Sep 29, 2008


In this powder I used 2 cup's of curry leaves . curry leaves :--we Indian people use such a wonderfull, nutrition-packed,aromatic herb in our daily cooking. It is a good appetizer,and good for digetion and hair. and also very rich in iron and folic acid
And cumin and coriander seeds are very effective to help in digetion and liver.
And garlic is claimed to help prevent heart desease including high blood pressure and cholesterol.
So I can say this powder is very help full for your body.Enjoy it

Karivepaku podi:--Curry leaves ---- 2 cups
Red chilies – 20 big
Coriander seeds – 1/2 cup
Cumin seeds – 1 cup
Garlic --- 1 small
Tamarind – small lemon size
Salt according to taste
Heat a pan add coriander and fry till light golden color remove and keep a side. Then add red chilies and fry for few min. remove and add to coriander. Now fry cumin seeds in the same pan till golden color and add to coriander and red chilies. fry 3/4 of curry leaves and grind all above ingredients with salt and tamarind in to a powder at last add garlic cloves and run the mixee for 2sec. remove and store in a bottle or a air tight container. This will stay for 15 days to1 month. if it is not finished!
Yes it will finish with in 1 week in my home
You can serve this one with hot rice and a dash of ghee or with dosa, idli
Apply some ghee on top of the idli and serve this curry leaves powder with a little ghee on top of the powder also this the typical way to serve this powder.


Deepthi Shankar said...

lovely powder .. i too just love it .. i liked ur new template a lot

Unknown said...

Nice entry... traditional recipe.. looks really mouthwatering... thxs for sharing..

Purva Desai said...

Lovely podi, I am sure it taste really good with idlis and dosas...

Unknown said...

My MIL makes these and they taste awesome...your podi looks wonderful..will give this a try :)

Uma said...

I love this podi! looks so delicious rekha!

Anonymous said...

Is it really 1 cup of cumin or a typo?

Unknown said...

1cup cumin seeds, I like cumin flavor so I added 1 cup If you don't like can reduce it to half cup. It is not a typo....