Mar 28, 2012

Gongura Pulihora

Gongura Pulihora a delicious twist to traditional pulihora (tamarind rice). After I came here for the first time I saw fresh gongura in the market yestarday. Then I remember this Pulihora recipe will be the pefect choice for my BM theme so I picked up 2 bundles. Insted of only gongura you can use mixed leafy vegetables like gongura, palak, chukkakura or amaranth.And this my twist to the traditional dish today hope you all like this.
Photobucket INGREDIENTS:---
Rice --- 2 cups
Gongura (Red sorrel leaves)  --- 2 cups
Tamarind paste --- 1 tab sp ( Soak index finger sige tamarind in warm water,extract thick juice and that should be one tab.sp).
Green chillis --- 4 slit.
Turmeric powder --- 1/4 teasp
Salt --- 1 tea sp or according to your taste
For powder:--
Methi seeds (mentulu) -- 6 seeds
Mustard seeds(avalu) --- 1/2 tea sp
Dry red chillies ---  4
Dry roast all these ingredients in pan, grind in to a fine powder.
For tempering:--
Ground nuts --- 1 tab sp
Chann dal ---   1 tab sp
Mustard seeds --- 1/2 tea sp
Cumin seeds -- 1/4 teasp
Dry red chillis ---  3 broken
Curry leaves --- 2 springs
Asafoetida ---  1/4 tea sp
Oil ---- 1 tab sp
1. Soak rice in four cups of water for  ten minutes then add turmeric and cook till done, spread in a big plate to cool. Each grain shoul be separate cook rice like that.
2. Wash and pat dry gongura leaves.
3. Heat one tea sp oil, add gongura leaves  roast them on a low heat till they lose their raw smell remove from heat  let it cool.
4.Paste gongura leaves in a bleander and set a side.
5. In a deep frying pan heat remaining oil fry ground nuts till golden, remove and set a side, then add channa dal, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, broken red chillis, asafoetida, curry leaves one by one fry for a while and add gongura paste, Tamarind paste cook till oil comes out from the sides of the pan.
6. Add Methi, mustard, red chilli power, fried ground nuts mix well switch off the heat, add this mixture, salt to taste to rice mix well to combine every thing cover and let it sit for at least 1 hour.
Serve this tangy gongura pulihora with pappad, curd chilli and curd.
This is my sixth recipe for Blogging marathon 14th edition group 2 in the theme of combo theme of 3. Lets check the Marathon page for other recipes..

15 comments: said...

luks yumm never tried this...

Harini R said...

noroorinchestunnaru!! super!

Suma Gandlur said...

I bet it would be absolutely delicious. I once saw this once on a cookshow but couldn't try as I don't get good quality gongura here.

Archana Vivek said...

Looks very nice. I have never worked with Gongura leaves. I have just tasted them outside.Will give it a try

Jayashree said...

Wow....that sure is a wonderful twist.

Rajani S said...

I buy gongura pickle from stores, never trued anything with fresh leaves. Looks very good.

Unknown said...

wow thats really yummy recipe...luks so tempting n yum.

Rasi said...

never tried with gongura leaves.. but i love pulidharai.. this must be really flavorful

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Chef Mireille said...

sorrel leaves are not common here, delicious looking recipe!

Unknown said...

Yummy... I never tried this with gongura leaves..

Cool Lassi(e) said...

Umm very tangy and yummy!

Cham said...

Using gongura for the tangy taste sounds very neat idea!

Degchi said...

Gongura pulihora. good way to add greens to rice.

Poornima Nair said...

I started using Gongura only after coming to the US, love its tangy taste. I love this use of it, instead of using all tamarind. Would love to try.

Padmajha said...

Absolutely delicious...Nice twist to the dish...