Feb 16, 2009


French cusine - some times elegant,some times rustic, and always exquisite- cam be intimidating for a beginner to lern.It can be done witha few precticed cooking methods and some signature ingredients. For French people location makes a difference in what cusine is prepared. there are many regional sapecialties.typical french foods are made with there regional products like French apples, leeks, mushrooms, various squash and stone fruits are among the most commonly used produce, and some cheese s also. this recipe I have adopted from here as per recipe this festive creole rice dish tastes delicious with sea food and lightly steamed vegetables and only chan ge in the recipe i have done is i used orange juice with water to cook the rice it improves the aroma. And the rice is simply delicious.


Olive oil ---- 1 tab sp
Yellow onions ---- 1 cup chopped
Salt to taste
Ground red pepper (red chili powder)(cayenne) -- 1/4 tea sp
Navel orange -- 1 medium peeld and chopped
Fresh orange juice --- 1/2 cup
water --- 1 1/4 cup
Long grain rice --- 1 cup
Bay leaf --- 1 no.
Heat olive oil in a sauce pan add chopped onion and fry till they become soft then add salt and cayenne and cook for few more min.
now add bay leaf, half orange piecesmix once and add water and rice, orange juice mix well bring to a full boil in a high flame then cover with a lid reduce the heat in to a very lowest heat and cook till done
Switch off the heat and remove the bay leaf and stir before serving.
I enjoyed this with Broccoli Dijon


sriharivatsan said...

This is absolutely gorgeous..Never ever heard of Orange rice..Superb..

Unknown said...

sounds good..must be tangy and delicious..I make a indian version of orange rice with the spices and all..

Pooja said...

Looking colorful rekha...

Lakshmi said...

Oranges in rice..ummm..tangy rice should have nice aroma...aaahhh

Priya Suresh said...

I tasted once this orange rice, but yet to try at home, looks really gorgeous Rekha..prefect entry for both events dear...

jayasree said...

Wow.. Rice using orange. New to me. It must be aromatic and flavorful.

Mahimaa's kitchen said...

wow.. very new to me.. imagining the taste now.. looks very yummy.

Varsha Vipins said...

beautiful rice..:)

Aparna said...

Very unusual and looks lovely.
Thanks for painting this post "Orange" for FIC.

DK said...

Did you say Orange rice! How innovative is that..will b trying this out soon :)

Thanks for sending this over to AWED French.