Mar 26, 2012

Karam Dosa

The next two recipes in this week I have taken is Dosa for Blogging marathon 14th edition in the theme of combo themes of 3. This karam dosa recipe is a mix of 2 dosa recipes which is Pullatlu and pulibongaralu.Pulibongaralu is one of the dosa veriety which we make with left over sour dosa batter in this we add onion and green chilli paste to make the sour batter to spicy . Will post pulibongaralu recipe soon.Now lets check the recipe for Karam dosa.
Photobucket INGREDIENTS:---
Dosa batter  --- 1 cup
Curd  ---   1/2 cup
Ragi flour  --- 2 tab sp
Maida  ----  2 tab sp
Onion --- 1 medium chopped
Green chillies  --- 4 or according to your taste
Salt  --- 1/2 tea sp
Cumin seeds --- 1 tab sp
Oil for frying dosas
1. Grind onion, green chillies in to a coarse paste.
2. Beat curd and add dosa batter,  onion, green chilli paste, salt to taste, maida, ragi flour, cuminseeds mix well to combine every thing. Can add little water if required.
This batter should be like othappam batter.
3.Heat a skillet or a dosa pan in a medium heat and pour 1 ladle batter on hot pan, spread it in to a circle drizzle a little oil along with edges and let it cook for 1 minute.
4. Then flip the dosa other side, cook for one more second.
5. This dosas will be very soft so be care full when you are flipping the dosa and make little thick then normal dosa.
Serve this dosas with coconut chutney or pappulapodi.
Actualy no need of any chutney for this dosa we have already added green chilli and onion paste, this paste will give a chutney flavor and spicy taste to this dosas.
So serving with chutney is totally your choice.
This is my third recipe for Blogging marathon 14th edition group 2 in the theme of combo theme of 3. Lets check the Marathon page for other recipes..


Indian Khana said...

Fab ...looks so deilsh

Padmajha said...

I love all types of dosas. Platter looks delicious...

Harini R said...

interesting blend of ragi flour!

Srivalli said...

My favorite one Padma..looks good..

Suma Gandlur said...

Flavorful dosas. One of our favorites too!

Cool Lassi(e) said...

Very tempting karam dosai. Divine combo! I love my dosas with milagai podi.

Kalyani said...

totally spicy and yummy !

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The Pumpkin Farm said...

ragi in dosa is gr8 idea..especially now with scorching heat...anything that is cold within is welcome

A Kamalika Krishmy said...

This recipe is apt for the weather in chennai

Geeta said...

hi padma nice recipe..looks delicious too..but one question..where should we use dosa batter in this recipe?

Unknown said...

Hi Geeta check the second point in method there we are using the dosa batter.

Hari Chandana P said...

Chala bagunnayi dosalu.. Yummy :)
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Priya Srinivasan - I Camp in My Kitchen said...

Nice way to use up Leftover batter!!! Looks good!!!

Degchi said...

Karam dosa yumm Love onions in any recipe.