos with whole wheat flour and paneer, the Ugadi lunch looks very inviting..

chef and her kitchen said...

I m drooling over the Ugadi menu Rekha...I would like 2 add hollige to this menu..I really appreciate 4 ur effort 2 make this spread ahead n show it in blog..nice variation wid laddu..The only complaint for me is the way the leaf is placed,according to me it should be the other way around

Unknown said...

Thank you Valli,Hema,Aarthi
@ Prathibha Yes you are right I realised that after I posted the picture now I can not do any thing humm thats a mistake:( will take care from next time. thank you so much for your lovely comment dear.

Santosh Bangar said...

whole platter is awsome . said...

Yummy Yummy........iam sure this laddu tastes simply superb....Going 2 try this soon......

Home Cooked Oriya Food said...

Wow , what a spread! Yummy!
love the laddoo too!

notyet100 said...

Platter looks so inviting,..:)

Lifewithspices said...

That Ugadhi menu is making me go mad.. n hungry..

Chitra said...

Wow, ugadhi menu makes me hungry. will come to ur home ;) laddoos looks abs tempting. new to me ..

Rekha shoban said...

nice spread!!!perfect ladoo!

Cham said...

I just want to self invite myself to ur home- lovely spread and ladoo with paneer touch-yum!

Unknown said...

You are always welcome cham..:)