Apr 21, 2016

R for Ros Bora

My recipe for R is again a sweet from Bengali cuisine. Usually what we think all Bengali sweets are made with milk or milk products. But there are some sweets which are not made with milk products like Patisapta, Ranga aloor pithy and some more like this. This is a special sweet which is made on Bengali new year and sankranthi. In Andhra cuisine we also made a very similar sweet for deepavali called teepi punugulu, not even a small difference in these two recipes
So let's check the recipe...

Recipe adopted from here 
Urad dal ---  1 cup
Fennel seeds  ----  1 tab sp
Soda-bi-corb ---- a pinch
A pinch of salt
Oil for deep frying
Sugar  ---  1 cup
Water  ---  1 and half cups
Cardamom powder --- 3/4 tea sp

1. Soak urad dal for over night, in the morning drain all the water  and grind in to a smooth paste with very little water (like vada batter).
2. Add salt and soda-bi-carb and mix well you can beat with an electric beater for ten minutes in low speed to give fluffy texture.
3. Add fennel seeds to the urad dal batter mix well.
4. Heat oil in a deep frying pan now drop a small drop of batter in to the hot oil to check whether oil is hot enough or not, if the small drop of the batter is came up immediately then the oil is hot enough.
5. Now take small amount of the urad dal batter in your hand and drop small ball s in to hot oil and deep fry till golden, remove from oil and place them on a kitchen paper towel.
Now let's make the syrup:--
1. Take one cup of sugar in a pan add 2 and half cups of water Mix well till sugar dissolves, now place the pan on high heat to make syrup.
2. Bring syrup to full boil add cardamom powder and reduce the heat and boil for 5 minutes in a low heat and switch off the heat.
3. Now drop boras in to the hot syrup, let them cool completely then store in the fridge till you serve.

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Srivalli said...

Nice to see the similarities in the cuisines Padma..pictures are so good...

Priya Suresh said...

My mouth is just watering here on seeing those ros boras, to tempting they are.

MySpicyKitchen said...

Some of the dishes are sos similar across the states, though known by different names. Bengali version of sweet punugulu look great.

Amara’s cooking said...

You said it right Padma, I make these but didn't know it's also a Bengali sweet. Thanks for sharing, yours look so yummy :)

Gayathri Kumar said...

We call this ulundu jamun and make it for Deepavali. Nice to know that there are similar versions in West Bengal. It looks awesome..

Suma Gandlur said...

Rose bora sound yummy, Padma. Even the name sounds like our pakam garelu, right?

Harini R said...

Very tempting rasbora.

Srividhya said...

wow interesting to know the similarities between the cuisines. very nice.

Pavani said...

Very inviting dessert Padma. Looks yummy.

Smruti Ashar said...

This is such an interesting recipe of Rasboras. Loved the first picture :)

cookingwithsapana said...

I too made them for the thali.Lovely