Jul 15, 2008


This curry is for srivalli's curry melahttp://cooking4allseasons.blogspot.com/2008/07/announcing-curry-mela-event-to.html

I think this is a version of Hyderabadi bhgara baingan and this is also from my mothers kitchen.And this gravy will be very good combo with eggs[boild] and fish also

What we need is:-

Violet color round small brinjals--6-8

onion-1big chopped

salt to taste

oil for frying

For masala:-

poppy seeds[kshus kshus]-2tesps

4 cloves-- garlic

8 no.-cashews

1tebsp-grated -coconut

grind all above ingredients in to a smooth paste with a little water

For seasoning:-

1inch piece-cinamon



1/2 tesp-cumin seeds

1tesp-chilli powder

1/2tesp-turmeric powder

oil -1tebsp

How to make this curry:-

Heat oil in a deep frying pan [may be 1 cup oil] in the mean while slit brinjals into 4 and apply some (a pinch ) salt in side the brinjal and deep fry them in hot oil till brinjal changes the colour remove from oil drain and keep a side.

Heat 1teb sp oil in a pan add cinamon ,clove ,cardomom,cumin seeds let them crackle,now add chopped onion and fry till soft

Now add ground masala and fry till the raw smell disappear now add brinjals,salt to taste and chilli powder,turmeric powder 1/2 cup water and mix well and let it cook till gravy becomes thick

Serve hot with roti or puri or with plain pulao or with plain rice even with dosa

I served with Arabic bread


Shreya said...

This looks so yum. I have nver tried this myself, but in Hyderabad, I have had it at various functions and restaurants. Will try this on my own now, thanks for the recipe!:-)

Illatharasi said...

Yummy... I was thinking of this brinjal curry today morning ;) I like to add poppy seeds, but its banned in Singapore:(

Srivalli said...

that looks so yummy..thanks for the entry!


yummy curry rekha .. love the flavour of all the masala ..

Priti said...

Very nice recipe looks wonderful...my sis make almost same too and yes she do add poppy seeds too...

Sagari said...

never tried masala with kuskus,I always use peanuts, this time I will try yours

Madhavi said...

Hummm this looks yummmmm, very nice entry!!!!

Andhra Flavors said...

all time fav. curry. and botle gourd bajji also totally new to me.