Oct 17, 2008


Sabudana Khichdi ---- Saggubiyam Upma I was inspired by Purva to prepare this one but Idon't know how the texture so Idid'nt make it from long time. Few days back i was there in my friends place she made this for me so that time Icame to know the texture and I made it and trust me very easy to make and very tastey.I made some changes from purva s recipe Ihope you all enjoy my version

Sabudana --- 1 cup soaked in water for over night
Onion – chopped 1no
Green chilies – 2-3 (according to your taste)
Peanuts --- 1tab sp (roasted and ground in to a coarse powder
Coriander &cumin powder --- 1 tea sp (freshly ground will give a better taste)
Oil ----2 tea sp
Cumin seeds – 1/2 tea sp
Curry leaves ---- a few
Salt to taste
Chopped coriander leaves --- 1 tab sp
Grated coconut --- 1 tea sp
1. wash sabudana and soak for over night next morning drain all water and leave for 1-2 hours, this will help to remove excess water and they won t stick.
2. once sabudana drained completely(make sure that sabudana is completely drained other wise khichdi will be soggy)
3. now heat oil in a fry pan add cumin seeds and curry leaves let them pop up now add chopped onion, green challis and fry till onion become soft (like how we do for upma)
4. now add sabudana and cover for 2 min. then open and add salt stir once and let it cook till sabudana changes the color and it become soft
5. add coriander & cumin powder and peanut powder,grated coconut, chopped coriander leaves mix well and remove from heat and serve hot
This taste better when it is hot
If you like you can add very finely chopped potato to this with onions and fry for 2 min then add sabudana


Indian Khana said...

Nice try dear...looks yum...sabudana khichdi and ek cup chai...mast...

ST said...

My all time favorite looks yumm canu pass me the plate...

Adlak's tiny world said...

sabuna quit healthy one. and yr kichadi is nice. My husband likes this dish much than me. wat a co incident jus now i made for him for dinner.

Unknown said...

I could eat sabudana khichdi every day...yours looks perfect :-)