Sep 26, 2008


Green tomatoes -- 4 no.

Green chillies --- 10 - 15

Cumin seeds --- 1 1/2 tea sp

Uard dal --- 1 tea sp

tamarind ---- 1 small lemon sized

oil ----- 1 teasp

Salt to taste

Garlic cloves ---- 4 cloves

Cut tomatoes in to small pieces,heat oil in pan add uard dal,cumin seeds, green chillies one by one then add tomato pieces salt to taste stir once and cover and cook till tomato become soft

Remove from heat and cool it , then grind it in to a paste at last add chopped garlic and run for 1 sec.

Remove and serve with dosa,idli,or rice


Unknown said...

Green Tomato chutney sounds delicious.. new for me.. thxs for sharing...

Something is waiting for u in my blog.

Very happy to see Shirdi Baba in ur blog..

Indian Khana said...

Looking delicious I can eat with anything..gud one dear

Unknown said...

I also belive baba alot.In my blog some shirdi baba link is there.. check it out..i am really happy ..

Unknown said...

What a wonderful use of green tomatoes...I can imagine the taste...looks yummy :)

Dershana said...

never heard of green tomatoes in chutneys! great idea.