Jul 27, 2008


Puglia in southern Italy, specialize in imaginative pasta and vegetables combinations. using vegetables cooking in water and boiling pasta and mix with vegetables will give a more of vegetable 's flavor and garlic and olive oil gives a very traditional Italian flavor and the recipe is here
INGREDIENTS:-Maze penne frigate tricolor pasta
This pasta is tinted with tomato and spinach to produce Italy's favorite colors.
Carrot-1 cut in to 2inch pieces
Broccoli-1small-cut in to2 inch pieces
Peppers-red green-cut in to long strips both 1/2 cup
FOR Dressing:-
1tebsp-extra-virgin olive oil
2 cloves garlic, finely chopped
2tebsp-blasamic or wine vinegar
Salt and fresh ground pepper
Peel the stems of the broccoli starting from the base and pulling up towards the floaters discard the woody parts of the stems in to 2 inch pieces
Bring a large pan of water to a boil. Drop in the broccoli and carrot and boil barely tender, about 5-8 min. and remove the vegetables from the pan to a serving bowl do not discard the cooking water.
Add salt to the vegetable cooking water. Bring it back to a boil drop in the pasta stir well and cook till it is done drain water and add pasta to vegetables mix peppers to this, mix all vegetables and pasta in a large bowl.
Mix dressing ingredients in a small cup.
Pour the dressing over the salad and mix well taste for seasoning
And it is ready to serve


Priti said...

Looks yummy and lovely...gud colours combo

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Salads in any form is loved by me....pasta salad looks really good :)

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this one looks new,..nd the pasta tricoloured one looks yummy,..nice post..thnks for shrin


what a healthy salad .. looks lovely

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Pasta salad looks colorful and awesome.....

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