Mar 6, 2012

Kova bobbatlu

The days are flying, it's already March.The sun God started doing his job, After ten o clock can not go out because of hot weather. March is like a festival time with Holi and Ugadi (Telugu New Year). Slowly small mangoes are coming in to the market for Ugadi and Jasmines are spreading there sweet fragrance all over.In this month we have two festivals Holi is on eighth March, of course women's day also and Ugadi the Telugu New Year is on 23 rd March. For us Ugadi means get up early in the morning take a oil bath, go to the temple and pray God for a great year a head. Having Ugadi pachadi and a elaborate lunch with Bobbatlu, Garelu and pulihora Wow yumm isn't it.. Every year we make bobbatlu with Dal and jaggery let's try this year with a different filling. and I came up with this KOVA BOBBATLU. For this you can use Home made kova or a store brought kova too But fresh home made kova gives a superb taste and aroma. I tried with both home made kova and store brought also I like the home made one. check my kova recipe here. Normally we use All purpose flour(maida) for Bobbatlu but in this recipe I used atta I feel instead of maida atta gives a unique taste to this so that is totally your choice can use maida also. I prefer less sweet so adding sugar also is your choice I gave the measurement for normal sweet tooth you can increase or decrease the sugar. So here is the recipe..
Photobucket INGREDIENTS:--
Kova --- 100 gms
Sugar  --  50gms
Cardamom  --- 4 no.
Cashew -- 10
Almonds  -- 10
Atta  -- 1 and 1/2 cup
Salt  ---  a pinch
Water for mixing the dough
Ghee  --- 1/4 cup ( you can fry this bobbatlu with oil also but tastes better with ghee)
kova bobbatlu METHOD:--
1. Take atta in a mixing bowl add salt and enough water to keand a soft dough. Keand the dough well for ten minutes, cover and leave a side for 1 hour.
2. Make a course powder of cashew and almonds.
3. Make sugar and cardamom in to a fine powder.
4. Take kova in to a bowl add cashew, almond powder,sugar and cardamom powder mix well to combine every thing
5. Heat 1 tea sp of ghee in a non-stick fry pan add this kova mixture and fry for few minutes.
( This process helps you remove the moisture in the kova mixture. when we add sugar to kova that leaves some moisture because of that you can not  make balls out of the kova mixture.If there is moisture in your filling, that will come out when you press the bobbatlu). Swetch off the heat and set a side
6. Make small balls out of this kova mixture.
7. Make small balls out of this dough and press in to small puri keep the kova mixture ball in the center of the puri and close from all sides to cover the filling.
8. Press this stuffed ball s in to round thick chapathis.
9. Heat a tawa (griddle) sprinkle little ghee and fry this kova bobbatlu both sides till it turn in to nice golden.
Serve with ghee in Ugadi thali or  thick mango juice  is the perfect choice for this kova bobbatlu.
Enjoy your festival meal with this delicious Kova Bobbatlu.
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i tried paneer bobbatlu..n this looks really yumm.vl try this........

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bobbatlu looks delicious..perfect for festive occasion..loved your recipe!!

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Very delicious, never tried with this filling..

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Simply a superb use of kova- poli looks great!

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