Sep 12, 2008


Poornam boorelu is one of the most popular and traditional sweet from Andhra. Some parts in Andhra they call this sweet as poornalu or boorelu we make this sweet for varalakshmi vratam and ganesh chaturth In some parts of tamilnadu also people make this sweet they call this as sooyan or sugiyan or suiyam
Here 's the process of making the traditional Andhra sweet
For filling:-
Channa dal (split chick pea)—1 cup
Grated jaggery—1/2 cup
Sugar -- 1/2 cup
Grated fresh coconut—1/4 cup (optional)
Cardamom powder – 1/2 tea sp
For dipping:-
1 cup – urad dal (black gram)
11/2 cup – rice
1/2 cup – sabudana (sago) saggubiyam
2 tab sp – maida
1 tea sp – rava (semolina)
Salt – a pinch
Oil for frying
Soak dal rice and sabudana together for 3-4 hours and grind in to a smooth batter like thick dosa batter remove and keep a side
Soak channa dal for 10 minutes and cook it very soft with enough water then add sugar and grated jaggery and mix together well and cook till it becomes thick then mash well together keep stirring continuously as dal tends to stick to the vessel and mixture become like a ball now add grated coconut and cardamom powder mix well and turn off the heat and let it cool
This will take 30 min to cook
Make small bite size balls from channa dal mixture
Take 2cups of dosa batter add 2 tab sp maida, 1tea sp semolina, a pinch of salt mix well this should be like a thick bajji batter
Heat oil in a deep frying pan take channa dal mixture ball dip it in the dosa mixture(rice and black gram dal mixture ) drop it in to the hot oil and fry till golden brown color remove and serve hot with ghee
Insted of making fresh dosa batter my mom gets milled one cup of urad dal and 2 cups of rice and 1/2 cup sabudana and she use this powder with enough water and mida and semolina ,a pinch of salt,a pinch of baking powder, mix well and leave for 10 -15 minutes
You can use the rest of the powder for extending left over dosa or Idli batter and make nice oothappams
And also can make nice crisp murukus with this powder


notyet100 said...

good to ceeu back,..this looks nice, for me,..happy ganesha festival,..

Unknown said...

wow... nice entry.. in tamil we suiyam or sugiyan... nice click...

Unknown said...

These look awesome,your right in tamil they call this sooyan and it is mighty tasty ....

Uma said...

good to see you back Rekha! How are you? Poornalu looks so delicious and being andhrite I never prepared them. Thanks for the recipe dear!

ST said...

Poornalu looks awesome rekha:))

Indian Khana said...

Wow this looks real yummy..tempting me a lot ;)

Srikitchen said...

we use to get it in roadside shops in my place!

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Poornalu looks really inviting...

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Hey good to see you back .. hope u had a nice vacation .. new dish for me .. looks good

Kranthi Raj said...

This is a wonderful recipe. I have always had prbs with Purnalu. I tried your recipe and it came out very well.